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every %$#@! morning! why/who? one of the benefits of living on the edge of San Felipe…that said, I don’t hear/see/feel the daily and nightly rumbles of Volcan Fuego so I guess that’s a reasonable exchange.
Mike D aka the ‘Perfesser’ celebrating his first night as a co-partner/owner of La Taverna, with a table full of the unusual suspects..congrats!
want a free Jeep? HBT in town, to pick up the booger Cougar and said that he’s tired of paying Murray’s storage charges (2 years worth) and if you want the Jeep, talk to him…papers? aint got no stinkin’ papers, unless Murray does something (highly unlikely)since he’s not answering phone calls. He, for free, wtf?
Dave H, at the Exit inn, along side Jackson…first day working at Frank’s Place…and happy..
so, the Freedom Beach House Hotel? turn left in the middle of ‘downtown’ Monterrico…there’s a paved road and a Banrural branch in sight (the only ATM around)go 8.5 kms…phone #? 5716-6988, and tell ’em i sent you…and a lot of local interest in this place, and rightfully so..new, clean, cheap..250q a night, beachside..great rooms, perfect for a night in paradise with your insignificant other..
there was a guy there last week…first date..he’s fat and wearing a Speedo (wrong)and by the time they left, they weren’t speaking
and yes, the trenches on 5th Calle…good for business? don’t think so and it’s only gonna get worse…4 months of this to look forward to…Alex of Sobremesa, on a usually closed Tuesday night, putting the finishing touches on his latest masterpiece..

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La Taverna mildly jammed, with some of the ‘unindicted co-conspirators’…even John aka Nazi Adams was there, just having flown in from NorCal….he’s 98% here, for good/bad or whatever…Mike d aka the ‘Perfesser’ due in next week…8th? they will both hang out at the Ponzi Bob chateau for a while (and yes, the Vortex People have left)…PB due in later in the year, wife and friends in January, just in time for another stab at promoting the virtues of gold in/around the  Motagua…

Bobby D, rockin’ the Snug! almost a capacity crowd…doesn’t take much per the size…and no, no ‘soft opening’ for the Edge Inn (Spiros/Alabama Bobs)deal with what was the Calle in the Nido Antigua…’talking about some remodeling to the bar…yikes! I liked as it was, and then opening mid next week, +/-….town packed with chapins aka Guatemaltecos…why? dunno…sidewalks jammed…

ran into two of my favorite people, GG Foto and Chocolate Bob…she’s headed for the States soon but is getting the Land Cruiser fixed (carburetor +)and wants to do road trips…he was passing out new samples of the latest chocolate creations (and his chocolate is my  personal fave).

and yes, no evening would  be perfect without passing by the Casbahs little downstairs bar…four bar people but the one I prefer…yeah…Marbel the Delicious…a visual delight and yes, we’ll be ‘doing dinner soon’….after next weeks voyage of the damned, aka ‘back to Salami’…or hide the salami, take your pick..it’s me, JR and the ‘ captain’….with a plan, maps and rum/$$…what could go wrong?

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or still: this is an ongoing event with me…suggesting that a local bar or two is slowly dying….from a usually reliable source, La Taverna is now serving Guinness on draft (55q the pint) and is the only bar in Central America to be dishing up Guinness in this fashion..

Today? Spiros and Alabama Bob officially take over La Calle in the Nido Antigua mall (to be re-named as the Exit Inn)and no word on any kind of ‘grand opening’…and since this is the official Day of the Child here, hats off to Don Marco, who supposedly had his 12th offspring recently…12 kids! in  his new capacity of a financial advisor, this works…12 kids plus parents, on welfare? do the math…12-14 thousand bucks a month? 

sorry, but I missed Lex Cargo’s local film debut yesterday in the movie, aptly titled ‘Ambiguity’….Tall Bill leaves us tomorrow, returning in November…the ‘Perfesser’ arrives next week, on the heels of Nazi John and where is Hogan?

tuk tuks…do they have a license or go to school? why do they travel in packs or two somes? and is six calle the new center of town? north 5th ave is dead, and what was the old Tacontento space is still vacant(prime location).

and yes, we’re going ‘on the road’ again…next week back to the scene of ‘The Wheel Came Off’ in Salama, with better planning and a better vehicle. Obviously I haven’t learned my lesson yet, but then I’m always the last to find out.

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so….TLG was there to play later…I carried in his neat little suitcase of harmonicas…most of the unusual suspects were there, extra tables (with table clothes!)set up and food dispersed..I missed Tanya and I just missed the South African lady(tomorrow, fer sure, in the park)…Piano Mike stopped in, on his way to the 7pm show at Travel Menu, where I was going to go but…turned right on 5th avenida and walking by La Terazza, Casbahs little bar? inside? the marvelous Marbel, in a stretchy little  outfit, complete with cat’s ears(I think).

Also with peculiar timing, a  ‘grand opening’ of a place maybe called La Casa Blanca, on 5th ave sur…per a usually source(not typical for Antigua-Stan)their new name is The Tavern…hmm…some name, same start date?

now, the ‘burning question)…not preparation H, btw…there’s been some mention of Guatemala doing a time change, beginning tomorrow night? and moving the clocks ahead by an hour? what happened to ‘Fall back and Spring forward? is this true? who will actually do it? (not me)too bizarre, eh?

tonight, at Hops and Tales, Piano Mike and Andy z Luna…no, I don’t know the ‘start time’ ok? find your way to the old El Muro, on 3rd calle oriente, by Nifu Nifa or whatever its called, the only restaurant with a shotgun at the door (with a guard, of course)…someone once said that the reason for the shotgun is a freezer full of good steaks inside…right, as if..Ocelot’s getting a new wall mural, something about rugby…dunno…and yes,  it appears as if the ‘rainy season’ has returned…not soon enough for a lot of farmers…seems like there’s a lot of protests about the Monsanto ‘cram-down’….can’t blame ’em as that bunch of international criminals deserves to be run outa town/country..Agent Orange, Round-up, etc…they suck..

and maybe…a trip to Zacapa next Friday…right…a good thing that I’m a mellow kinda fellow… 

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and then some, at ‘happy hour’ La Taverna style…Alex Long’s new cantina, aka La Calle, back in Nido Antigua, across the street? looking very spiffy…any joint that stocks Flor de Cana 7 yr on the shelf works for me…the smoking thing needs to be ironed out but aside from that…it’s cool.

Nelson, tickling the piano keys at the early show at Micho’s…lightly attended…Pelicano Sport, the new bar in the Ocelot patio? empty at 6 or so…Lava 1/2 full, O’lot’s new happy hour of 5-8 had a few takers…

Changes at the Travel Menu….they’re kickin’ out the walls to the west and the Snug? the landlord dropped the boom per the noise…so, that’ ll be storage…rumor has it that Christophe, now king of the pig at Reilly’s La Esquina on the first Sunday, will be the new chef…some menu changes, probably…Spiros and Jerome plus a 3rd, seen in a business kinda meeting…another bar/restaurant in the offing? Capt Gerry/lady seen in Bodegona, looking for white eggs…’had to explain that this is Latin America and the chickens are latinas..hence only brown eggs…

tonight’s ‘theatre event’ at El Sitio? packed, with the ‘old guard’ in attendence…old…Luke Armstrong McGuire the youngest…frankly, Scarlett…the previous little theatre permormance at El Finca Nieto was superior…listless…Mike Chrisman did his part…Lex Cargo slipped in, Jackson Underwood in person but for the price (free)it was worth every minute…the cocktails helped, frankly. The babe in the leotard helped..

now, for something completely un-PC….there’s a new women’s shelter in town, called ‘Tempura’…for women who are lightly battered…. 

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