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and this has nothing to do with the above…hey, a ‘hook’ is a hook, no?…yes, I’ve gone that route, more times than I can remember…if anything, buy ’em good perfume and if you’re seeing more than one lady, give them matching scent so as not to blow your cover…Helpful Hints, Page two…very quiet night in the burg we know as Antigua..Monday? a few flocks of matching tourists/jesus freaks out and about…a few more travel agencies and fly-by-night hole-in-wall eateries opening…’hoping for Semana Santa? perhaps…hoping for a miracle? no doubt..’had a peek into the new Da Vinci space on 5ta Calle this morning…it’ll be totally different, atmosphere-wise, unless LM brings the decorations with him…and then it’ll be wierd/strange, which is not necessarily bad..the two Claudia’s working DV tonight..’couldn’t change a 100q note…Claudia #1 not seen…the Rum Bum is stressing her…’ran into the tall cool bartenderess of El Muro…’great background..’moved here when she was 8 months old…we swapped stories of chopping firewood…hers took place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming..i know, weird shit..that’s my life..get over it..Carla and Lori at the bar in O-lot…Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos doing SRO biz last night at his cigar/wine bar on 5ta norte..Alex’ 2nd anniversary of Sobremesa this week..Thursday in the morning..jeez, time flies..f…ing ants got into my cashews…who knew? what has four legs and eats ants? both of my uncles…drum roll..the AL library next to the Jardin Bavaria is almost put back together…a lot closer to my squat on 4th Ave..I’m lookin’ for new quarters, post Semana Santa…the troll in front has finally weirded me out..drugs, meds and alcohol doesn’t make a dent in the situation(me, not her)..someplace quiet, por favor..still no replacement ticket for the lost shuttle ticket on saturday for the ‘Beav’s grand opening…worst case scenario is that I forge Peter’s signature on one of the ‘Beav’s business cards..which i have…and claim ignorance(which is a slam-dunk)…Eric the Broken Stone is leaving us this week…another of A-guas great characters..can’t have too many of those..ants? in my cashews? little muthaf…..kers…too small to shoot or do anything with a hammer..japan? poor poor bastards…cataclysmic, catastrophic, cata end of the f….king world stuff…not one, but 3 reactors melting down…holy shit..what is the rest of the world waiting for? send $$, people, ships, planes, body bags, food…if not now, when? this isn’t just about japan…this is about the planet, a nation, a country and a people..i’ll make this simple: suppose you can’t get parts for your Honda, the Sony or the Panasonic? no more Top Ramen, sake or used school girls underwear? does this hit home? do something, even if it’s wrong..fine…have a great week..they aren’t, in Japan…


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