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but no white sport coat…yeah, i’d thought about putting on the brocade chinese smoking jacket but it wouldn’t have made any difference..the first event i get invited to and i’m a day early? yep…shaved, dressed and reasonably coherent, armed with witticisms, anecdotes and a bottle of cheap red wine..fie..fool…tomorrow night…

so…another stroll into the burg we call home and a perfect night…a crescent moon, jupiter  nearby…Fuego! blew stuff high this morning…Bull says we’re getting earthquakes by the swarm…funny, i don’t feel a thing(good meds)..Ocelot had two new faces behind the bar tonight…Marty the Aussie in the crushed cowboy hat, last seen working at Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos….Neil kinda cracked up when i mentioned that i’d like to trace the tattoos on the babe at the bar with my tongue..hey..why not?

one of my personal  pleasures in this town are the experiences traveling by the expats here..sitting outside on the patio with Reed, Brendan, Mike and ‘the other guy’ you realize that we all have seen most of the known world, sometime and somewhere..’trying to think of someplace not visited…Bumf..ck, Egypt?

the new Braulio in what was Pangea? giant sucking sound heard…Lava ground zero for an amazing parade of babes…ah, if i were only…50 or 60 years younger..Jean-Marc holding down the doorway at dos Reilly’s(quiet, at least early)..’think i’m goin’ to hell…ate 2X at McD’s today…why? once early, thinking of a 6:30 dinner engagement, then leaving town, knowing that there was zero food in the house..aside from vodka and orange juice…not part of the four basic food groups.

the new chocolate museum on 4th calle has an amusing act…kinda performance art stuff..the guy in the chef’s hat, a toque?  no, not a toke…there’s a wave of cruise shippers coming to town this and next month..the mayan ladies have their schedules memorized…and don’t expect any italian ships…they’re kinda upside down right now.

go Luis! in the booklet, under Tour Guides, I mentioned him by name/phone number..now that he’s an official guide for INGUAT, he’s driving the freaking tour buses in from Puerto Quetzal….hello!..fill in the blanks, if you need to…he’s stoked, i’m jazzed…thanks again, Rich N, for your help on Monday…

John Rexer’s Ilegal Mezcal? included in the swag bags at Redford’s Sundance event!


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an old Rolling Stones song, as i recall… and then I’m as old as the ‘Stones’ so if you can’t remember, it’s okay…it was a quiet a night in A-Town as it gets…dos Reilly’s closed, anyone else with a lick of sense lo mismo…only Gaia on upper 5th hopin’ for walk-ins…the very delicious Flor M closing shop at 7..Alex of Sobermesa recounting a long day in the City..involving tuxedos and rum…go ask him..it was hilarious.

Frener Printing!…5th ave sur…cranked a perfect copy of the book in  24 hours!…Mike bought the only copy ever in white(the cover)..everyone else asked about the choice between the orange-ish red and the white version went for the orange-ish red…thank you, one and all…i felt the same but there’s been times when my judgement(sic)hasn’t been exactly 100%…

looks like Maggie M has rented out the space between what was Poco a Todos and the new cafe casaca(and they’re doing great)…Los Cebollinas doing a decent breakfast biz, at least on the weekends…otherwise, it’s a dead zone…and if I start flogging the Great Venetian Masked Ball..Feb 17th, San Jose El Viejo…it’s because the ever delectable Gabi talked me into being the ‘moderator’…whatever that entails(means)…

thanks again to Franklin of the Whiskey Den, Robbin Haas(B5) and John Rexer for signing off on orders of the book..the Pirate Radio Guy in Travel Menu…the project is hung up, just a little bit…it’ll fly,,,give it time…

thanks, H, for the shot of rum and the good words…let’s see..a sample of scotch at whiskey den, a shot of stoli at travel menu and a shot of rum? could i be the souse of the border?

the fire is smoldering in the fireplace(i can smell it) and a match to the paper would accelerate events…and daughter #2 is moving to Wales with her her husband…whatta day..i love this life..tim for a shot of pavlov and then start barking like a dog when the bell rings…woof!

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of which I’m a Frequent Flier/participant…O’lot…breaking in new bar babes upstairs and down. Pangea’s shuttered(dead) and the rest of the patio is looking bleak. Was it the mist and fog all day? I felt like I was back in Sausalito/San Fransicko and liked it…strolling in the light drizzle was good.

A Bell & friends project next to Fusion? looking like it’ll be Easter before they open the doors..the Chocolate Museum across the street is open…Piano Mike mentioned that he’s found a superb Spanish tapas place in the same place that Abassi moved to…1st Ave norte, across from what was El Caminante…small, great good, Spanish wines..3 thumbs up, he said..(I made that up)

5ta Ave norte? strollers, shoppers and the restuarants doing biz…the Divine Miss C on her way to work at Da Vinci…and no sign of Marvel at Ricardo’s for a week now…has she left us? I was gonna ask Flor at Dasha about rentals(Luis Miguel next door said she was a source) but even she wasn’t in tonight…yep..gotta move..the noise in Bangalore Bob’s has ‘got’ me..

ran into Ilegal John Rexer tonight…in town till sometime..his words..what a story about the rise of Ilegal Mescal, with no end in sight…world wide…huge..uploaded updates into the Create-Amazon site for Our Man today…fine..until you get the message that you gotta buy ‘proof’ copies…that’s what i did last week or the week before..publishing $, shipping $ and..handling(of course) can’t get away without ‘handling’..and yes, i’ve been accused more than once of doing exactly that..assuming that Customs here in Guatemala gives the green light($$)I’ll supposedly have actual print versions this week…$$ and a boat load in a month(visualize a dinghy)..someone asked me in the park this morning if I expected to be ‘rich and famous’…chortle…figure that i net 2 bucks per book..multiply by 50…right..’infamous’, perhaps…rich..naw, been there, done that, too many times..I’m happy, with only two keys to worry about(to the door, not the blow)and shopping at the Paca…tis one of the many reasons I moved here (and love the place)…and I’m still shaking my head at Panza Verde firing Gabi…she does a monthly art thing, acts as the General Manager and just put on the greatest party of 2011?  Hellooo…Thank You and by the way, train this new person and don’t let the door hit you in the culo on the way out…for a joint with a semblance of class, this eats at that perception..IMHO, she was too beautiful, dressed way too well and made everyone else look like dog …..

‘great conversation with Brian Wilson today(i was checking out their rentals)of C21…didn’t mention that i ‘d been an agent with C21 in the late 70’s for a brief moment in time..damn, does he have some stories about this town…El Muro’s been oddly quiet: is Max maxed out or have the holidays just taken their toll? and yes, we’re in the 2012 madness…end of the world, cha cha cha…so? been there, done that..remember the Harmonica Convergence? Y2K? 

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classically a Tequila Sunrise requires the ingredient known as grenadine…however, this being Antigua the grenadine is sometime superflous(not required)…OJ and Jarana…thank you Peter the Hodge for introducing me to that brand of Mexican nectar(cactus squeezin’s)…

ah, what another perfect night…stars/planets out and about: yeah I know that they’re always out but the skies aren’t always playing along..tonight, there were. Ricardo’s T&V packed again, this time accompanied by a lone bodyguard..night after night…well, 5 out 6..dos Reillly’s jumping…hit critical mass early, i s’pose..

that new coffee shop on the plaza between the guitar shop and Poco de Todos? you know, they’re picking up trade: the lighting, the decor…nice display of fruit in the cases…no, not Lance or Bruce…mangos, bananas, that kind…Flor of Dasha, newly turned brunette/morena…i’m getting used to the change…closing her doors at the stroke of seven..

another miracle at the hands/fingers of MDC…aka Carmen of the Salon Creativo on 2nd calle..got my poor tired footsies back into the game, yet again..thank you!

again, Pangea’s Lounge hosting Wayne Hooper and Adan tonight…again, no publicity…alas..these two are xlnt together…great alone but together, another level of music. I’da stuck around but the conversations on the patio were drifting off into drug stories, anecdotes of abuse, cha cha…ask me about ‘the 7 million hits of acid’ sometime…so..tomorrow….so what? ask Alex of Sobremesa about the new uses of Scopolamine in the States… thursday is the ‘day’ for some of us ex-pats around town, goin’ here, there or wherever…i can’t complain: every year there’s been an interesting crowd or party, all different…’08 I  spent in Missouri, getting my Mom outa the hospital(again)…nothing open except the ‘convenience stores’…let’s see…the stale ham and cheese or the Ding Dongs? the ding dongs were working the cash registers..

i think (so to speak)that i’m looking for new quarters…i love this place but the noise is/has gotten to me…if anyone knows of something close in, i’m mostly ears…no rush, but…walking distance, por favor and no on Santa Ana..or San Felipe..it’d be weird living in another part of town(i can deal with it)..flaming jeeezus..another week and it’s December? time for another Tequila Nooner…vaya con queso

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some of them…here and there…it was a horrific night

Shaun of O’lot…whatta long day and a night of bad memories…’BTDT’ but it doesn’t make it any easier…Lava packed, Pangea doing biz up/down, Sobremesa doing some trade…i’m wondering if the new location hasn’t somehow changed the ‘draw’…time will tell..Peter the G’s burlesque show? killer…Lucy Lucious is  a natural and I’ve been watching strippers for 50+ years, dated a few hundred or so..she’s got ‘it’…Crystal DeLite? let’s just say ‘ambiguous gender’and leave it at that..

amy time, any where

Angies’ crankin’ up for some kinda mariachi event…but in the front room, where the wines are kept…Coppola’s most xlnt labels…

the 'diamond' series...

MT and JR having what appeared to be a ‘business dinner’ at Abassi…and the fez? a fake…i’ve owned too many…fuggedaboutit…TLG and the remainder of the Blue Dawgs at O’lot…jammin’ after Ron Sax Fortin did his xlnt gig..

in lieu of last nights events i confess that for the first time i felt somewhat unsafe in Antigua…not a rational,logical thought, mind you, but a quiver of uncertainty about one’s personal safety after dark,on the street.


the evening? El Muro off to a slow start…Sangre deader than dead…Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos packed..Studio 35/Gaia sucking…Queso y Vino doing their usual full weekend house full of Guate’s..El Sereno? serenely dead..wtf? marimbas on the steps of City Hall,playing into the night…’love this place..let’s hope that last nights random violence was exactly that…too wierd otherwise to consider..per michael tallon, the shooting range people will get back to me after the weekend..’his girlfriend is in town’..oh…that explains things..

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no, not her…she left town earlier..at 7pm, the lovely and talented Mary Sheffield, quoted as saying “I’m f…….g great’….shhhh, don’t let that get around…’reached into the fedora(my hat) and pulled out lucky #5, bought by Max of el Muro this morning…he had other choices of numbers but he went into a trance and channeled god knows what…picked numbero cinco…

the winner's grin

Max…one of the hardest working people in town…’always coming up with something new…ah…the ‘major miracle’ of the day? Monica of Jungle Party somehow came into possession of Carla’s wallet,missing since Saturday….Carla of  Ocelot…and the wallet was intact…papers, license and more importantly…$$$…major smiles behind the bar tonight…whew…

style, class and looking good

ok..fine…the fonts/centering stuff has gone wierd…
Marcel and crew of El Cazadore Italiano doing their anniversary ‘free food/booze night..and pouring the premium stuff…Uwe and Lynn on the patio, waiting to go upstairs for the grub…Neil Craig and ladyfriend in attendence…he in a suit/tie and looking/sounding happier than ever…John Rexer and ladyfriend at the new Sobremesa location..Alex seen later running around the corner for ice from O’Lot per an incoming party of 12…on a Monday night?  yep…Alex Bell of Fusion 2 doing just fine…was that a new espresso machine I saw?  Abassi quiet but I noticed a real fez inside…damn…might have to buy it…perfect evening attire for Bangalore Bob”s…(my new place)…the latest batch of Sai Baba/Nag Champa incense isn’t doing well…how hard is it to roll dried cowshit and scent so that it burns?….answer: India is still India….am I gonna call Bangalore at 1-800-Bullshit and hope to get a live answer? and if so, what then?  Nelson off tomorrow for two months in the youess of A…Karla going up north in a month to join him in NorCal…my old neck of the woods…September in Sonoma County?…perfecto..Mendocino? even better…’glad the roach holder found a new home…back then it was de rigeur to have the appropriate accessories for indulging…now? glass bongs…no style…nope, don’t have one…never…again, thank you one and all for stepping up and helping someone we all know, love and appreciate…our own version of Blanche Du Bois and Molly Brown…tomorrow night? El Muro’s Twisted Tuesday event…more drinkies for free…TacoDiscontento now going the 2X1 route on cocktails….and they’re on what might  be the best block in  town? …’makes ya wonder who’s next? 

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a ‘Bushism’….if only for his mangled words/phrases, he’ll be remembered…that and the trashing of the economy…A-Town!….packed, no parking spaces except on upper 4th ave..my barrio…Don Martin with the lights on…no takers…gotta be a bit discouraging when every other…and i mean ‘every’ eatery had biz today/tonight…even Nokiate…except for 709 the mexican food/gallery next to Fusion? padlocked on a Saturday night? bad juju…Sobremesa(packed tonight)moving August the fust around the corner to 4th calle, next to the yogurt joint, up from Citibank..in his spare time?…

went by Panza Verde, passing Franklin V of As Green As it Gets…my personal fave NGO…they actually do what they say they’re gonna do…no bloated staff, overhead, fancy SUV’s..hand’s on..listened to Montfort, the classical pianist from San Francisco for a while…John R and Brendan B there…who knew they were aficionados? you kinda suspect that they have hidden tastes…great music, from the black baby grand…technically brilliant and a ‘virtuouso’ in every sense of the word, crisp, clean, cha cha cha…and here come’s the ‘but’…as i wandered home-weird i went by Caffe Opera and Adan the Cuban was pounding away at the old upright(not me, the piano) and working up a sweat…for me, given a choice between the two pianists, Adan is the MAN…and yeah, the drinks at C-O ain’t cheap but that’s the ‘cover charge’..worth every quetzal.

Angie A’s just setting up as i passed thru…El Cam oddly quieter than usual on a Saturdaynight…El Muro filling up…Abassi doin’ fine, F2 los mismo, even Tartines packed…La Posada del Pintor, the Circus Bar spin-off? jammed…however, in the back of the upper level, a new coffee bar? why? who?..more money than sense, as usual, kinda like the ‘Lounge’, Pangea’s last gasp…pumpin’ loud music again, audible inside Ocelot/the Frisky Den…Neil Craig, who wisely bailed, last heard of in Copan, on his way to Roatan..time out/off…

Cashbar! jumpin’! Wendy at the door, rope and the helm…thanks for the cocktail, btw…reports that Sangre, probably per their all you can suck for 75q specials is now offering late night fights in the street.o boy…’heard that the famed hotel Santo Domingo, who laid off 75 staff a while back is now offering a half-price deal on a second night stay…bring back Paris Hilton and I’m in..don’t know why but i confess to a liking for her(it’s more than that,trust me)kinda like my semi-lust for Sarah Palin in her ‘nasty librarian’ mode..visually speaking, of course.

how can you not like a country that always has fresh limes and avocados?…of course, a lotta political chicanery, lawyers, guns, dope and scandals…wait a minute! wasn’t that a song? guatemalo..my home…ran into Jason of Lava earlier, still chuckleing about the mix-up between ordering a round of 25 shots of tequila and the barmaid pours 25 shots of gin…is she still working? nope, no names…and no excuses..the onslaught of the recent rains and lack of signage from the street have them slightly befuddled, but the burger train still keeps movin’, downstairs to O’lot..the entrance, with IxNay blocking everything, no access to Pangea other than crawling over bushes…Frisky Den’s biz seems to have slacked off…if this because of Allen’s absence or the pounding of the dumb disco music from the Lounge? close the restaurant and go full disco…buy Como Como’s disco ball, install it and it’s Saturday Night Finger…no, Fever…white suits, fancy moves…bring back the Red Bull display..got the every 3 month haircut from Carmen the delicious..just a little off the top, please..Creativo the Spa…2nd calle/4th avenida..best pedicure/foot massage in town and half the price…no, less than half…check Minoshka’s prices..foot the bill..sicko..toe the line? hey, it’s Saturday Night and …so what? dodge the dog-shit and the puke puddles in the morning…one’s brown and the other will be multi-colored, if that’s a clue…ah,, Antigua…full moon swoon tonight…crowds at La Merced(the church)will they be offering 2X1 specials on the wine? a little brie with the wafers?  as Marjoe once said, ‘holy jeez to bezuz’ as he was counting out the evening’s take..and tax free…buenas nostrils to you..


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