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‘ran into Piano Mike last night, who says that he and his daughter will probably put on a semi-private opening night act at Cafe Flor next week…the place has the big piano and per M, anyone can play the piano if you buy a drink….’sounds too good to be true, because I’ve never anyone who could play a piano after one drink: he’s promised to let me know when, so that’s as much as i know now…

‘people still raving about how nice Angie Angie is and was…the place is a gem, from the front to the rear garden patio: I’ve been told that it’s really a restaurant, with a bar and an a art gallery…what do i know? nuthin, except a lot of people showed up for the opening night drinkathon..one person who ate there recently commented…”Wow!”….looks like I gotta go back…

a new bartender at Ocelot


 per Shawn, the lady on the left will be starting at O’lot soon…melanie or Krista? my notes were fuzzy, as was other parts of my anatomy…lo siento

the Vice President was in town yesterday, doing something about the renovation of the Palacio, which is still shrouded in drop clothes….but they are painting the upper facade, so something’s getting done…and I missed the lobster special at Pangea, as well as road-testing Ocelot’s new cheeseburger:

it was a day of messing with SIM chips, what appears to be a phone that can’t be unlocked, scheduling a run to Senor Hodges Salty Beaver for Thursday, …and you know, I just ran down about 7pm…take out pizza from Da Vinci and home like a gnome….Maximon’s birthday tomorrow….’ran into ‘her’ at the store, buying supplies for the party and then later the high priest of the local chapter..town’s kinda quiet, but maybe things will pick up for the kite festivals..maybe not…I keep saying that the old patterns of tourism have changed per lacka money up north….who knows?  god, this is dull reading stuff…gimme a drink and show me the piano.

yep...show me the gate

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and that seems to be my niche….no, not that I complain…nose to the grindstone, shoulder to the wheel, girding up my loins night after night(nice visual, eh?)…cut the shit…the rains didn’t fall, except for a few scattered sprinkles, just enough to pop the umbrella and then put it away..streets medium crowded, Reilly’s SRO and spill over into the street..Cashbar empty at 9…Da Vinci? 3 tables full! El Pescatore Italiano packed, Marcel smiling….the rest of 4th Calle dead/empty…Ocelot? dozen plus at eight pm…eating, swilling, backgammon tables clacking away as dice were thrown…Shawn still anxious but he’s ahead of the curve…Riki’s pounding away, semi-full…La Esquina/La Sala semi-dead….ah…Veradero…the Cuban joint with the wierd sign…”Mojitos Sea and Food’…two women singers(xlnt)backed with a guitarist…dozen people, some dancing…Edelia, the ‘soviet blonde’ smiling…yes, I like her…she’s from Havana and we’ll  have stuff to talk about. I confess to having been in Havana some 13 times, over the years(hello, US Treasury!) bust me, make me twist and shout..right, as if.  Ed,that wayward boy, is out of jail…I think…gun charges in the City…Alex Ferrar, live music as he paints another piece of art at Sobremesa.

great music

Edelia..'soviet blonde'

the phrase, ‘soviet blonde’ is a hold-over from the days that the Russians were in Cuba…many children have Russian names and many went blonde, in emulation of their Slavic friends/allies..and no, I won’t ask them to play Che’s song…Hasta Siempre..I suspect they’d throw me out in the calle and I’d have to crawl around the corner to home..maybe if Edelia would bandage me…hmmm. Hector? disappeared yet again…place full, running on autopilot…I suspect he’s gone back to the Lake and his latest lady, even earlier than planned….hell, open a new restaurant in Santiago…call it ‘Maximon’, do the theme..hmm..judging from the numerous remnants of multi-colored vomit on the sidewalks around 5ta, I got in just in time to avoid the puke-storm…don’t ask for visuals…chunky style covers it…

Reilly's new crew

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The end of a perfect weekend…the sun finally came out and stayed out, at least til sundown…duh…manana, another trip to the City and what may be the last foot from the goal of becoming a resident, or guatemalteco-gringo…that and another mayan musuem to peruse…’did the National Museo last week…and I walked my own papers thru the maze of RENAP…don’t ask..

try getting the ball thru this with 9 feathered fanatics all over you

try getting the ball thru this with 9 feathered fanatics all over you

and, Tuesday….off on another Legionaire’s dis-ease trip….5 hours by bus to El Salvador, for a few days of ceremony, screwing off and seeing new places. Yes, back to that club, Lips…hey, it’s field research and Dan, the owner, has expressed interest in Legion matters…hell, I’d even go to meetings there and you know how much I hate meetings.

She of the infectious laugh is, at last,  through with the month+ of  Maximon whoop-de-doo…one of the most interesting religions I’ve ever encounters(and that’s saying something)  ‘even better than the Church of the Sub-Normal, to which a lot of my friends have life-long memberships.


for the fuller picture, there’s always the www.examiner.com/x-22480-central-america-travel-examiner  site…for example, learn how the losers at the game of pok-ta-pok were treated…

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Quick…identify the following and tell me which one is the dummy?







Dummy #1 is our pal, Maximon, whose birthday celebrations went this week..there’s a piece on the Examiner site called ‘Mortars at Midnight’ , which should give you an idea of how I”ve spent my week..as for Dummy#2…still holed up in the Brazilian embassy and smoking something that’s eating his brain. Let’s count the ways he’s being played with. 1. The congress must approve his reinstatement, but only 20% of the congress is gonna follow the party line. 2. Assuming he gets over that hurdle, and the elections are scheduled for the end of November…right, as if. You’ve got some serious logistical problems, like printing ballots, the polling places, who’s gonna watch over the circus(Jimmmmy Carter, where are you?) and so on…the likelihood of Door #1  actually getting passed is ‘slim and none’….the likelihood of Door#2 is equally far-fetched. Mel….they’re playing with you, dontcha get it? then again, now that he’s in-country and waving the cowboy hat, he’s stuck with the hand he dealt himself.  Alas, poor Honduras…tourism down 70%, aid programs cut off, visas revoked for the politicians and what’s next? Ortega hasn’t said a word, Hugo isn’t pontificating and the Castro brothers are being very quiet. Mel smells…of failure.

if you care, I’ve been bonking out mayan/jade/maximon crap all week…www.examiner.com/x-22480-central-america-travel-examiner   considering the work/pay ratio, I’m probably dummy#3

Sunday, off to Sumpango…sounds almost like sumbitch..in Mayan…for the annual Day of the Dead massive/huge/gigantic kite flying expo, where they fly the suckers in hopes of contacting dead/departed family who are up there waiting(and laughing)…yes, I’ve been warned about pickpockets and no, I’m not taking anything valuable, including my mind.

and maybe, just maybe, on Monday I’ll have the final piece of the puzzle for my residency papers, if they don’t change the regulations over the weekend: this week it was a different size photo and a copy of ALL the pages in your passport, not just the first two. I’m good to go, on both counts, thanks to a ‘heads up’ from Rick, who just went thru the hoops sideways.  May I go to my room now? a long week…you get up and go to the 1 am festivities, stay til 4am and then come back at noon for the luncheon for Max…and yes, I did contribute two bottles of Johnny Walker Red: I don’t know why THIS congregation can’t settle for cheap cane liquor, like the rest of ’em do..zzzzz

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Tis cool, gray and misty, kind of like being back in Sausalito or San Francisco, even though I’m wearing shorts and the windows are open…

Over the weekend, the municipality hosed down/scrubbed/sucked up debris on the streets around the park…by Sunday morning, someone had left a large oil spill and a brown trail from the Condesa to the corner and beyond: it was too good to last…The Salty Beaver Lodge on the coast is proceeding forward and I look forward to visiting…anything with a name like that has gotta have some humor going…speaking of such…


No, I’m not endorsing any products…from time to time, I’ve asked the question…’why aren’t there any sex shops in this country?’….I’ve answered my own question…this is why not..

Maximon’s birthday celebration occurs in a couple of weeks(I”ve been invited by ‘she of the infectious laugh)so I’m a readin’ whatever I can find and it ain’t much…just bring extra cigarettes and Red Label scotch and go with it…off to El Salvador after the first of November via bad bus(memo to self…meds&rum)…maybe TACA will have a special on the return leg…

Take-A-Chance Air

Take-A-Chance Air

Window or aisle? 

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