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once more, from the top….the new Tropicana Hostal/Bar is serious competition for any…repeat, any other hostal in town…yes, Monica has done wonders with the Jungle Party and the Black Cat imploded and La Terrazza was coming along, with their Pub Crawls…but…and a BIG but…Tropicana is the new 800 lb gorilla in town. thanks to Rory and Laurel, with some help from some friends, the place is the best…ok? the best, hands down. Of course, for an grand opening all you have to do is say ‘free beer’ and  you’ve got a party on your hands…James Mullen/Laurel behind the bar, Christophe dishing up snacks..don’t take my word for this…go by…a swimming pool? yep..right in the middle, with wood planking…great rooms, ambience..

La Calle is changing hands…Spiros and Alabama Bob take over Oct 1…and a name change: the Exit Inn…with Spiros back to doing what he does best: cooking…yep, ceviche returns(and his is the best)plus burgers and….lamb kebab…greek style…I’m in….and maybe, just maybe, they continue the Thursday night vodka special…any brand, 15q…so, I sucked down two Stoli’s…30q…

Sobremesa is doing a special take on Guatemalan ‘tipico’ food tomorrow…7pm…and adding spice/flavors to  what is…mild/unimaginative…and per the rain or lack of it, it was a quiet aka dead night for restaurants…even Piano Mike and the tasty Andy Z. Luna were looking at a empty room at Travel Menu…everyone..repeat, everyone was at the Tropicana opening…even the ever tasty Marvelous Marbel was alone at Casbah’s little pub..I would’ve stayed/kept her company but the rain was starting..

so…if you’re into whiskey and in Bodegona, check out the Crowley’s…’tipo whisky’ the label reads..but if you read the list of ingredients on the back? 98 % alcohol, 25 whiskey…is this legal? who cares?..La Taverna? slowly dying, as is Ocelot…why? 6th calle is the new center of town, with more bars per block than anywhere else…they’re not the best but they have sucked up the business..the Snug, Travel Menu and so on…north 5th is over/dead..4th calle is restaurant land, with Micho’s and Sobremesa fighting over the biz..Tartines, with ‘the best terrace in town’…a joke..and dead..Fusion getting some action, along with Mamma’s…but not much, not on these rainy September nights..it’s generally a slow month, so take a vacation and shut the doors..and Mayra of Mamma’s…the only person in town who is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America?

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and then some, at ‘happy hour’ La Taverna style…Alex Long’s new cantina, aka La Calle, back in Nido Antigua, across the street? looking very spiffy…any joint that stocks Flor de Cana 7 yr on the shelf works for me…the smoking thing needs to be ironed out but aside from that…it’s cool.

Nelson, tickling the piano keys at the early show at Micho’s…lightly attended…Pelicano Sport, the new bar in the Ocelot patio? empty at 6 or so…Lava 1/2 full, O’lot’s new happy hour of 5-8 had a few takers…

Changes at the Travel Menu….they’re kickin’ out the walls to the west and the Snug? the landlord dropped the boom per the noise…so, that’ ll be storage…rumor has it that Christophe, now king of the pig at Reilly’s La Esquina on the first Sunday, will be the new chef…some menu changes, probably…Spiros and Jerome plus a 3rd, seen in a business kinda meeting…another bar/restaurant in the offing? Capt Gerry/lady seen in Bodegona, looking for white eggs…’had to explain that this is Latin America and the chickens are latinas..hence only brown eggs…

tonight’s ‘theatre event’ at El Sitio? packed, with the ‘old guard’ in attendence…old…Luke Armstrong McGuire the youngest…frankly, Scarlett…the previous little theatre permormance at El Finca Nieto was superior…listless…Mike Chrisman did his part…Lex Cargo slipped in, Jackson Underwood in person but for the price (free)it was worth every minute…the cocktails helped, frankly. The babe in the leotard helped..

now, for something completely un-PC….there’s a new women’s shelter in town, called ‘Tempura’…for women who are lightly battered…. 

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where we drink til 12 and p…s til 1….and how did Holy Week slip on me? talking with a long time Antigueno this morning, and yes, there was a ‘procession’ last night…%$#@! I was thinking (sic)about  Mardi Gras…yep, the parades with the babes in feathers and was told that Momostenango has ’em..but that’s next $#@! week, aka Tuesday, the day before Ass Wednesday….ASH, I meant…my mind, what’s left, wanders sometimes.

Tonight, the 3rd attempt at a Venetian Masked Ball…American International School doin’ this one…the last one, attempted by the the indefatigable and beautiful Gabi A? a bit of a fiasco…wait, that’s a Ford mini car, no? a lotta work for one gal, but…the first one, 3 years ago, i don’t think broke even…’need to see 150 tickets but it was a helluva production..

Hogan and crew of  zanies off  fishing today with Capt Jerry…Jim O and uncertain crew, numbers and otherwise, attempting to get off the ground Monday for the  north and west of here, up into the Quiche country..me?  nope…I’m sticking a round to do/shoot the Earth Lodge thing tomorrow, with the memorable headline already in mind…’The Ninth Annual Corn Hole Tourney’  I suspect that it’ll get a lot of press in San Francisco.

There was  a lot of music last night…bobby D and Grace at La Taverna(who’s been racking up the old gringo crowd) and Piano aka Guitar Mike and a banjo person at Cafe No Se…Nelson has some gigs at the Lake..I seem to recall that he and Urbane Duane are playing tomorrow, 3-5 at michos…

Hogan out next week….incoming is Yo Yo and the delightful Debbie…Miss Cindy doing a 5 day stopover, on her way to the Galloping Pagos, to teach ’em something (don’t ask)..19th, I heard. Shaun of O’lots new place, La Morena? to be in what was that ill-fated ‘Concept Bar’, back in the O’lot patio corner…and yes, La Playa 13 did take the sand with them…dipshits…Hap’s off to Costa Rica shortly, for a few weeks…’never been…yep, I’ve got some ideas to share (been there 35 times) and yes..finally, it’s almost 5pm, which mean I can start drinking (again)..now that I’ve pushed the ‘panic button’ re getting outa town for Holy Moly Month…o please, Lord…a boat, a barge, anything in Rio Dulce, for a week..and it’s already started here…

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‘she was only the stableman’s daughter, but all the horsemen knew her’….repeat after me, but slowly…manure, ok? Yesterday, the sprawling semi-derelict Rancho San Fe, past Ciudad Vieja was the site of a Special Olympics event sponsored by Maria D and Norma M, both acclaimed practitioners in ‘equine therapy’…the first local, the 2nd a disciple and with biz in the City…I showed up on time….gave Balin the Wonder Horse a handful of apples…the %$#@! slobbered on me, the only ‘event’ that took place, other than signups for a future event. The kids had three choices: futbol, athletics or equinoterapia(horse back riding)….the latter took the cake, with over 20 signing up…when? dunno…you’ll know when  I know…


Tonight? another ’round table’ of questions at La Taverna…last year, the question was ‘who’s ever been in jail?’…100% response…tonight? who’s ever been in trouble with the IRS? yep…outa 8? 100%…me included..tomorrow? two events! 7pm, Reilly’s La Esquina, a fund raiser for one of my two favorite NGO’s, ‘As Green As it Gets’….my other fave? with the death of the founder, Joe Collins last year…’I’m not sure what’s up with From Houses to Homes’….if you know, tell me…they did incredible good works..oh! Lava, 8pm for Jason’s famous birthday party celebrations…a pig on the barbie! no, not her…a swine…ah, hell..

Is Adolfo, our ex-mayor really out of jail? been a while..how long? 2 years or so? has he paid his ‘debt to society or the judges?…and the music scene in town? ever changing..luckily I ran into Wayne Hooper at Michos, nursing a glass of wine…per Neil, the proposed times on Sunday are changed(temporarily)from 2-4 Sunday to 3-5 Sunday..something about Bobby D’s schedule…christ…Lori Shea, fed up with old information in our two local magazines, is creating/or has(my hearing aid is in the shop, yet again)to deal with this ever shifting schedule..Wayne’s at Panza Verde tonight, for example.

Earth Lodge! answer my emails…Saturday is their 9th Annual Cornhole Tournament…now, that’s a headline, eh?

Shaun of O’lot, spattered literally with paint from head to toe…painting the new La Morena…yes, another ‘f5$#@! bar in Antigua…’the ‘Frenchman’ and lady at Metiz….his initials are very similar to a famed FBI person…said he walks around town in a disguise…a wig and make-up..would I make this s#@! up? no…and if you see a new watch on my arm…it’s a $15 Casio knock-off…Hogan will schlep my old Rolex and Movado to Portand when he departs on the 6th…R&R ($$) for the Rolex, I’m afraid..I dropped the sucker on the tile floor last month…oopsy…no likee that move..


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Bobby Darling nailed it again tonight…what a show, what a showman! packed? SRO, folks on the  sidewalk..he starts promptly at 7, but if you want a seat, show  up at 6:30….Neal was dishing out the food but the staff might want to think about pushing drinks(they don’t)…Grace, the new singer, has promise…California Joe should stick with karaoke…the lady who did the tambourine duet showed great moves…’Dueling Banjos’, except with Bobby on guitar and she did all the right moves…fun, big time…only in Antigua and, as I’ve said before, I won’t miss any more of these shows..

whew…the wind/the cold…why did I add an ice cube to my post-prandial cocktail? hey, the fire is ready to light…Metiz, the deli on 4th Ave, doing a good crowd..and I’ve put my finger on Pan e Fantasia’s problem….pricing…I was wanting a sandwich this week…Metiz has great ones for 40q…Pan e Fantasia? 68q!….Epicure does a simple one for 17 or 25q….which way would you go? Lava/Ocelot doing just fine…food comin’ down from above, to O’lot…

Studio 54 is gone…there’s some kinda art stuff in the door…the usual bad paintings of the Arch and the volcanoes…Los Tres Tiempos empty…the winds blow thru…and they were/did…

Mario of Johnny’s Place hanging at La Taverna with Henrik, who was fresh off the golf course at La ReUnion…he, Dave Hoffman,Nicky Z and a fourth, whose name escaped me.

Dan Terzuola…sp? of Ay Robot, smiling over the successful move of his biz($$)to 6th Ave…great news..it’s been an uphill battle for location/weird landlords…enjoy the almost full moon…clouds, stars and that special Antigua magic…I’m gonna light the fire, have another pop and reflect on the great show that Bobby Darling(and Piano Mike)put on tonight…karaoke? that’s what they call pall bearers in Oklahoma..drum roll…

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