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usually found in a serving of fish and chips…and yet another stab at a foreign cuisine here: a new restaurant on 5th calle between the MovieStar office and Dasha..middle Eastern food(comida) WTF? are people lining up for falafel and hummus? I give ’em six months and no I don’t pita  them.

Vrooom! the event I’ve been waiting for…the V8’s are running this Sunday at the Pedro Cofino track, on the way to Esquintla…check in about 9am, pay a bit extra for the full-access pass and enjoy the Spandex/Lycra babes….beer, hot dogs and speed.

speaking of Esquintla, where once again I had the dubious experience of going thru on Friday afternoon via the over-packed chicken bus…is this the dirtiest/grimiest city around? even Puerto San Jose wins by a nose and that place at least has some fairly sleazy nightclubs.

ex-Travel Agent Alices’ new mexican restaurant? called La Penca and nope, I don’t have a clue(typical)what that means..located waaay south on the Calzada Santa Lucia, with 24 hour service…it’d be great to have a real Mexican food joint in town.

again, food-wise…a superb meal at the Pelicano in Monterrico…perfectly done, in all respects: the Zurecher Geschnetzeltes mit Rosti..and Johnny’s Place? spiffed up, with 6 new units…4 down, two suites up, with ocean views..very Euro

‘been told that La Sala’s new management/style is doing ‘better than expected’..at least one place in town, eh?


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it was that kind of evening at least until the 5:30 drizzle started and then it was a sea of tail lights headed back for the City…where is our Mime(Andy)? where is Mr Dory, the magician? this town’s entertainment factor is diving/dying left and right…smokers on the Ocelot patio! so? who cares? who’s gonna bust ’em? 

with Da Mayor in in the hoosegow(jail)for the foreseeable future, who’s running things in town? answer…no one…no one wants to make any kind of business decision, neither the City or the Muni, so if you’re a business owner with biz to take care of, lotsa luck….has this ever happened before? meaning that the Mayor isn’t covered by immunity, his dapper butt is in jail and when does he get out? more importantly will he still be the Mayor or does that office get….? see what I mean? 

The Antigua City Bus Tour! yes…two buses at the park, which means that they really can do a tour every hour…assuming, of course, that there’s passengers…

Travel Agent Alice? not….she’s left her daughters in charge of the New Destiny Travel Agency and has opened a 24 hour mexican foot joint, way south on the Calzada Santa Lucia(across the the church)…Alice, per having spent time in Mexico, just might have a clue for tastes/flavors…and I was wrong, yet again, re jukeboxes in this town…Fridas has one…nope, didn’t check the music selection but it’s a real juke box..

Johnny’s Place! massive/major changes/improvements…a new two story building a stoned throw away from the beach…two master suites up, 6 smaller units down…great views, decor, cha cha..the place is gradually getting a complete overhaul/touch-up and it looks great…Yann and Virginie are makin’ it work. As I left yesterday, the family groups were checking in as I checked out…oops..no room on the 4pm shuttle…how about the 2:30 chicken bus? right…3.5 hours, Friday pm/rush hour/see scenic Esquintla, Rodeo and any wide  spot in  the road that had a potential passenger…fun, right? my only complaint about the new units? the surf/waves are too loud…damn…and yes, at last…a new debit card! I got $$$…(again)some kinda new gallery (art)opening tonight on 5th ave norte between the Mayan Spa and what was Djinn…not bad, not great..just a cut above the usual crap in town…we’ve got three great street artists, 3 mediocre ones, three caricaturists(cartoonists)and none of them worth a damn and a host(helluva lot)of what appears to be ‘paint by numbers’ guys…same old view of El Arco, Volcan Agua and/or the Bill Keane ripoff of plaintive Mayan kid with big eyes…can’t we just have one guy doin’ Elvis on black velvet? or better yet, the saucy maiden from Monterrico, in profile?..fine, I’m going to my room now: if you get rained on tonight…so? so what? I’m in…

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yeah, this day…Paris, 1971 and where were you? jeez, Andy Griffith and Ben Davidson today? yeah…speaking of dead, that’s Antigua Tonight….you coulda rolled a rubber bowling ball thru the calles…lotta places open that coulda been closed and saved on the staff $$…ah! Claudia #1 of Da Vinci! her birthday tomorrow but since she doesn’t work tomorrow, etc…nope, not tellin’ her age…i know and you’d never guess…a babe au naturel.

der Henrik of dos Reilly’s, back at the helm…er, the door…looks like the race crowd(drivers, owners and spandex babes)hit Reilly’s on Sunday pm…massive tips reported by some of the staff.

kudos to Alex F and Sobremesa for the Trip Advisor Award…well deserved, indeed…Ocelot got one a few weeks ago, equally well deserved…both of the owners work their butts 8 days a week, constantly thinking  up new stuff.

me? an exciting day of watching ice melt(defrosting the refrigerator)…I told ya, my life is just one big whoop de doo after another and…can anyone explain the popularity of plaid bermuda shorts? is this some kinda Scientology gimmick? did i miss a movie reference?

Lex Cargo is hosting the Miss Antigua Beauty Queen get-together at the Cargo Room Thursday night…7ish but if I know Lex, plan on 8ish..yeah, I’m there, shooting photos…after the photo shoot on Sunday at the race track, I better check my batteries…178 shots in 5 hours…maybe 20 of cars..hey, it was a veritable feast of spandex…ok? check the right corner…i was aiming at the cockpit…

cockpit and more

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in from a short stroll..dos Reilly’s…2.5 bartenders…yep, that means folks in there, drinkin’…rain in the morning…no, half the f….king day and then followed by a cold night? gotta love Climate Change..thanks, Al Gore..odd that Lava is doin’ more biz than Ocelot…Edy of Pangea makin’ changes…kinda feng shui stuff and i like it..moved the bar of the Lounge so that it faces the door/entrance..cut the price of the filet mignon from 100q to 99q…Alex’ Sobremesa doing a few tables…Franklin of Whisky Den and a party of 8 plus others..popped into Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos..’says that a third of his biz is cigars..whoda thunk that? and yes,the delightful Marvel was on deck..


we’re all freezin’ tonight..i sent out a Bat Signal for two fat girls…keep the body warm in the night…nope, no sign that it’s been received or acted upon…ah..thanks to Bull Durham for noticing that Payasos has morphed into half Pall Mall Honduran menthols…tried a pack…yes…very very close..

‘finally got to play La Reunion …mist, drizzle, fog…’where’s the hole?’ a round with the new head pro, Nick Zappin, plus those madcap guys from Johnny’s Place, Mario and Yan..and yes, just like everywere else, Monterrico is feeling the double-edge whammy of no tourists plus the flooding…Yann’s about to do something most of us have done…ask him..


El Muro’s 1st year anniversary coming up this Friday…expect Max to something outrageous…like the women who tend bar there….very strange to walk by a closed/shuttered Caffe Bourbon, kinda like walking by where Kafka used to be.

ah…the Great Maya Pot deal? ‘you want HOW much for it?’…ROFL….their case wasn’t helped by the Prensa Libre article this week about a stash of pots found by a house up by Reu(the rains unearthed ‘me)and they were selling for 50-100q each…the gummerment was all over ’em…’national heritage’..

Phil Wilson, Mr EcoFiltro, has been donating the water purifiers all over the country..now out of ’em, if that’s a clue…couple thou here, there…he’s the guy who shipped 2500 to Haiti and personally delivered ’em…a shining example in the midst of a giant shuco (Guate-speak for pain in the ass, per MDC)known as Tropical Depression 12E..if it doesn’t stop raining soon, I’m gonna go to my doc and say that i have tropical depression 12Z and ask for some serious meds…something that will mix well with scotch.

its getting to the point where I’m picking the least wet/damp shoes to wear…wait a minute! my golf shoes….they’re water-proof…black and white saddle type but wtf? why not? someone has to set fashion standards…yeah, i have a closet fulla shoes but they’re city stuff(too good for Antigua’s brown rivers flowing down the middle of the streets)

yep…still rainin’….how bad do i need to go out? and yes..i did but not much…wondering why Hector’s isn’t doin’ their usual business..two tables, night after night…is it the lack of Der Hector, business in general  or what?

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that condition that aflicts us older specimens…damn and did it ever tonight…’last outa the shuttle back from Monterrico and damned if i didn’t leave my ever so PC EZLN shoulder bag in the van…with the big camera, my phone and notebook with all the precious phrases, trite expressions and other tripe that passes for journalism..and sunglasses, which i won’d need tonight…screw…big time,altho the driver(whom i tipped coming and going)will more than likely leave the bag at Voyageur Travels, my usual point of departure…brilliant, sherlock..or you dick, tracy…there’s great photos of the Hotel Delfin in Monterrico, from whence i returned, breathless prose and kind words, pictures of babes in bikinis…o well…the weather turned the night before i got there…the first big rain of the season and it rained again last night(yep, i ignored xlnt advice from monsieur charbonnay at Johnny’s..wait ten minutes and it’ll stop’..hah, I’m a man…rain doesn’t bother me…right…soaked..great dinner at Pelicanos..met Bridgette..hmm, some history there..’was gonna have a Lava burger when i got home but got side-tracked..after a change clothes preceded by a shower, out side my door is a $#%@! procession..the Little Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence or some..who knows..will this ever end? ..Lava…you’ve got competition in Monterrico…Hotel Delfin serves up an excellent burger..bun’s close, the fries aren’t…but watcher self..Juan Diego is on the track..the hotel? packed…running impressive occupancy figures all week long..sucking up all the biz that johnny’s can’t/doesn’t…more on this, once the camera/notebook return to my feeble fingers/mind…suffice to say that of the van load of 14 i was on, all of them..ALL..got off at Hotel Delfin..and a few people got off in the night but that’s another story..ah..ran into Wendy Wever, Jean-Marc and the very tasty…umm, no names since she was with someone new(at least to me)outside of johnny’s this afternoon..per Wendy, Friday night at Cashbar totally killed..almost 700 guests..well, 694 and saturday night they counted 600..wtf?  ah..the weather..tis humid now, here..but much more so in Monterrico..sweatsville..the pool at the Delfin was an oasis: they’re riding a wave and it’s a Cinderella story…wish them well..I do..the ol Rum Bar is now listed for rent via Re-Max…per Hector and Claudia, the interior is/was mildly trashed..expect some ‘tenant improvements’…ask Hector for details, since he’s in the biz and might have a ‘top of his head’estimate but don’t expect much..gotta see it..Tapas y Tintos new location on 3rd calle up for sale/rent..there’s a new restuarant next to Santo Domingo..a wing of Klosters from City..who knows?  right..another restaurant in town…Road Kill aka Restaurant Hot Road aka the old Fusion restaurant next to Hectors? the new interior decorating? red/white vertical wide stripes, accented by flags stapled to the ceiling..some of the ‘sign’s are back..the frat house signs..Luna Miel doing fine..Red’s dead..dos reillys with a modest bar crowd..altho there were hordes of white girls in formation heading that way..Las Palmas! packed..mike and moriah wowing the crowd at Caffe Bourbon(and the folks on the sidewalks) DV empty but looking better..Chez C doing 2 tables and getting personal table side attention from chef..heard from monsieur charbonnay that El Punto, near Santa Lucia, is an xlnt Italian restaurant..from his background, I’m listening when he talks..serious chefery..cheffery…the food biz, dammit..ah, the lost f$#%@! bag..what an idiot..hey, up early per the pounding disco music from somewhere..little sleep..blame it on the weather..tis good to be home..

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