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gawd…Zippy the Pinhead…where is he? probably not in Antigua….hmm…maybe later.


new joint on 4th calle…across from Tartines…upstairs and with some kinda link to the Circus Bar at the Lake…’she told me but i spaced it, while waiting for the bartender(sic) to make a simple vodka/rocks…more training, dude…this isn’t rocket science…John Wilbur and friends eating…pizza good, the hot fudge sundae even more good…music? yeah…great interior decorations..they might make the cut, business-wise, which is more than can be said for that lame excuse for a ‘motorcycle bar’, Le Escape…next to Welten? closed on a Friday night?

up the street to Peter the G’s ever improving El Caminante…there’s a new bar downstairs(profit center!), new paint and the beat goes on..el Muro? packed with Guatemaltecos! every room…band setting up in back..



Lava? Shaun and Jason’s new creation? when you’ve got to send out the back-up bbq grill so as to increase production, you know that you’re doing the right thing…Jason? back in Russia, near the Pole or Siberia or some wierd Russkie place,doing his mining eng’r/gold mine stuff..who knew? another great, ‘only in Antigua’ kinda guy..Blue Sky Mary and sweet friend, just fired from her Ministry of Health job today…taking it as well as possible, but with an 18 month old daughter? didn’t want to play the political game with Senora Torres a la Colom…politics? per Shaun of O’lot, those of us with DPI cards can vote in the mayoral election(go Adolfo!)but we need a special form…he’s on it, ever since a Dutch lady found his DPI card at RENAP, in a stack of others, waiting to be claimed…the Guate gov’t in actiion..zzzzz/not…note from JH via another gringo who used his Visa debit card at PriceDumb in the City via the BAC ATM machine..promptly cancelled per Visa/New York’s decision to block all BAC transactions..what next? who next?  

upper 5th ave? crowds at studio 35/Gaia…Sangre, despite their campaign of ‘all you can drink for 75q’…empty…will they ever run outa money? will Ixnay ever get the message that they’re dead meat and fold their hand? will Hector’s ever have an open table, much less space at the bar? spoke with Ed of the Escalade today…nope, its not available for ‘moving stuff’…o well, Plan B…figured out that i dont’ need the usual ‘moving boxes’…black plastic garbage bags will suffice..also for a Halloween costume…two holes for eyes and you’re “white trash”…Ron on sax at Olot…followed by someone..i bailed..Pangea? dead…the Lounge? a cemetery…told ‘ya..’gotta have an overflow crowd first and give ’em a place to hang while waiting for a table…there’ll be some changes in that location in a few months….this isn’t a ‘high cuisine’ destination anymore…the economics have changed…burgers/pizza/ice cream….ran into the ‘old magician’ tonight…new black top hat, in front of Sangre…’fleecing…no, educating the younger crowd about cards/sleight of hand..

hey…same ol story…you play, you pay…just like everything else in life..’have a great weekend…film at eleven.

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a big tip  of the panama to Monja Blanca Travel…the aforesaid ‘bag,left in the (f….king shuttle) returned to my door this morning…the big camera, telefono #1, notebook, et al…intact..they might have gained a new customer, per their attitude and pricing…70q from the Hotel Delfin, Monterrico to your/my door..Voyageur hit me for slightly under a 100q…not a big deal but…an old face in town, for ‘a few days’…Thor Sheffield…Mary’s son, back from China, where they have a different slant on things…Lava Burger Central? doing an interesting mid-week promo…Foreign Exchange Night…Wednesday(manana)starting at 80m…mix/mash up of foreigners and guatemalteca babes..if any of the crowd from last weeks marathon event shows up, it’ll be a smorgasbord of senoritas..Steve Wintershaw on the terrace, sporting a new/recycled seersucker blazer, found at the Paca…’guess i gotta go and see what’s there..the Paca,not the terrace…Disco Ball sighted!…where? one of the last places you’d think of…Como Como…La Esquina joined the Burger Wars…very good burger, just right on the fat content(juicy)..take notes….also now open for lunch…Travel Agent Alive seen briefly, in passing..a most mysterioso lady who dresses well…Pablo A and client at el Cazadore Italiano…if I ever to recommend a real estate broker…it ‘d be him..Max at the helm tonight at el Muro…karoake night i think..you know, if he and John had taken over Dos Mil aka Reillys or ever get the chance to…that part of town would seriously rock..I personally think that they’re the old Reilly’s, reincarnated.. ‘kinda limping now…at least, i think so but what the hell do i know? they’re a two man machine of wild/crazy…Ignacio the Cube at Pangea’s corner tonight…solo…Adan? wtf? not at Caffe Opera…empty..passed Adolfo the Alcalde earlier..’gave him a fist pump and an ‘ole!’…if i could vote for him, i  would…o..State of Siege #2? oopsy…guess we didn’t quite root out all the bandidos in Peten..what do you want to bet that Otto Perez Molina, running for El Presidente de el Narco State of Guatemala wins? bet that he, ex-general,ex-Kaibile commandante, plays the Mano Duro card…Sandra/Portillo and the rest of the gang bail for the Dom Rep or some other safe haven..Sandra…get a new makeover…pleese..Tammy Faye Baker looked better..didn’t get to see the proposed new digs today…perhaps an error in translation or comprehension..rescheduled for Thursday…o well..Bill/
Mary of El Peno del Sol acknowleding that Lava’s fries are superior..and they are..no word on the call about the quality of the burger…i’m a definite Lava fan…better assortment(menu) a few words with Brendan B tonite, who reported getting ripped again by the ATM’s..BAC…outa florida..he’s got an interesting idea about money/bars…the Buddha Bar at the Lake and the Salty Beaver are already  on this…Pay Pal…crank the $$ at the point of sale..safe and quick..the establishment hands you the bucks..cash..no worries…and you’ll probably end up leaving more cash on the table..i like it..someone in A-town oughta do this, given all the bad publicity about ATM’s..great idea, BB…but then, you never quit thinking and that’s only one of the reasons why we like you..so what about SAT and any other Guate government org finding out…if and when? Chef Pierre’s bread is supposedly great..can’t comment..my bread is in my pocket…no, that’s not the Staff of Life..that’s cash, butthead..’left a cartridge at the door for you-know-who..no comments..’picked it up later…looking now for cohetes..firecrackers…do a little ‘show and tell’…splash on some fake blood…banzai!…coming soon, to a door near you..bill s, that devil..’suggested buying a little snake from the pet store..let it loose and then come to the rescue…beretta blazing…lotta ricochets…ooo..love it. ..hotel delfin? great place..perfect…

where’s Ed and the Escalade aka the Poosy Magnet? Robto deOro..digame, por favor..guess i could ask Lori..if/when I see her..is there something going on here(more than the usual?) that I should know about?

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no…it doesn’t refer to anything, except whatever springs from your imagination, assuming that’s it’s still working…I’m not…much…a depressing article on Lake Atitlan finally done with no conclusions other than it’s basically f…..ked, and will be in the foreseeable future… a shame but the worlds full of such. Ask the folks on the US gulf coast how it feels to be used, abused and put away wet. …fine…the proposed closing time of 11pm? good news for those who live in the vicinity of Mitos/La Sala…Mitos seems to think that a bogus light show and loud music will draw people from Mono or La Sala..different crowds/clientele…ooh, big words..wrong concept, Mito…stick a fork in yourself, cuz you’re done and caught between La Sala, Mono and La Esquina…La Esquina,  thanks to Eduardo’s idea, is now doing live theatre…great idea..Ocelot…slow night but next door? Pangea having a pre-soft opening test run…looking xlnt…the real soft opening is tuesday night, starting around six…

neil of pangeaall the right moves

Alex Ferrar’s Charity Auction for Art, benefiting La Asociacion Nuestros Ahijados…ANA, held at a sweet little boutique hotel called La Capilla,  on 5ta sur, past PV’s parking lot….great hideaway…medium size turnout…Scott Stanton and significant other seen, Ron on sax…ah…they hadn’t met each other but they exchanged phone #’s…that will/would be a great event, to have them play together..Hector’s empty at nine..WTF? Studio 35 packed..people in the streets, howling at the vacant moon. John and Terry B, seen walking home after a party…town’s full of Salvadorenos and their women are spectacular…I stepped on my tongue more than once, if that’s a clue. I have a great excuse to visit El Salvador soon($$$), catch up with some friends, see some places I haven’t(thank you, Scott) and some i have…Lips! Ashley!…will I make a fool of myself? is the Pope Catholic? no experience required…fortunately i have more experience than needed, as if..travel agent Alice seen and spoken with…later for her…don’t ask, don’t tell…

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just made it in before the biblical rains started..the last burst of fireworks, the last of the weekenders headed out, bummer to bummer, for the City…you know, i’m a thinkin’ that the unusual crowds were for the bicycle race..the Mime Index? inapplicable, cuz he wasn’t around…the mayan kids on the marimba, moved way south on 5th, into new territory. the 2nd rate andean group in the park…sucked…ah..panza verde and save the gay whales?…oops..sorry, thought i was back in san francisco. this was a ‘save lake atitlan’ thing…raffle, visuals and a dinner, which i’d hoped to attend but i blew it getting tickets in time…a lot of ‘old antigua’ present…Ewe, Margaret Hanson, and some very very tasty babes(no, i’m not sharing) get your own phone numbers/email addresses…show up, goddam it, just like woody allen said..Paolo! working again at La Vineria Antigua…nice change of music and good to see him..are those new scars? if so, it was horrific…

 hello, ‘save the lake’….kind of a serious problem…know that i lived at lake tahoe and watched this process…bad sewage disposal et al…took years and a ton of money but california and the casinos had a vested interest…not the same thing in gautemala…alas…i’m not gonna rant, as i’m ranted out from last week..Tom Cernikovsky, Jenny and friends at Hectors..ah, is it Moanday yet? may i go to my room now? no bedtime story, no warm milk and cookies…

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soaked again….just as I got the boots dried out(again)….there’s weird musical doors goin’ on…the trio from Culo de Toro or Costa Rica that played(sic)at Ocelot two nights ago…the height-challenged flautist…no, not flauta: he plays a flute. Anyway, Alex of Sobremesa has co-opted him to play at Sobremesa, starting immediately or sooner..the other two seen at Ocelot earlier, schmoozing Angie…Keith the Bartender says they’re playing tomorrow night and Alex’s sax player is doing Ocelot Friday night, 7:30 to 9pm..christ, how to keep up with this? 

rainy night study group

thanks to the rain, the freakin’ ants have moved inside: the smaller black ones thought they had sanctuary in the toaster-oven…can you say ‘medium’?  funny, none of them came crawling out…in what looked like a variation on the Last Supper,  several groups of christians seen packing Fonda de Calle Real tonight. Taco un contento has let go half of their door shills, probably just survival of the fittest(or the cheapest)….I’m noticing a pattern of lay-offs of old time employees…replaced by younger, less xpensive, I suppose…Felix, the doorman at Don Rodrigo’s is gone, the jade stores are rotating new faces. Hector’s ? quiet…no sign of him(el Lago) is the clue. Sobremesa is selling art….who knew? Friday night, besides the flute dude…Trivial Pursuit night…that kinda sums up my life, in two words or less.

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