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this is only a personal observation: two months ago or so, the Butt Police busted the Whiskey Den for smoking on the patio…and they, WD people, enforced it..since then, attendance at the O’lot happy hour died, as did Whiskey Den’s business…the demise of 13’s dumb-ass concept hasn’t added anything to the patio..so, the question? since I suck diesel smoke daily, the smog-control program in this country isn’t happening, the volcanic ash continues and why are we/they concerned about a few(mostly gringos who can afford to smoke)concerned about smoking? how about a law mandating installing smoke extractors?

just asking, ok?..off the soap box..fine…back to La Taverna to ask the Irish blond aka Blathnaid to pronounce her name for her…yeah, twice..’still didnt’ get it…even, maybe with my soon to repaired hearing aid..yeah, I tweaked the tube but on Thursday, the reconstituted team of last year, “a Year of Driving Ripped’ will go into the big bad City…the Cougar has a bad power steering pump, per HBT…but how would he know? o, it’s hard to turn and it squeaks…I’ve had girlfriends who fit that description..

go by Nim P’ot and check out Korey D’s new Maximon kit…waaay cool..60q and you’ve got your own shrine/church/christmas gift…back in the back, with the Maximon stuff…

and more unverified stuff…I’m told that LL Bean has what they call ‘Mayan Fat Wood or Mayan Fire Starters’ for sale…$49.95 for a small box of ocote…which i buy for 1.95q per bundle at Bodo..jeez..’marketing, eh’..and the Mono Loco just fired a bunch of staff…sticky fingers, etc..typical of  bar/wait staff, anywhere, btw..the bartenders always skim 25%…an ‘industry standard.’

Tomorrow night? 8pm, Lava’s 2nd anniversary and rumor has it that Jason will come up for air then…ah, youth…by now, the oaken barrels full of tasty likkers…no, lickers..er, liquors will be even better..Shaun said something about ‘free stuff’ but he was busy learning the new cash register system…who knows? ‘guess I gotta go, if only to..


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October hasn’t been a good month for business in Antigua, aside from McDonalds and Burger King…old time tour guides lamenting, bars/restaurants sucking…maybe, at the end of the month and the Day of the Dead rolls around, it’ll signal a change in $$..one of our mall people had a silent partner die unexpectedly…the family, of course, swooped in looking for $$…rotsa ruck, folks, as it there ain’t any.

Jackson’s ‘off the wagon’ party last night? yep, per Audi, they drank up the 1000q he put up…knowing the crew in this town, I got there early, finished off the Grey Goose, started on the Absolut and then knew that it was absolutely time to bail…music? yep…and no sign of any of the attendees anywhere today…probably in a rest home some where.

Lex, pulling a shift at Tabacos y Vinos, fresh off his movie gig…the title? I forget…probably ‘Lex Does Dallas’ or something..Jason of Lava/Mauritania, back in town, but ‘holed up’…’been a long time without women, you know. The delayed plan for celebrating Lava’s 2nd anniversary is said to be next Wednesday, around the 23rd…no word on if Jason plans to haul out the Russian-style stainless bbq/grill things like last year…but…even better is that those wooden kegs behind the bar have had even more time to mature(get better)…that’s where i’ll be, btw..

these guys around town, with the ties and little straw hats? Jehovah’s Witnesses but since i bought the insurance policy (Jehovah’s witness protection plan) it ain’t my problem..approach at your own discretion.

Ocelot has installed a new cash register! with printed receipts! I got the first one…jack and water…it’s the touch screen rather than the old hand-written pieces of paper…and so, still here? go to http://www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer for the latest…yeah, they’re buying the books, all over…pounds and euros, even…pray for tourists with money…Antigua needs a transfusion/infusion…or, by the end of the year, there’ll be a few more vacancies..

and what bar owner is sporting a bruised eye? nope, I didn’t ask..Jerome of Travel Menu says that ‘they’ are going to start monday on the expansion…right…which monday? hey, there’s always hope (but she’s busy on Mondays)

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those of you who qualified for the ‘all expenses paid’ tour in that lovely South Asian country will know exactly what I’m talking about…mold, dampness et cetera..is this f$#@! rain ever gonna quit? is this the wettest September in memory?

o well…shut up…there’s firewood and whiskey…Lava’s 2 year anniversary is Tuesday night…’free booze’ per Shaun, so get there early and swill on….Mike D says he’s coming back to Antigua in a week or so…Reid? who knows? but there is a restored Land Rover for sale, out by Joe’s Grill….60’s vintage (no bullet holes)…

yeah, the ‘Corn Dog’ idea…it could work, given the Bud Babes…

so, the ‘new and improved’ printers, Copia Fiel? a few ‘delays’….right/thanks/if it’s cured by Wednesday, then it’s on to Sophos with part of the crew (HBT/Jackson)for ‘show and tell’…if not…PriceMart and the usual or a postponement til next week…see, I’m learning patience, not always easy in this dysfunctional country.

and no, I haven’t written a damn thing lately…I’m bailing on the ‘reporter’ gig….tired of it, the photos, the deadlines and the very little ($) returns…the books are selling, if only on-line, for the time being…enough to upgrade my brand of liquor..that and the rains have ‘gotten to me’…can’t even summon up any enthusiam for Lori Shea’s dance party on next Saturday, much less the idea of another croquet match..

every think about how many bars have gone under in the last year? El Muro, el Caminante, Riki’s, Cargo Room, et al? this is a vicious town for biz….even Dishwater, but they were doomed from the beginning, for many reasons…Papas and Beer, La Rambla…has the rain stopped? let me go outside and raise my finger? hmm..and a final postscript….it’s a slow time for Antigua…September/October, with the next ‘big event’ being the Day of the Dead (November)….so? there’s a bread company with a great name and the chance for huge publicity…why not a beauty contest for Miss Bimbo? I’d gladly volunteer, given my vast experience with bimbos…




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So….’coming back from the coast with HBT and there’s a vacant commercial building by the highway….the seat belts are off, the beers are open and the latest ‘agricultural product’ is circulating, altho the Canadians in back aren’t participating. What the hell! they’re riding with the Legendary HBT at 80 mph and they’re scared?  please…anyway, there’s this could be spiffy drive up/thru place…mirrors, bright yellow, fresh paint and I’m thinking: Guatemalans eat corn every %$#@! day, right? in one way, shape form or whatever…and they also eat a ton/shit-load of hot dogs…so? stay with me, here…in PriceSmart, in the City, are packaged/frozen corn dogs…why not a corn dog outlet? Hire a few of the Gallo/Bud Babes (and where in the hell have they been recently?)to pose in their very spiffy outfits, slurping on a corn dog or two?  I tell ‘ya, it’s a ‘biz op’ waiting to happen..

so…full moon tonight? yep…the ‘Harvest moon’ altho what crop to be harvested now remains to be seen…and Lava’s 2 year anniversary is next Tuesday….free booze!…..another ‘start up success’ in this town, of which many are few and far between. 

the ever marvelous Marbel and ‘action’ Jackson are attempting to start a band…she on drums, he on guitar…let’s hope,eh? Travel Menu reports that this Saturday, Capt Gerry et al will be doing a 6pm show…for the Geritol/Depends crowd, I guess..

Ay Robot!…Dan’s great comic book/record outlet…looking for a new space/rental, something long term…Angie…well, ask Dan…’Soy Milk’…does that translate into spanish as ?

yeah, the wacked out Czech guy….goes from crazy to crazier, every day…wft? and big Mac is back….89 days til the visa rolls over.. Jim H, from somewhere up north, thinking of moving back here…xlnt! road trips! one of these days, Mike D and Reid C should be rolling in….and the ‘season’ begins again….’chemo!’ that’s a joke, which only Reid could answer. And no, I haven’t seen Cindy around…’lost her other job, last i heard…lookin’ for another…and yes, I’m as sick of this gray/drizzly weather as you are…feels like oregoon/oregon…go Corn Dogs!

Harvest Moon!


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what was the old ‘Riki’s’ space on 4th Avenida  has been totally buffed out, from a new roof on down, per the owners putting up the $$….rumor has it that the new tenant will be: A, Taco Bell, B, jade store, C, spanish school, D, travel agency, new bar/restaurant or E, all of the above…’B’…go figure…

Lava packed, Ocelot empty…the Butt Patrol came around earlier this week (Health Dept)and slammed Whiskey Den for people smoking on the patio…ergo, if you’re puffing it’s either upstairs or in the street..where you can suck some diesel smoke.

Casbah’s little bar? packed! Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos? Lex Cargo  working there, two nights a week…..stopped in at Hector’s…sign on the chalkboard reads ‘#1 on TripAdvisor’ …if that’s the case,it’s old info from when Hector owned/ran it…six people and and an expensive cocktail (I needed change for the tuk-tuk)…44q for a shot of Stoli? i didn’t bother looking at the menu, after that..44q? at least, at Dishwater, I get music..and change.

YES! local copies of ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’ finally out of the printer!…5 tonight, 20 tomorrow and a new print run for September, along the with the September edition of ‘Our Man in Antigua’…with all the latest updates unlike Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor…they’re good but behind the curve/times…

and La Rumba, the short-lived ceviche place? didn’t have a business licence(or a clue)…and the new back garden of Sobremesa? smashing and that’s where customers are gravitating (going) to…who knew? it works…how much longer will Papas y Beer and 13 continue to pay their rents/suppliers? or Mango Verde? the venerable La Antigua Vineria, on south 5th ave, next to San Jose el Viejo? great new paint job, changes, upgrades.,..Bepe just doesn’t quit..looks great!

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