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yeah, I know that in some places it’s called Maundy Thursday…the smell from under my sink in the bathroom? my traveling shaving kit? yep…grey mold…fabulous, which may explain some of the side effects from the meds in there..

yesterdays quote/lead in paragraph?  copy/pasted from an anonymous person’s comments..his ‘handle/email address further the impression that medication won’t work and i don’t know any therapists in town who could do anything..sad..i wish him well and no, i’m not copying the later comment.

the processions? the streets! i think i’ve figured out how to handle this stuff..it’s a buffet..go here, do the alfombras, go there and avoid the crowds…passed Mike Chrisman on 3rd calle, admiring the works of art..the one we stopped at looked like a pair of dice, only missing the white spots of craps, snake-eyes, little joe and so on..yep, ‘Vegas hasn’t quite been dispelled from the memory..and the almost full orange moon? most xlint.i love this town,  fruits, flakes, nuts and all..hey..change to name to Ciudad Granola.

thank you, Reed, Robto de Oro for the cocktails..I was in a daze, having picked  up a portion of the long overdue container shipment of Der Book…original 1st Editions, printed in the States..does that may any difference, $$-wise? who cares? i need the $$…call for delivery and for a few extra $$, Marbel will deliver(the books).

Nadoosh, the ‘Gaia’ knockoff on 6th avenida? dark and locked..I didn’t get any further than Ocelot and it was packed/crazy..first time i’ve seen any purple-gowned folks in the patio..borrachos and free lance guitarists cadging $$/drinks and great 80’s Guate history from Mike, long timer..Johhny’s and other places..no idea, as usual but I love the background, just part of what  make this place so special for me…Rio Dulce/drug stories…a place in Entre Rios, that has the best……we traded stories about Puerto San Jose..whatever, I’m in and as safe/sound as it gets..will i open the box of books just to check/swoon? por que no?

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or a medium-rare…I’m in the midst of a “Pink Slime’ article and the more I read, the more my stomach turns: Guatemala is lucky in that we can watch the butcher cut off the chunk and then stuff it into the grinder…what’s next ‘up there?’..right, the 3 governors are doing stand-up comedy routines trying to put this fire out..rotsa luck…

that subject started a round of disgusting comments at the 5 o’clock meeting of the 4 Mousketeers and it only went sideways from there…thanks, Reed, for the Costa Rica angle, which led to the following(unfit for most readers but it did make the front page of the India Times)


and you wonder why I sometimes write under a ‘nom de plume?’ i guess whatever ‘cover’ i thought i may have had is now ‘blown’…so to speak..the latest version of “Our Obscene Man etc’ is now out..no, not THAT kind of out…out/about with my little black shoulder bag, schlepping copies hither, thither and yon: people! buy up/out those older versions so we can all restock($$)manana, eh?…mentioned to Reed that I have just enough frequent flier miles to get from her…here to San Jose(CR)…will i ever grow up/go back? hey, if i did, it would only be to re-test my roulette system(trust me)and no, i’m not posting any photos..ask and ye may shall receive…

‘seems that i’ve become a user/abuser of tuk-tuks, now that i live a bit further out..yeah,i’m older but the spine still takes a licking(don’t go there)…well, maybe..one of our bar owners raging-ranting at another bar tonight…in rare form…ah! Mary spotted! long timee no see…with RT2…Robto de Oro likewise…hows Barb? scheduled for serious surgery on the 6th, if i recall(and not much, thank you) Alzheimer’s friendly, that’s me…meet new people every day….they(whoever ‘they’ are)are still whipping on the old Reilly’s space on upper 5th…what’s it gonna be? dunno..typical..Sangre’s reopened and did something in the far rear..no, back…’rear’…don’t go there..there seems to be a lot  of innuendos in this post…but then, again..innuendo is the italian word for suppository, and yes…i’m going to my room now.

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pollo de la calles? ever walk by La Merced and see the flock of pigeons?  their numbers were severely reduced on Monday morning following two days of vendor action per the processions…makes me wonder about that ‘chicken’ on the grills?

or if you were downtown in the early evening, ‘purple haze’..’checked into Lava/O’lot about 5 or so..barely moving(staff)and cleaning up from last night’s advanced course on debauchery/bad behavior…Alex of Sobremesa, who’s 3rd anniversary last yesterday, reported that he didn’t close till 3am and even then was turning away people.
yep, folks…the processions are upon us…jezus on a stick et al: i’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…we need Mardi Gras stuff…Brazilian style and not just the Venetian Masked Ball….I’m talkin’ feathers, gyrations and skin and lots of it…yeah, I know that Antigua is sedate, safe and stodgy: the owners of Le Club in the City could easily bring their dancers over for a few ‘twists and shouts’….toss out some airline bottles of Zacapa, not that I’ve ever been in Le Club….well, it’s been a couple of years..my AARP card was declined there.

it’s all okay: the town is packed with weekenders and tourists, the shuttles are shuttleing like busy little bees and last night’s hangover is a dim memory, assuming that any memory still exists…me, I’m outa RAM and there’s no updates available.

‘spoke with my 94 year  old mom this morning(her birthday)and she asked about St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Guatemala…mum…only in bars that serve gringos..I’m still not sure about Sangre’s semi-opening last night…one would hope that our two magazines who publish their ads got paid…if you recall, the departure of ‘the boys’ left some unpaid bills here and there..and I hate ‘accounts receivable’…C.O.D and I don’t mean Call on Dad..

Robbin of B5 outa town til next week…’been reading Hemingway and the references to absinthe have got me thinking(sic)…look for some kinda hazy, spacy article in a week or so..or call me absinthe minded, as if i had one..

tomorrow? up at the crack of dawn…no, she left earlier…go to town and hound my printer..the sea shipment is probably part of the custom agents snafu…screw..paid shipping/taxes/costs up the ying yang and now this?..arrange a meeting tuesday with the marvelous miss m and sally forth..wait..that doesn’t sound right…was she fifth? as if..its been so long that i forget who ties up whom…or is it who? in my case, it’s ‘what’…good, the meds just kicked in…more pavlov, por favor… one last sordid thought…why isn’t there a Maximon float/barge? think about it…or don’t…Frank! Nim P’ot! c’mon!…por  que no?

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vodka and tonic? yep…an inadvertent mixture, compliments of Travel Menu…t’wasn’t all that bad, just different…maybe if it had a tricky name…thanks to a reader known as upyrarse…yeah i feel the same way some times…

it would seem that the Lent thing is underway…yesterday evening the steps by the Cathedral were packed with dudes in all black, pointy cowls and all…a reverse version of the KuKlux Klan and a Jesus dude haranguing the crowd…why? who knows? I dont…if this town had a different slant, model some parades a la the Carnaval in Rio…semi-naked babes in feathers and body paint…have some local businesses sponsor a float or two…fuggedabout the same old tired draggin’ the barge with the dessicated remains of some saint or the tortured faces of Mother Mary….T&A!….look: it’s the same story, year after year…we’ve seen the movie, read the book and it always ends up the same…ok, fine..

it was/is another perfect day..weather-wise…the marvelous Marvel showed up on time and looking spectacular…took her by Old Town Outfitters…tongues dropped..yeah, she’ll be fine repping the ‘booklet’ of which the 2nd Edition comes out locally next week..you 13 or 14 outlets won’t have to deal with my ugly mug…and the tour bus drivers? roll over, cuz you’l be standing in line to see her.

the old De Bronce store on 4th ave sur? morphing into a….’nother restaurant…idiots..another new cafe on Travel Menu’s block…the golden pelican…hope that’s not their nightly special..Las Palmas and Le Pena del Sol doin’ the large groups(as usual)…5ta snorte packed with walkers/waiters for the procession later(see above for description)…will it be the Virgin or the Martyr? or the combo package? gimme some babes on floats…feathers, beads and bangles…The Rotary Club, dos Reilly’s, Cafe No Se’s sponsored babes on barges…sample bottles of Ilegal Mezcal tossed to the waiting multitudes..small, airline sizes…plastic, so if you get bopped with one, etc..work with me here…Antigua needs a shot in the arm(or the buttocks)and this has legs…think of the publicity…nuns in black habits/garter belts…Cashbar would sponsor something…hey..why was Sangre closed on a Saturday night? staff picnic? the money finally ran out? the renovation of what was Reilly’s next door continues…and no, no idea(as usual)as what’s going to be there..the old Tapas y Tintas, thence the short lived Cuban mistake of Seafood/Mojitos building on 1st calle,near 4th ave norte? getting a massive clean up..exterior paint, roof being buffed out…por que? this town could use a decent casino and strip joint..members only..quiet…dress code, of course…whew…some tasty Capitalinas walkin’ around..babes with a capital B..a few with their dumb little mutts on leashes…the smaller, the better…apparently..’watched one with three dogs on leashes, her old man and she on a telephone…he cleaned up the crap, she kept on talking…’got them all well trained..she obviously doesn’t take shit from anyone..and he does..roll over, dude..

i bailed on the American Legion/Joe’s grill BBQ..gave my donation in $$…too whipped from last night and i had a 11 am with the marvelous M…a much better idea..some folks might think/say that I’m being sexist/cynical about marketing…yeah..it’s true: remember that I lived in ‘Vegas a few years ago..it’s not about the steak..it’s about the sizzle and when you see her, you’ll know exactly what i’m talkin’ about..have the $$ ready..   

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yet again…’decided to back away from the usual vodka…thank you, La Pena del Sol, for the Flor de Cana…what the hell is going on at Cashbar tonight? a giant generator outside, massive electrical cables..Angel, next door at Djinn wondering also…she is such a ‘witchy’ babe…wore the tikka spot tonight..the little red dot on her forehead. On the wedding nights of such Hindu-related events, the groom gets to scratch off the red dot and see if he’s won anything, like a liquor store or a sleazy motel…drum roll, please..

dos Reilly’s doing an early crowd with music…Ocelot humming along with the usual 5 o’clock lush hour group..Robto de Oro and Duane sketching out treasure maps on a napkin(i’ve got one for sale)..barb K in/out of the hospital..minor tumor, if there is such a thing..get better, Barb! we need you acerbic wit/acid tongue…

thank you, scott s…the talk about Peru and the advice about hiring someone with big…uh, ‘assets’…yep..’found her…the first pick who failed to show up on time(even by GST standards)and return a call…later, for you, dude..let’s cross our fingers on the marvelous Marvel…

trying to finger out a way for Jerome of Travel Menu to avoid the casual readers of ‘the book’…gave him an extra copy and a black magic marker…it’s called ‘redacting’…cross out various sections in black ink…buy the f…king t  hing, eh? Sabe Rico and the Cargo Room are signed on for the next onslaught of bookettes..

gawd, what a perfect day/night…this may be the first evening without a fire in the little fireplace in the bedroom..and a good thing, since i did’t pick up firewood today…tomorrow>

the big time charity event at Joe’s Grill in the morning…Ciudad Vieja…25% goes to the American Legion assorted charities around here(all good)..100q, free transportation starting at 11ish in front of El Portal…ribs, chicken, corn on the cob, baked potato, salad, strippers, hookers, lotta drugs…oops..just kidding…wishful..skip the last three, ok? yeah, i’m ‘in’…as mentioned, i’ve heard from more than one person that his hamburgers are superb..

the very very elegant Victoria C working at Jades Antigua on 5th ave norte..night and day…Lex of the Cargo Room showing up early…he liked my long black velvet cape that i wore at the VMB…’told him that he could borrow the brown wig anytime..gotta figure out a way to put him in the next version: is the Cargo Room a bar or a jewelry store?

the exterior of what was Deliciosa on 3rd Calle has been repainted..’guess this means something…you tell me..weird shit #4…got an email from someone who said they’d spoken with me at Travel Menu last night…described the irish barmaid, the book..but the parts of the conversation weren’t correcto…like me describing how i treated my son and his grades..#1..don’t have a son..#2..wasn’t there..#3..WTF?  was my evil twin brother Skippy making rounds last night? nah..he’s still in the Witness Protection Program (I think)

damn…the rum is down to the E mark on the dial..does Meykos deliver? Mono Loco? who ya gonna call? there’s a business plan for someone…Likker Quicker…Rum on the Run…

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