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just like a loaf of bread…call me Bimbo…ah, the plans…the 5 pm municipal band concert under the portico of the palacio, Andy our Mime doing his crowd-pleasin’ act by the fountain and a ton of sweet young latina lolitas(how do they get into those tight pants?) yeah, don’t go there..Alex of Sobremesa and I swapping war stories about our mutual printer…

Jason “Animal” Lever back from the depths of Siberia, in time for Lava’s First Year Anniversary…4 wooden kegs on the bar, one with mezcal, one with whiskey but Irene couldn’t get the taps to turn/open but i suspect this is/will be a temporary thing…a whole pig on the barbecue(nope, no one I recognized) and it looked like it was gonna be a killer evening…me? the remnants of my first head cold in 5 years kicked my butt about 7pm so I toddled/tuk/tuk’d home..

La Equina’s old place? now a semi-upscale chinese/curry place called Wokco…love their menu, the decor and check out their living wall in the patio..their menu is mouth-watering and reasonable…they may fill a void for good chinese food in this town.

Carlos Tomas! back from Memphis or wherever…taking over the reins at Dyslexia for a while(good timing..everyone else has bailed)..the Ocelot Patio filled at 7…inside doing just fine…dos Reillys at 6:30 empty…no, two bartenders…where the hell is Marbel?

ah..the girls at MayanKingdom Travel on 6th ave sur? used to work for Voyageur? the absolute %$#@! best in service…yesterday I emailed Sidia Trejo in the afternoon, asking about bus service/hotels in Hue-Hue…two hours later, a complete itinerary, with options/prices…the best service I’ve ever had/seen. smtrejo@mayankingdom.com and tell her i sent you..

and no, despite iron-clad promises of the latest version of ‘Our Man’ to be ready at 6pm….not…’in the morning’….o well..that’s what he said last Friday…we did get some technical issues worked out and no, i didn’t fork over any of the cash I had with me…manana, dude…COD…did Gutenberg or Ben Franklin have these problems?

well, the Quetzalteca has been open a while(to breathe)and it mixes with orange juice just fine(medicinal uses, you know)…i’m quitting for the week(as if i ever really started)…see you around town, somewhere, somewhen..

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personal stuff, aside from Elmore Leonard’s book of the same title..Wife #2 who went to an exclusive Cathlick day school in Carmel (classmates with Patty Hearst)actually had to go around and knock on doors in the o so snooty environs of Carmel and solicit donations for ‘pagan babies’…she kill me if she reads this but the odds are slim/nun..the headline refers to a new chapter in the little/silly booklet, now in its umpteeth version…Franklin/Asgreenasitgets.org has this section, at least for the next few weeks…I’ve been kinda down on a lotta NGO’s here but after interviewing Houses to Homes, my position/opinion is changing…

RT2 and Mary at O’lot..she laughed when I told her that my phone was set on ‘vibrate’ and i carry it in a front pocket…hey, at my age..that’s the only buzz i’m gonna get..

Ripped again? or still?…John Rexer, Mr Ilegal Mezcal hisself..snagged his shirt on a table..ripped..get it? matched his levis..the semi-usual crowd of Happy Hour schmoozers/boozers..this was the 2nd time I’ve seen John in the daytime in the last four years..what that means or implies, I have no idea…draw your own conclusions/dotted lines..our wandering bar goddess, Carla the B? off to the Lake and entering the employ of a new guru in town…please, let this work..’having spent a goodly/godly portion of my life in/around ‘gurus’ of all stripes, persuasions and creeds, I’m…let’s just say..naw, cross your fingers for her..Barb the K’s surgery is actually scheduled for the 9th…cross fingers or whatever else works..and come back here, pronto..Travel Menu’s kitchen is ‘under repair’ for a day or two..so, if you’re..etc..wait til wednesday..the New ‘Original Antigua City Tour?’…looking good…thought i saw Bull Durham riding this morning and later, about 5ish,a full load of turistas rolling along 2nd calle…go Juan Carlos!…seriously, this is an xlnt tour..cheap,fun and chockfullafacts..40q for and hour and a half? I’d pay that to watch the monkeys ….k…starts at 9am or so, in front of the Cathedral/parque..

try as I might, tomorrow there’s no escaping the ‘jezus on a stick’ thing…the little finca where i reside(live)has the first station on the west wall.showtime is 3pm..o boy..if i called first thing, could the farmacia deliver some serious meds? prescription? we don’t need a stinkin’ prescription..i’m re-reading Treasure of the Sierra Madre so if i go off on a tangent…so what? better than going off on a lark, eh?

the most xlnt Claudia #1 of Da Vinci seen about, before going to work(so to speak)at 6 or so…one of usual three Claudias is on some kinda sabbatical per family stuff..so? there’s #1 and that’s all I care about…call me, please..make my Razr vibrate, just one more time..

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vodka and tonic? yep…an inadvertent mixture, compliments of Travel Menu…t’wasn’t all that bad, just different…maybe if it had a tricky name…thanks to a reader known as upyrarse…yeah i feel the same way some times…

it would seem that the Lent thing is underway…yesterday evening the steps by the Cathedral were packed with dudes in all black, pointy cowls and all…a reverse version of the KuKlux Klan and a Jesus dude haranguing the crowd…why? who knows? I dont…if this town had a different slant, model some parades a la the Carnaval in Rio…semi-naked babes in feathers and body paint…have some local businesses sponsor a float or two…fuggedabout the same old tired draggin’ the barge with the dessicated remains of some saint or the tortured faces of Mother Mary….T&A!….look: it’s the same story, year after year…we’ve seen the movie, read the book and it always ends up the same…ok, fine..

it was/is another perfect day..weather-wise…the marvelous Marvel showed up on time and looking spectacular…took her by Old Town Outfitters…tongues dropped..yeah, she’ll be fine repping the ‘booklet’ of which the 2nd Edition comes out locally next week..you 13 or 14 outlets won’t have to deal with my ugly mug…and the tour bus drivers? roll over, cuz you’l be standing in line to see her.

the old De Bronce store on 4th ave sur? morphing into a….’nother restaurant…idiots..another new cafe on Travel Menu’s block…the golden pelican…hope that’s not their nightly special..Las Palmas and Le Pena del Sol doin’ the large groups(as usual)…5ta snorte packed with walkers/waiters for the procession later(see above for description)…will it be the Virgin or the Martyr? or the combo package? gimme some babes on floats…feathers, beads and bangles…The Rotary Club, dos Reilly’s, Cafe No Se’s sponsored babes on barges…sample bottles of Ilegal Mezcal tossed to the waiting multitudes..small, airline sizes…plastic, so if you get bopped with one, etc..work with me here…Antigua needs a shot in the arm(or the buttocks)and this has legs…think of the publicity…nuns in black habits/garter belts…Cashbar would sponsor something…hey..why was Sangre closed on a Saturday night? staff picnic? the money finally ran out? the renovation of what was Reilly’s next door continues…and no, no idea(as usual)as what’s going to be there..the old Tapas y Tintas, thence the short lived Cuban mistake of Seafood/Mojitos building on 1st calle,near 4th ave norte? getting a massive clean up..exterior paint, roof being buffed out…por que? this town could use a decent casino and strip joint..members only..quiet…dress code, of course…whew…some tasty Capitalinas walkin’ around..babes with a capital B..a few with their dumb little mutts on leashes…the smaller, the better…apparently..’watched one with three dogs on leashes, her old man and she on a telephone…he cleaned up the crap, she kept on talking…’got them all well trained..she obviously doesn’t take shit from anyone..and he does..roll over, dude..

i bailed on the American Legion/Joe’s grill BBQ..gave my donation in $$…too whipped from last night and i had a 11 am with the marvelous M…a much better idea..some folks might think/say that I’m being sexist/cynical about marketing…yeah..it’s true: remember that I lived in ‘Vegas a few years ago..it’s not about the steak..it’s about the sizzle and when you see her, you’ll know exactly what i’m talkin’ about..have the $$ ready..   

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who would’ve imagined an afternoon/early evening sprinkle? not me, obviously, having left umbrella #5 behind at Bangalore Bobs..’ran into a made-up/sparkling version of Briele Miel Duflon on her way to the the park for photos…damned near didn’t recognize her…false eyelashes and the whole kit/caboodle…tres chic and damn good looking..with/without, kinda like frosting on a cake..

thank you, John Rexer et al…the ‘distribution network’ is 99% complete..25 copies a week, no mas..here, there and so on…Ricardo of Tabacos y Vinos at the helm of his usual nightly semi-party…Jean-Marc! don’t usually see him at T&V but there he was..Gabi A, doing TV..television, not transvestites..for a promo for the VMB, coming soon..next friday…buy a ticket, see the show, marvel at the costumes and laugh when I try to be moderate…no, the moderator…I can do this…trust me, i’m a trained professional..

Alex Ferrar of Sobremesa and Helados Exoticos? tying the knot…i.e, getting married next weekend, on the 18th…jeez..weddings…been a long time since i’ve been to one…they bring back weird flashbacks..Mario B of Johnny’s Place got hitched recently..Jann’s s’posed to be doing it(getting married)…is there something in the air or the water?maybe i’m just old and septical..no, skeptical…probably both..after 3.5 times, you know…

interesting conversations at O’lot tonight..jail experiences..maybe i started it by dredging up my own apprehension by the FBI…a long long time ago..and i paid my ‘debt to society’…Plumb Bob had some funny experiences same-o same o…a different crowd tonight..Bruce of PV, Michael T, John Rexer, Nicolas of Fish, Robto/Barb,Mario and then this guy rides his motorcycle into the Whisky Den..WTF? is there a bike’s only parking place in there?  Jerome of Travel Menu dashing in, between sprinkles…a quiet damp evening…La Pena del Sol and Las Palmas doing the group dinners…5th norte semi active..

Bull!  hope the pork chops got delivered…i’m gonna pop for the bbq tomorrow…the recycled car wheel on legs..just the right size for a rack of lamb, ribs or a small dog…

‘ordered the shipment of the 2nd Edition today…let’s see..3 days to the Florida P.O. Box..it sits there a week while Caniz screws around with Customs..here in two weeks and thence to the printer..bigger, better and tastier..whiter than white and a little dab will do ya…right..the 1st Edition will be history by then..as will all of us, eventually…go out and do something memorable, while there’s still time…this is all there is, i.e, have you ever seen a luggage rack on a hearse?

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some of each…Jason of Lava and mostly outa Siberia, back in town…great stories of 50 below zero stuff…yeah, it pays well. The only…well, not the ‘only’ thing is that you gotta fly in/out on those charmingly retro planes like Antonovs and Tupolevs…’having done a few routes on those pieces of Russian crap…the first time was charming..after that it was suicidal aka stupid..i suggested that he learn to fly in the rear of the plane, given that most crashes are nose first..hmm

a relatively quiet night for bars/restaurants…every one doin’ a table or two..yeah, everyone..Robt de Oro reporting a mishap with important documents and a month’s setback for ‘progress’…will this ever be over and WTF was Mr Security with his CZ 9mm? snoozing, apparently…Robto…missed you at O’lot…had to con Mike into buying me a cheap cocktail..Scott S and Lori  huddled, talking biz…and a giant thank you..Scott, for the compliments re the silly little booklet…and no..s’posed to be out today…figure tomorrow and yes, i’ll be going around tomorrow evening, dropping off copies and collecting $$..gotta..either that or run up more tabs..being a starving writer might sound romantic to some…take it from me..it sucks.

for a great place to hide out, try the Tretto Coffee Shop upstairs in the Jaulon building..Circus Bar, Casa de Jade…if you sit inside, in the corner, no one…repeat..no one will ever see you..I dunno how long they’ll stay in businesss, given their location, poor service and such but if being out of sight works…this is the place.

reports of a fairly sophisticated burglary downtown…a silver shop near the farmacia Roca..the perps broke in, cleaned it  out and left their own padlock on the door to fool the folks in the morning…speaking of a ‘sophisticated burglary’, a certain downtown place has been slammed with a multa/fine for…a, not having a license to play music and b, exceeding the decibels(sound levels)..the number of some 10000q has been thrown around..given the other ‘problems’..this saga will continue for a while.

as mentioned, INGUAT with a new leader has dispensed with the services of the very good/talented Walter Fischer…the first guy to make a difference/improvement and they let him go? alas, Guatemala..wake  up..tourism is the only bright spot in this economy…you’ve blown the 2012/end of the world thing that Mexico is cashing in on…WTF? Mexico is spending 52 million fucking dollars on this and what is Guatemala doing? firing the good people?  one doesn’t know whether to weep or cry..hell, have another screwdriver and fuggedaboutit..’it’s Chinatown, Jake’…narco bucks, more than the banks can launder, find their way into this town…ooh, surprise! look around at the many business’ that survive without business…how and why? gee..the good and great www.guatemala-times.com online publication that i occasionally write for…going under…have a desire to own a publication that dares to tell the truth? go there..ask Barb..no, i have no idea of the  price..hey! John Rexer/Michael Tallon…upgrade La Cuadra and go digital..gimme a case of Ilegal Mezcal for the referral..gawd, imagine a case of Ilegal Mezcal…the mind boggles..and i don’t care if its even the ‘Joven’…it’s all good.

the VMB?(Venetian Masked Ball)? moving forward, day by day..more posters/publicity being done…Gabi the Superb working wonders: one of the most talented business women i’ve ever known..sign up, buy tickets..masks available here and  there   gabialtman@rogers.com

for the ‘chisme factor’, no..we’re not..she’s a visual feast and how the hell PV managed to let her go…idiots, one and all..sometimes having too much money makes one complacent..BTDT, to my despair..Allen Garcia doing the evening shift at O’lot…one of our better bartenders/personalities…hasta manana…tis the weak end, fin de semana..

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