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and not in reference to any Chinese restaurants in town, because even tho there may be 2 or 3, they all suck..or blow…funny, how in the City (Guatemala)they have some decent C***** food places. Yeah, I’m being un-PC, again…everythings gotten to the point where you don’t dare say/write anything that could be considered racist…so? so what? Is Spick and Span the new m***** comedy team?

Reid the C, checking in from Colombia where’s he’s doing some kinda tour…don’t ask, don’t tell…he and the ‘Perfesser’ were thinking of renting a house here but…the ‘Perfesser’ is in the clutches of Ponzi Bob’s rental team and staying there for the time being…and no, it doesn’t look like Barb the K is coming, nor is a Thanksgiving dinner at their place on the  menu…Reid, whatever he’s smoking, thinks that he can still wench…no, winch the old Land Rover outa the pig pen and mate it with Murray’s recently demised Jeep…as if…

Bobby Darling!  opening a series of music nights…’One Man, One Song, One Drink…’starting this Wedneday, 7pm, Micho’s..thence 8 pm, Travel Menu…he told me the other times/places but I’m having a case of CRS (can’t remember shit)…Moriah, Piano Mike’s lovely daughter, Bobby’s one time vocalist? last heard of in Italy, at some go-kart track..

Karla H? returning soon from Australia…one presumes that the ‘honeymoon’ is over…no word of Nelson, off somewhere in piano-land…another great Antigua musician off/outa town in search of audiences ($$). And, just in time for Thanksgiving/Christmas, there’s a sale on Amazon.com/Kindle of ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’…starting at 0800 west coast time, 11/11, one week only, 50% off..go!  www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer  I need the $$..this starving writer stuff sucks..and why were all the PNC cops in town, on every corner this morning…guns/AK-47’s, scowls..didn’t they get paid this month?


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A couple of nights ago, when Lava was having their anniversary party, the Czech wacko (and even crazy by Antigua standards)attempted to enter the patio…the guy at Whisky Den ran him off quickly, waving a metal chair at him…does this guy ever learn? no…as mentioned, even by local standards, he’s bizarre and that’s a serious statement of insanity.

4th Calle, lights out earlier but only in spots…micho’s dark, Sobremesa lit up..go figure…a prolonged ‘brown-out in San Felipe fried the water pump at my finca…oops…check the ice cube level, screw the shower in the morning…ok, all is swell..

No…the BAM wham hit HBT yesterday (no City trip)…BAM, Banco Agro Mercantil or such, has a new/unannounced policy on checks deposited…a 30 day hold…oops…so, if you’re a depositor, watch it..or wait til they use your money for a month + and then…Tommy hasn’t been happy about this for two days…don’t ask him about it.

Chocolate Bob! has a wooden sailboat in Rio Dulce that doesn’t have caulking between the planks…he says…naturally Mike D and i are/were septical…no, skeptical…guess this calls for a ‘road trip’…hit the Rio, Bruno’s for some good food, Gualan on the way and HBT’s compound up in the hills..maybe pop the Land Rover a few more times (see ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’ for details…Reid! if you’re thinking of driving down..don’t…there’s a nicely restored Land Rover for sale, out by Joe’s Grill…and no bullet holes or pigs guarding it.

whew..another business for sale…has it really gotten this bad or are the owners just tired? A and B, is the answer..bring $$ if you’re looking for a bargain.. and the La Pena del Sol meltdown isn’t over…Party A suing Party B for ‘defamation of character’ I’m told…what? for bad music? probably another case of declining revenues and  looking for $$/excuses..only the attorneys win in this country, as elsewhere.

Raul, Christina and grandchild in town, early…Finca Nieto, home of my favorite cofee(he’s of Cuban extraction and knows coffee)…he’s looking great, leg is much better…Rich and Maria Neel, off on their journey of adventures…now in Granada…I think the van is starting to show it’s age, but…not my call…and yes, I had to ‘de-mold my favorite black fedora again today…using good vodka, too..will this rainy season ever quit?

and if you’re still with me, go to www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer for the latest insights into this weird/wacky world we call Antigua.


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You probably don’t want to look up the definition….ah, the rains, the buses of kids brought into town, the crowds…and this is just the beginning of a LONG holiday weekend…get to the bank/atms now, before the money is drained and you’re sucking by Monday (money-wise, that is)

if and I repeat if, the reported number of registered ‘sex workers’ (234)in Antigua alone(I asked that specific question)is valid and…and there’s another group of….uh, free lancers, are they tuning up for the festivities?

discounts, ‘specials’…again, I’ve been told that around the evening,  Burger King and the hotel across the street, plus the little park between Antigua/Joco…well, you tell me…I’m busy…screwing with the so-called printers in this town, who don’t answer…’yeah, I’ve got copies of your last book cover and yes, I’ll sell them’….right…how about a price, dipshit?..o gee, forgot to include a price…

Per Neil of Micho’s there’s a storm blowing in from the Pacific side, thru Sunday…o fine..perfect for tomorrow’s little overnighter in Monterrico with HBT (with side trips to special places only he knows about)…right, no camera, for this trip..

Sobremesa/Pappy’s BBQ teaming up with the Mimosa Mamas for a two day brunch blow out…11-2, Sat/Sun..expect me there for Sunday, assuming that HBT doesn’t get me thrown in jail for whatever…and 3pm, sunday, Reilly’s La Esquina for a photo shoot of ‘Corn Hole’…whatever that is but I’m loading up with fresh batteries..’went by early for a look at Fusion/Nido Antigua’s art exibition….spel chuk..exabition? exibition…screw it…showing, ok? ah…ok, but not great..no prices, no red stickers for ‘sold’ marks…gimme panza verde, ok?

and yes, another triumph of  ‘hope over experience’….that little cafe spot around the corner from…corner of 1ist calle-6th avenida, the scene of many disasters…? yep, new faces, looking at signs(not good) and dreaming of making it big in Antigua…and another vain attempt, next to the perfume shop on 5th calle, across from organica? more dreams waiting to crash…

and yes…mold, again? yep….


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or otherwise, everything from soup to nuts: nuts? go to the central park about  9am or the Ocelot patio for Slappy Hour, 5-6..

Sobremesa kicking out the jams, making new rooms/holes in the walls, ceiling, Micho’s recently remodeled bar getting some touchup paint tonight, yielding some serious fumes in that space…serious stuff, no face masks…

ah…the return soon (saturday) of the  Marvelous Miss M, following a tour of Israel, Spain and Italy…she’ll need a job and yes, I see that Cafe No Se is looking….hmm…Micho’s also (a better fit, methinks)

a preview of next week’s jaunt


the always elegant Victoria C, on 4th calle at 7ish…chatting with girlfriends, same dazzling smile…hmmm…would a sexagenarian have a shot?..you know, a chance…

this weather? first it’s cold, then it’s windy, then it warms up….I’ve had girlfriends like t his.  Remember, Pappy’s BBQ tomorrow, 11am…Jon Mellen, of Epicure, a bbq fiend, will probably show  up, especially after I told him that I wasn’t buying his frozen ribs anymore, since I can’t beat Blake’s…11-4, Fri-Sat-Sun…6th calle, next to the Cactus Grill.

and yes, last night’s booze cruise to the Mono Loco bar in the city? 45 passengers and they didn’t get  home til 1 or so…place jammed/packed, 3 levels…




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to paraphase Mr Dylan…the town? overflowing with Guatemaltecos, some tasty Capitalinas(and they know it), the Silver Guy  in the park, clowns and a performance art guy on  north 5ta..

what’s up with all the dirty streets/calles/avenidas? where’s the little truck with the vacuum cleaner or the muni water truck?…at least, when Adolfo was the mayor, things were clean….well, except for deals like the Finca Chacra…ooh. a subdivision? mighta been the final straw for a lotta folks in Antigua, another sign that the Alcalde had reached too far and too deep…the 5 or 6 folks nabbed last week, who were part of this, have probably begun to sing….

the Banco Industrial rip-off? happened in the City, over the weekend after the first of March..confined to some large shopping malls,with a lotta withdrawals…payday, $$…a million Q mentioned and BI is going to reimburse and switch to cards with ‘chips’ this spring..

Papa Town?  reopened(why?) the lone guy at 13, the ‘concept bar’ probably wondering why he bothered to open….the patio below, owned by Whiskey Den with a bunch of beer-slugging folks, Lava fulla Guatemaltecos…

my trusty travel agents? a bit of price confusion per next week, so I thought i’d go by and have a word…closed at 4….Pappy’s BBQ, around the corner, down to the dregs of the day’s smokeroo…Neil of Micho’s and Alex of Sobremesa, getting ready for the night…two great chefs, on the same block…Antigua’s finest..

Epicure? Jon Mellen gifted me a jar of  their ‘bread and butter pickle relish’…I was buying the Trader Vics sweet pickle relish anyway…damn good, Jon…35q, if you’re missing bread and butter pickle stuff..

so, it’s a perfect sunset/twilight at the finca…town, frankly, fried me: the people, crowds, traffic…guess I’ve lost my tolerance for such. The dogs play with each other, and the next big thing is to have the bushes trimmed in front of my kitchen window…whooo…eh?

so, assuming that the ‘price/rate issue’ can be resolved favorably by next week, it’s a ‘go’ to go tromping thru the canefields of Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa sometime in the fear nuture..and maybe a little after hours ‘stuff’…


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no. not strawberry preserves…tourists! a ton of tourists….a lot of cruise shippers in the day, being hounded by the vendors in the park(no Tourist Police to dampen their ardor) and the evening full of  overnighters…I don’t remember a busier day/evening but then my memory is….subject to a lot of things.

Michos’!….walk in and you won’t recognize it…what was a cozy, semi-funky coffee shop by day and a quiet bar at night? stemware, full on wine-liquor racks, and a big new curved bar…new tables/chairs and….a full size restaurant kitchen out in back…Neil got his 6 burner gas range, Spiro is serving  up delicacies and…a big smile on Henrik’s face…if the short-lived ‘Pangea’ experience, where Neil  had a tiny kitchen and a weird partner is any clue, this may well be the premier dining place on  4th calle…Sobremesa finally has competition, chef-wise…

Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos, on 5th Ave, by the Arch? if this town had a Fire Marshall and an  occupancy code, they’d be in violation tonight: ‘never saw so many people packed into what  is a small space…so? so what? $$$, that’s what.

ah, the ever luscious Flor Moran? ducked into El Portal briefly…dressed in white(tight) and a spangled top…says she’s reopening her store, Dasha, in two weeks…no, I didn’ get the new location but I did get two hugs/kisses…whew..if i weren’t ‘off’ blondes, I’d consider…

Reid C, complaining that his watch lost the second hand(bobbing around inside, at the bottom of the face) so? so what? who needs a second hand anymore? are we timing greyhounds or race horses? hell, trade it to Francisco for a used Movado with a Timex inside…after more than a few changes, it looks like the next expedition is set to go in about ten days….’looking for the lost Mayan stele/carved rock in the cane field, by Santa Lucia Cotmalguapa is coming together….word of caution re the Posada del Quetzal in Puerto San Jose…their posted room rates on their  web site changes often…the posted rate is 1000q a night but the real rate, via  the splendid girls at Mayan Kingdom Travel, is 150q a night…yeah, back to PSJ and the strip clubs..maybe even the Bamboo Club..’adult entertainment’ at its Guatemalan best…we’ll need Reid along to ‘compare/contrast’ with his adventures in Joco…god, I love  field research..

Shaun of Ocelot ‘road testing’ a series of ‘fishbowls’…a giant glass bowl full of various fluids(mostly fruit juice/alcohol)…tonight’s version was something called the ‘Pink Panther’ and deadly…imagine a giant glass bowl and six straws…no pricing, as of yet…road testing, as it were..

ok, a vision of what one might expect in Puerto San Jose…never posted/published before..



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basically…light on content, low on carbs…look, it’s not all ‘beer and schitzels, ok?…

some of our winter time pals pulling the plug this week…the combination of the 90 day visa thing….Bob leaves tomorrow, Hogan on Wednesday(and none too soon, some would say)

there may be an overnighter next week, off to the Pacific side to try and find the Rosetta stone that Mike D last saw 40 years ago…hotels lined up, strippers on call..Puerto San Jose, they call it…where there are no gringos..HBT is signed up…with the monster V8 ready to suck more fuel..

If there’s any central lesson to be learned about Antigua, gringo-wise, it is this: ‘never attempt to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person(s)…the crowd around the fountain in the morning is a prime example.and the new Pope? why can we just vote for Tono and get it over with…he’s perfect…twisted, a libertine and dresses well…

Macinare, the popular breakfast place on 4t calle? moved across the street..why? Rafa’s Bistro has a new boutique kinda store next door…the Dutch crepe place in the O’lot patio is slowly coming together…or not…’give ’em 6 months to fold/fade.

still not sure what’s up/not with the Micho’s conversion process…Nido Antigueno, Alex Long’s mini-mall behind Fusion, up against the Consejo(City Council)trying to figure out just what the hell a ‘bocce ball court’ is….no, it’s not a kangaroo court, idiots..nor a basketball court…show ’em a photo, fergawdssakes….

and the  4th Annual Night of the Chefs? sold out again…nope, not goin’…I’ll be surprised if Crash Harriss of La Pena del Sol goes again…he bailed early last year, pissing and moaning about the service (it sucked)…something about asking for wine, as I recall..hey, getting a production of that size/complexity is a feat, especially here…..

and yes, the Marvelous Miss M checked in…Israel, Spain and Italy…yeah, she sent me fotos…frankly, Scarlett, I miss her…ok, one tiny little foto..



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