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drains into the river Nepenthe….and probably a good thing…’went by El Muro for the carry okie event…must’ve been scheduled for guatemalo time, cuz only Yo-Yo and the bartenderesses…is that a word?…were on-deck..TooTall, the wood-chopper/exotica…

all sizzle

 She reminds of Icelandic women…’ran into Pat Sweeney this morning, back from a weekend in Colombia…his son flies for Continental so PS has travel privileges up the wazoo (or even Bogota) i was reminded, when we spoke, of the Memorial Day Weekend in SF 5-6 years ago…I had no plans, reservations and anywhere would be traffic, coming and going…WTF? Icelandic Air had a special to Reykjavik…fine..as with Alaska the summer nights were a bit ‘extended’ which may explain how i met these Bulgarian ‘exotic dancers’ …russian mafia meat, on the circuit..but the best in town…fine, i do field research and get damn little thanks for my trouble..Lisa, one of the o-so-steamin’ crew at ocelot..packing up and leaving soon..Shaun and lost luggage reunited..how that 50 keys of heroin got past customs is a miracle of the first order (just kidding)if you’re ever landing at Havana’s main terminal,expect drug-sniffing Cocker Spaniels..kinda a weird sight, but..who’d be dumb enough to smuggle stuff in, when there’s enough already there to go around twice? no, not Cocker spaniels…speaking of dogs…finally got to see Monica behind the helm of Jungle Party tonight..in an exceedingly…uh…’nice’ red dress..Tiara(the dog part of this)is recovered from a recent illness..Adan the Cuban..don’t go to Caffe Opera if you suffer from pianist envy…this guy doesn’t tickle the keys…he pounds the shit outa them and improvises as he plays…por ejemplo, a straight broadway/classic piece and then interspersed(stuck in)with a variation using cuban moves/music/rhythms and then back again..damn good music..Camilla…great martini! Ixcot, those slippery folks..blockading the entrance to Pangea with tables, moving the menu stand…Henrik at the door…Marcel of ElCaz has a new painting, going up by the bar…he, in shades,with the beast of a blue Chevelle…ok, fine it’s a 6..the art is ‘singular’..JH and CD walked by, off to eat somewhere else..maybe Chef Pierre? I didn’t ask…she was particularly spectacular tonight or maybe it was Camilla’s toonie that spun my wheels..yes,went by DV and paid my tab..the incandescent Ms C there with family/daughter (no, the cops haven’t apprehended the culprit) maybe a reward? Hector’s packed, as was Luna Miel..Ricardo of Tabacos y Vinos doing a good night..o..that’s right…Yogn Fruz has a new outlet on 6th avenida, south of 4th calle..bigger,brighter…go, you cone heads..B5 and F2 doing steady dinners, as was/is La Fonda Calle real packed with tourists…Taco discontento, very..what would work there? hey! first three margaritas are free!…’briing me the enchilada, torpedo,tarpaulin and a senorita..god, i’d kill for some decent mex/tex food…guatemalo, for whatever reason, can’t produce a decent corn meal tortilla, the heart of many a dish..i’m not too thrilled with the flour versions, either..speaking of tortillas, when i walk by the shop up the street where they’re makin’ them..slap, slap and slap..sometimes i’m reminded of the sounds made by…let’s just say..o god..i’ve stepped in it again..sweaty bellys?…i’m sick but that’s no surprise or excuse..yes, i’m going to my room…go out and make whoopee..whoopee? o please..



America, the Great Satin...no,Satan..

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