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so…riots at Walmarts in the YouEss of A?…terrific, just what I’d not want to see. It was a blue sky Friday here, recovering from the aftermath of second helpings of excellent food at the Jet Set in grimy Escuintla. It’s been extensively remodeled since my last visit and is worth a visit on the rockin’ weekends…December 14th is the next bash. And yes, a little bit of excitement yesterday: the new brake job on Larry’s SUV failed on the way down…oops…a call to the mechanic and he drove down to the parking lot at the Jet Set…the cause? another ‘only in Guatemala’ excuse..the full story goes up tomorrow on the Examiner.com site….the Facebook page of http://www.facebook/OurManinAntigua will have the article.

Birthdays! the ever gorgeous and statuesque Maite M, one helluva Panza Verde (native) today…and one doesn’t ask their ages or  I don’t…who cares? I wonder often…well, not that often, about astrology…Miss M shares a birthday with a lady friend in SF and I once, not long ago, was simultaneously entangled with two ladies of the witchy variety, sharing the same birthday, age and all. One born here, the other in the ex-Soviet Republic known as Georgia. I’m glad now that one ditched me and the other stayed in Costa Rica. She wanted me to bring her here (as if)but her lack of papers (passport) saved my day.

my pal, Bull? finally made it to the hospital in the City (and out of San Felipe) and is scheduled for the hip surgery on Monday, about a month later from the accident…’manana’ in Guatemala also applies to hospitals, btw…Black Friday, in the US, where one is s’posed to go out and buy shit? not me…Cyber Monday, coming around? not me..Christmas cards, a few and maybe more flowers to my 94 yr old mum, recovering in the convalescent hospital and chafing to get out and go home again…folks! listen up…no ‘slip and fall’ events, no matter how old you are. If you don’t have the mazoola ($$) in Guatemala, you’re basically hosed and not too quickly…have a great weekend, as best you can and don’t fall down in the calles. 

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