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in a way, kind of a metaphor for stuff going on around town…the signs are off at what was Riki’s and Ixcot….Braulio’s is four months behind in their rent and even worse…wurst? that old time place at the end of 1st Avenida with the great terrace views? nailed/stickered with a big SAT tax poster(so I was told)….alas…if so, another low blow to an already bad year of tax/paperwork/screwups…

a movie being shot in A-Town? interiors this morning along 3rd calle and this evening…the City Hall closed off, with chicken buses, extras and so on…wtf? judging from the equipment, a low budget kinda flick..yeah, I’ve been around movie making/makers for awhile…the clue is the number of cameras, the dollies(not the ones in spandex) and the director and his staff…

and yes, the ‘beat’ goes on…tomorrow the big City for topo maps…searching for the long lost Spanish Fly Silver Mines by Hue Hue next weekend..oops…spanish fly? did they fly or did they use buttons? who cares?

David Hoffman was questioning my count of 8 times that Pinata Boy was thrown out of Lava…he was too busy kicking the stuffing outa PB, who is supposedly at the Lake today…and yes, the so-called ‘security guard’ got canned that night for non-performance of his duties..

Piano Mike outa here Friday for a month…back to the YouEssof A for another stab at romance..applause, please…just like Woody Allen once said, 90% of life is just showing up and as one who’s been down that rocky path of hopes, mopes and dopes…let there be luck!

and thanks, one and all, for comments on my health ‘issues’…the cold, that beast, has apparently been banished from my bod…no meds today…well, almost none…’maintenance’, you know…ask Hogan about that stuff..

supposedly the old Pangea space had a looky loo…a potential renter, ok? a lady with a white little dog on a leash, a t-shirt that read “I Love Las Vegas’, a sugar daddy and no…no sign of gold lame slippers..lame’, not lame…altho one is as good as the other..Allen at the ‘Menu’ dishing out the dinners, Scott S/Pablo A at El Cazadore for an early dinner, Luciano workin’ the bar…Marcel probably laughing a lot, somewhere, at getting out while the getting was good..dos Reilly’s with as many staff as drinkers..and when will the old Reilly’s on 5th ave norte ever reopen? they keep dragging in trucks of sand, gravel and what-not…has it been two years since?..1st calle by Merced…lights out at the bars/restaurants…a quiet night in town..and yes, a few more familiar faces from the frozen north in town…welcome back!

Fusion dead, El Nido Antigua, the shopping mall in back equally so…altho the Choco Museo across the street? maybe its the hats or the staff but they continue to drag in people..and on…the proposed expedition to Puerto Quetzal this week? off…had to leave at 5am Wednesday…wrong, scotch-breath..the only thing i do at 5am is make another visit to the….WC..and yes, for those who are into pork…jameswdurham2@ gmail.com is still in business…the very best in pork chops,sausage and so on..pork me? no, pork you..have a great week…yeah, the weather is weird but.. 


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sign me up for one…my so-called observations about the town being empty of gringos boomeranged me today..bummerrang? ‘they’ were everywhere and to add to my dumbness, the guy who runs the Sunshine Grill observes the spanish school students in his barrio and says that on the weekends they take off for Monterico or the Lake…duh..o keen observer..and part 2 of the Rancho de Rockets..


Mike Chrisman aka Piano Mike is back and this Thursday/Friday, he and Moriah are singin’& playin’ at Caffe Bourbon..start time is 7:30, perfect for the ‘early bird/senor citizens’…’glad to see he’s home and even more so to hear them play..another musician seen, on crutches..Ignacio our Cuban maestro, looking good in white and minus a section of his right leg but that shouldn’t stop him on the congas..

Tom Martin aka Hillbilly Tom? putting on much needed lost weight and talking about getting a water pump/front brake rotors for the Beige Bomb…road trip! ‘thought there was a V8 race at the Cofino track this month but Rich the Neel says now that it’s November…damn..and I was getting in the mood for speed and spandex…I know, you’re thinking…have I ever not been in the mood for such? not often…

‘learned the difference between Medical Tourism and Medical Travel today, thanks to Lori Shea of Guatemala Medical Travel…thanks…this’ll’ be a good thing to write about..

the September issue of Our Man in Antigua-Stan is in the hands(so to speak)of the local printer..the book holders/boxes are being distributed hither,thither and yon…Amazon.com has it also…you know, Halloween is Coming and you could order some for your ‘people’…

‘Fast Eddie’ is back in town…’guess that the proposed marriage to the Minister of Whatever in Hungary/Poland’ daughter didn’t work out…as if there ever was a glimmer of hope..and the best dressed cop in town? Juan Mario Cervantes…starting to look almost as good as the Da Mayor, clothes-wise..being an Asesor Despacho Ministerial must be workin’ for him…he knew about the rapes of last month but was surprised…I think, to hear of the two shootings out Manchen way..but then again, I wouldn’t want to play poker with him…Walter Fischer and partners rolling out the newly revised Antigua City Bus Tour in ten days..let this work..it’s a good concept..

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personal stuff, aside from Elmore Leonard’s book of the same title..Wife #2 who went to an exclusive Cathlick day school in Carmel (classmates with Patty Hearst)actually had to go around and knock on doors in the o so snooty environs of Carmel and solicit donations for ‘pagan babies’…she kill me if she reads this but the odds are slim/nun..the headline refers to a new chapter in the little/silly booklet, now in its umpteeth version…Franklin/Asgreenasitgets.org has this section, at least for the next few weeks…I’ve been kinda down on a lotta NGO’s here but after interviewing Houses to Homes, my position/opinion is changing…

RT2 and Mary at O’lot..she laughed when I told her that my phone was set on ‘vibrate’ and i carry it in a front pocket…hey, at my age..that’s the only buzz i’m gonna get..

Ripped again? or still?…John Rexer, Mr Ilegal Mezcal hisself..snagged his shirt on a table..ripped..get it? matched his levis..the semi-usual crowd of Happy Hour schmoozers/boozers..this was the 2nd time I’ve seen John in the daytime in the last four years..what that means or implies, I have no idea…draw your own conclusions/dotted lines..our wandering bar goddess, Carla the B? off to the Lake and entering the employ of a new guru in town…please, let this work..’having spent a goodly/godly portion of my life in/around ‘gurus’ of all stripes, persuasions and creeds, I’m…let’s just say..naw, cross your fingers for her..Barb the K’s surgery is actually scheduled for the 9th…cross fingers or whatever else works..and come back here, pronto..Travel Menu’s kitchen is ‘under repair’ for a day or two..so, if you’re..etc..wait til wednesday..the New ‘Original Antigua City Tour?’…looking good…thought i saw Bull Durham riding this morning and later, about 5ish,a full load of turistas rolling along 2nd calle…go Juan Carlos!…seriously, this is an xlnt tour..cheap,fun and chockfullafacts..40q for and hour and a half? I’d pay that to watch the monkeys ….k…starts at 9am or so, in front of the Cathedral/parque..

try as I might, tomorrow there’s no escaping the ‘jezus on a stick’ thing…the little finca where i reside(live)has the first station on the west wall.showtime is 3pm..o boy..if i called first thing, could the farmacia deliver some serious meds? prescription? we don’t need a stinkin’ prescription..i’m re-reading Treasure of the Sierra Madre so if i go off on a tangent…so what? better than going off on a lark, eh?

the most xlnt Claudia #1 of Da Vinci seen about, before going to work(so to speak)at 6 or so…one of usual three Claudias is on some kinda sabbatical per family stuff..so? there’s #1 and that’s all I care about…call me, please..make my Razr vibrate, just one more time..

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last night, 6th Avenida…dos Reilly’s block…near misses, no blood seen..a belated New Year’s celebration? as i’m wont to say, always honk twice when you’re reloading..

local eateries? some full, some empty…La Pena del Sold out? apparently…packed early and a catered party for 85 in someone’s house..Crash Harriss smiling a lot…Las Palmas packed, even the japanese place, Kabuki, doing tables…’that’ place on 5ta, the one that’s been closed for two days now? ooh…if Machiavelli were alive, he’d be taking notes on the latest twist..nope, can’t tell and don’t smell…and it does..’wish i hadn’t heard it..yep, that bad..

Ocelot packed, dos Reilly’s jammed…Los Cebollinas adding more decor and getting more action..Travel Menu running just fine, El Caz lo mismo, Cafe Flor doing some tables…Nelson doing an opening gig at Pangea, followed by a set at Ocelot.

is it time for a return to the days of yesteryear? you know how things come and go(no, not my girlfriends)…at Bodegona this week, hula hoops…got to thinking(so to speak) about a poster shop…blow ups of local scenes…cheap, roll ups for the suitcase..ooh, Lake Atitlan, Volcan Agua, Monterrico, Lucy Luscious…’here’s a great rumor for the files: Gallo Beer is fading, business-wise…various examples given but this is like Budweiser going under…bring me the reality check, please..

found a new a new TIGO shop today, after shopping for a TIGO modem..the finca doesn’t have wi-fi..’cross the street, on 4th from Bodegona…a shop that cranks, rocks and does the job..o good..firecrackers in my street at 8pm? yep…i won’t miss the noise but i’ll miss the neighborhood…screw..now rockets/mortars…no, don’t go get the flare pistol or Beretta..patience, Prudence..this too, shall pass..

ran into Uwe in the park earlier…enjoying the brass band in the Palacio…he hates the Peruvians…the mime..no, ‘our mime’, wowing the crowds…he’s great…we spoke about the proposed commercialization of the Palacio..I suggested that if that’s what ‘they’ really want to do, go the whole route and do a casino on the first floor and a brothel on the second floor…a strict dress code, guards and class…gotta wear a tie just to get in, etc..

on other fronts, yesterday was the birthday for three people i know…all different..makes one wonder about asstrology..Luis Miguel of Da Vinci, der Henrik of dos Reilly’s and MDC, with whom i had dinner last night..yep..a foursome..Juana, Bob and us…Queso y Vino…i was expecting better but…didn’t happen…pizza crust perfect, topping so so..the last bottle of screwtop Lambrusco worked..and lastly, thanks for the comments about the chisme in this town…too many people with nothing else to do except make up shit, throw it against the wall and see who it sticks too..and yes…ka ching…more books sold! lets see…two cubas at O’lot..10 q..pack of cig’s..13q…yay…’up tonight by 20 q…rock on!

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they come out at night…speaking of stars, they were out and visible tonight…a golden half moon overhead, Venus over there. One forgets (I do)just how magnificent the night skies are….Lake Atitlan, por ejemplo, where the Milky Way is so bright that it blazes. The Great Trip up north? ‘postponed til after the first of the year and the new (Mano Dura man)gets his place…the reason for the delay? narco-traffic in the area…maybe after Christmas, when the demand is covered?…no, don’t think so…and i even bought new boots…damn..

dreamin' of a white Christmas

 fine…El Caminante is closed…at least they were tonight…hmm…very slow at El Muro, especially on a Friday nite..same-o for a lot of watering holes…the town was jammed today with tourists…15 tour buses (mid size)and a couple of the giants…more white folks with cameras than I’ve seen in a looong time…Reilly’s Guatemala City is definite…opening date to come…oddly enough, their old location on 5ta norte? renovations goin’ on…whats going to be there, who knows, but that part of the avenida could use more action (ask Gaia or Studio 35…now they’re doin the Ladies Get Hammered Free night…9-11…Ricardo’s T&V just fine..Frida’s packed…more so than I’ve seen in many a moon (or even a year).

I’ m walkin’ by Caffe Bourbon earlier…parked in front is a new SUV with a bouquet on the hood…gift size..inside CB is the wedding party, having dinner…the bride, the groom and two others…party of four, please…probably after buying the SUV, the $$$ were gonzo..but they’ll always remember the night…later, Piano Mike and Moriah, as usual drawing a crowd at the windows..told Sarah to have ’em play more often..o, that vacancy i said was on 5th calle? wrong, pavlov breath..4th calle up from Burger King…

golden location


El Cazadore doin’ the ‘SUV with guards’ crowd tonight, everyone else just doing a few tables here and there..Angie’ and Cafe No Se quiet..and the new place that replaced Nokiate? empty but there was another new BMW outside…BMW? Break My Windows..

ah…my personal delight of the season? when Luis Miguel of Da Vinci ‘does’ the Christmas tree…they’re always a bitch to photo…send over Gina C…she’s got an ‘eye’ for photography..hmm..’need to tell her about the tree..

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gawd…Zippy the Pinhead…where is he? probably not in Antigua….hmm…maybe later.


new joint on 4th calle…across from Tartines…upstairs and with some kinda link to the Circus Bar at the Lake…’she told me but i spaced it, while waiting for the bartender(sic) to make a simple vodka/rocks…more training, dude…this isn’t rocket science…John Wilbur and friends eating…pizza good, the hot fudge sundae even more good…music? yeah…great interior decorations..they might make the cut, business-wise, which is more than can be said for that lame excuse for a ‘motorcycle bar’, Le Escape…next to Welten? closed on a Friday night?

up the street to Peter the G’s ever improving El Caminante…there’s a new bar downstairs(profit center!), new paint and the beat goes on..el Muro? packed with Guatemaltecos! every room…band setting up in back..



Lava? Shaun and Jason’s new creation? when you’ve got to send out the back-up bbq grill so as to increase production, you know that you’re doing the right thing…Jason? back in Russia, near the Pole or Siberia or some wierd Russkie place,doing his mining eng’r/gold mine stuff..who knew? another great, ‘only in Antigua’ kinda guy..Blue Sky Mary and sweet friend, just fired from her Ministry of Health job today…taking it as well as possible, but with an 18 month old daughter? didn’t want to play the political game with Senora Torres a la Colom…politics? per Shaun of O’lot, those of us with DPI cards can vote in the mayoral election(go Adolfo!)but we need a special form…he’s on it, ever since a Dutch lady found his DPI card at RENAP, in a stack of others, waiting to be claimed…the Guate gov’t in actiion..zzzzz/not…note from JH via another gringo who used his Visa debit card at PriceDumb in the City via the BAC ATM machine..promptly cancelled per Visa/New York’s decision to block all BAC transactions..what next? who next?  

upper 5th ave? crowds at studio 35/Gaia…Sangre, despite their campaign of ‘all you can drink for 75q’…empty…will they ever run outa money? will Ixnay ever get the message that they’re dead meat and fold their hand? will Hector’s ever have an open table, much less space at the bar? spoke with Ed of the Escalade today…nope, its not available for ‘moving stuff’…o well, Plan B…figured out that i dont’ need the usual ‘moving boxes’…black plastic garbage bags will suffice..also for a Halloween costume…two holes for eyes and you’re “white trash”…Ron on sax at Olot…followed by someone..i bailed..Pangea? dead…the Lounge? a cemetery…told ‘ya..’gotta have an overflow crowd first and give ’em a place to hang while waiting for a table…there’ll be some changes in that location in a few months….this isn’t a ‘high cuisine’ destination anymore…the economics have changed…burgers/pizza/ice cream….ran into the ‘old magician’ tonight…new black top hat, in front of Sangre…’fleecing…no, educating the younger crowd about cards/sleight of hand..

hey…same ol story…you play, you pay…just like everything else in life..’have a great weekend…film at eleven.

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a big tip  of the panama to Monja Blanca Travel…the aforesaid ‘bag,left in the (f….king shuttle) returned to my door this morning…the big camera, telefono #1, notebook, et al…intact..they might have gained a new customer, per their attitude and pricing…70q from the Hotel Delfin, Monterrico to your/my door..Voyageur hit me for slightly under a 100q…not a big deal but…an old face in town, for ‘a few days’…Thor Sheffield…Mary’s son, back from China, where they have a different slant on things…Lava Burger Central? doing an interesting mid-week promo…Foreign Exchange Night…Wednesday(manana)starting at 80m…mix/mash up of foreigners and guatemalteca babes..if any of the crowd from last weeks marathon event shows up, it’ll be a smorgasbord of senoritas..Steve Wintershaw on the terrace, sporting a new/recycled seersucker blazer, found at the Paca…’guess i gotta go and see what’s there..the Paca,not the terrace…Disco Ball sighted!…where? one of the last places you’d think of…Como Como…La Esquina joined the Burger Wars…very good burger, just right on the fat content(juicy)..take notes….also now open for lunch…Travel Agent Alive seen briefly, in passing..a most mysterioso lady who dresses well…Pablo A and client at el Cazadore Italiano…if I ever to recommend a real estate broker…it ‘d be him..Max at the helm tonight at el Muro…karoake night i think..you know, if he and John had taken over Dos Mil aka Reillys or ever get the chance to…that part of town would seriously rock..I personally think that they’re the old Reilly’s, reincarnated.. ‘kinda limping now…at least, i think so but what the hell do i know? they’re a two man machine of wild/crazy…Ignacio the Cube at Pangea’s corner tonight…solo…Adan? wtf? not at Caffe Opera…empty..passed Adolfo the Alcalde earlier..’gave him a fist pump and an ‘ole!’…if i could vote for him, i  would…o..State of Siege #2? oopsy…guess we didn’t quite root out all the bandidos in Peten..what do you want to bet that Otto Perez Molina, running for El Presidente de el Narco State of Guatemala wins? bet that he, ex-general,ex-Kaibile commandante, plays the Mano Duro card…Sandra/Portillo and the rest of the gang bail for the Dom Rep or some other safe haven..Sandra…get a new makeover…pleese..Tammy Faye Baker looked better..didn’t get to see the proposed new digs today…perhaps an error in translation or comprehension..rescheduled for Thursday…o well..Bill/
Mary of El Peno del Sol acknowleding that Lava’s fries are superior..and they are..no word on the call about the quality of the burger…i’m a definite Lava fan…better assortment(menu) a few words with Brendan B tonite, who reported getting ripped again by the ATM’s..BAC…outa florida..he’s got an interesting idea about money/bars…the Buddha Bar at the Lake and the Salty Beaver are already  on this…Pay Pal…crank the $$ at the point of sale..safe and quick..the establishment hands you the bucks..cash..no worries…and you’ll probably end up leaving more cash on the table..i like it..someone in A-town oughta do this, given all the bad publicity about ATM’s..great idea, BB…but then, you never quit thinking and that’s only one of the reasons why we like you..so what about SAT and any other Guate government org finding out…if and when? Chef Pierre’s bread is supposedly great..can’t comment..my bread is in my pocket…no, that’s not the Staff of Life..that’s cash, butthead..’left a cartridge at the door for you-know-who..no comments..’picked it up later…looking now for cohetes..firecrackers…do a little ‘show and tell’…splash on some fake blood…banzai!…coming soon, to a door near you..bill s, that devil..’suggested buying a little snake from the pet store..let it loose and then come to the rescue…beretta blazing…lotta ricochets…ooo..love it. ..hotel delfin? great place..perfect…

where’s Ed and the Escalade aka the Poosy Magnet? Robto deOro..digame, por favor..guess i could ask Lori..if/when I see her..is there something going on here(more than the usual?) that I should know about?

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