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and no, not the Johnny Cash hit that was going to be the jingle for Preparation H….talkin’ about our very own volcano that’s been goin’ bonkers for the last week or so, aka Fuego..looks like the volcanic chain aka Ring of Fire has been very active recently and for some of us(unless you live at the base of Fuego) that’s a good thing, cuz it lets off pressure(ash, lava)..it is just me or was it a very long weekend? Peter to G checked in, said he’d seen me/hollered at me on Satyrday morning and you know…i can’t remember what i did that day/morning…I’m going to hell(rapidly)in a handbasket…quit wearing the old Rolex a week or so ago…got tired of winding it up, looking at it, checking for accuracy and asked the musical question…why? this is Guatemalo, it is G.S.T and there you have it…no appointments…well, other than to be in the park by 8:30 when a very tasty latina strolls thru, on her way to work…beyond that? maybe ‘happy hour’ at  Ocelot…The X  Man, Mike C, asked me that ‘watch’ question a few weeks ago….hmm..yeah, why?

still/more/stuff going on….5th calle, westa the park…#4, hidden behind tarps…what’s it gonna be?  further down, pass Black Cat’s motel…Pachamama, health foods…I’m hoping that they’re not affiliated with the Pachamama Alliance outa San Francisco…silliest bunch of yuppie women you’ve ever seen…but with a ton of $$$…last time I went, they were taking up donations for a new airplane…christ, i need a new one also…got $$?

‘heard another rumor of a large building on that street going up for rent soon, but i promised to zip the lip: if it happens, it’ll be huge…funny how the economic patterns vis a vis locations shift in this town…upper 5th ave was hot…was…

and ‘the war on drugs’….just read La Cuadra’s latest…yeah, baby…3rd/4th largest business in the world, after oil and agriculture…wait! its kinda ‘agricultural’..no? right up there with electronics…if you think about it, remember that Nixon aka Tricky Dick…nah, that’s before your time…early 70’s…he declared war on drugs, just about the time that Elvis came by the white house and wanted a DEA badge.  Life..it just doesn’t get any weirder/funnier imagining that…so…40 years later? Drugs R Us…go out and get some today, keep the economy going.

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a friend up north asked about the ‘politics’ in Guatemala…as in, WTF is going on? can you say ‘sleaze, corruption and slime?’..us older folks..’watched the 60s/70’s implode and corrode, are perhaps a bit cynical about politics..’strange bedfellows’ and all that but I’ve never seen anything quite as greasy as ‘let’s divorce so i can stick my nose in the trough for a few more years’…Even Danny Ortega who now resembles Scarface is open about his thirst for more and more…

the William Shatner diet plan


‘fuck the laws…I’m running again come hell or high explosives..’ Chavez? lately claiming that capitalism ruined the Martian civilization thousands of years ago, which implies that past life regression is definitely doable in Venezuela, if not outright insanity. Cynical? not totally…I believe in fast cars, four aces, old whiskey and women in garter belts..

‘was it my imagination or were folks getting their attitudes adjusted earlier tonight?…O/lot filled…Brendan, Plumb Bob, LM and Ali…LM reported that Travel Agent Alice has a group of people ‘doing’ the Beaver tomorrow…I’m down for two days during Semen Satana…meaning at the coast..out and up the street..El Cazadore..the tasty Azucena on her phone..no, talking on the phone…not ‘on’ it…dammit..well, if it was set on ‘vibrate’..maybe..Miss E and a new admirer in a corner…hmm..Reilly’s quiet early on..Hector there, getting tuned up for later…music-wise..and no answer/word from the Rum Bum re Hector’s question about just WTF is going on, re Claudia and her daughter..La Cuadra!…great article on CICIG and Guate politics!  kinda depressing but that’s our cuntry…yes, I know how to spell..Da Vinci’s new location getting power to the new electrical meter/weatherhead..progress..what’s up with all the school kids doing interviews with gringos in the park? 2 or 3 today..several last week…think  I’ll ask about residuals or at least film credits..fuggedabout the SAG card..silly question #45..if Sweden is registering nuclear fallout in their atmosphere, is Guate getting any buzz? meaning, are we gonna start glowing in the dark? ‘might add a bit of spice to Fuego’s eruptions at night.. ‘dusted off the dinner jacket for Saturday night’s events..three, so far..and finally went thru Cashbar..Wendy up topside…this is Lady’s Night”..thought maybe I could order out…i.e, send me a morena and a rubio..as if…big surprise in the street today…passed by the ultra delicious Vanessa Dos Olivos…we’ve been FB buddies and have spoken of ‘meeting’…she’s xlnt in person…whoo…if my 2nd/3rd wives hadn’t been blondes I might be tempted to…well,  you know..i’ve sworn off gringas..and she’s not..but…again, serious congratulations to La Cuadra for the article..its spooky stuff but that’s Guatemalo…

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