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with the return of Barb the K, Joe Collins of Houses to Homes will be rejoining us at the end of the month….the chemo, sabe, is just about over…HTH will be opening their new school up on the hill this month or is it next month? jeez, idiot…re-read the email…whatever, HTH is one of my two favorite …no, three…NGO’s….As Green As It Gets and EcoFiltro round out my list…

the only joker in the pack left earlier this month…the ‘Major General’…who gives himself promotions every year: not bad for a retired AF Captain, eh?

ah…a rash/outbreak/buncha burglaries…burgleries…bungles? hitting local businesses in the last week…La Playa on 3rd calle nailed for computers, security cameras, TV’s(not transvestites)and cash registers….a white van seen racing outa town at 4am, with a PNC escort….the others? dunno, although I heard that Carmen’s Salon Creativo on 2nd Calle was hit…shampoo? Christian literature? WTF?

Metiz, having moved, continues to rack up biz….Papatown, in the old Pangea location? potato dishes and beer? whoa…serious cuisine, Guatemalan style..no takers…Ocelot is serving pub food again and it’s flying…no…stepping out the door to nearby tables and it looks good…

thanks, Christian, for breakfast at Micho’s….yeah, the bacon was weird but the hashbrowns rocked and the conversations? you and I are the only ones, i suspect, who know the difference between emerald and beryl…Mel Fisher? the garbage can sized ’emerald specimen’ I was asked to look at…yeah, right..

next week’s excursion up into Baja Verapaz is taking a few twists and turns..the map? nope…wrong area…close but not quite…screw…can we hire donkeys? nope..we ARE the donkeys…wtf…go on to Lankin and chill out, as i don’t think we’re gonna find what we were hoping to..

and I blew off going to Cafe No Se for the Ilegal Mezcal ‘staff retreat’….tonight…let me know how it was, por favor…good christ…next week is Ass Wednesday!…oops.. Ash Wed…which means that Semen Santa is right around the corner….o where to go/get outa Dodge…I’ve seen the movie, read the book and I know just how it’s gonna end…Mel Gibson, right?..’whoa…i can see all of Jerusalem from up here.”

is it only me or is TIGO screwing with your account/numbers/usage?

yeah…more potassium is indicated…it’s medicine, ok? it appears that I may have blown a bit of ‘cover’ this morning, relating how I once shot my refrigerator…look, it was old, cheap and died one night, ok? there weren’t any nearby houses to worry about ricochets…bam..a round in the compressor, two in the dripping defrosted freezer and one thru the door..take that, you Kevinator bastard..I’m so glad that I’ve ‘manured…oops..matured..”

Hap and Hogan back from the wilds of Honduras…neither impressed with La Ceiba(surprise) and a great meal in Copan at Twisted Tanya’s…Hap’s in the sack, thinking that he caught malaria….look, it takes a while to come on and when your eyes turn yellow, then…and only then do you panic..I can only imagine traveling with that pair…it’s bad enough with Hill Billy Tom et al..as long as the brakes hold out and the beer is cold, all is gooder..speaking of …



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yeah…me and my laptop…the power cord got both of us going but just barely…you know, it isn’t that cold tonight(so far)…the fire is laid, I’m not and that’s how it is on Saturday night…

O’lot/Lava slammed again, for Sappy Hour..Sobremesa quiet, Michos lo mismo, Fusion? zip…Rafa’s Bistro, about to bail and move to the ex-Pizza Mia spot on 4th? doing tables…rumors are that the New Age resort at the Lake, aka TOSA, is having ‘difficulties..’..yeah…the market, the location and so on..

Travel Menu quiet, at least early on…La Sala, cranking up for yet again another night of wackiness…El Cazadore Italiano, ground zero for the Porsche/expensive car crowd…and when did Cafe Flor take out the grand piano?

here’s a visual…Lex and Monica(Jungle Party)tete a tete at the Cargo Room…nah, they’re just friends and we had great talks about the end/demise of 2012 and just how f….ked the year was for all of us…Lex later in Bodogona…red silk parachute pants and silver half gloves? yep..that’s our Lex..La Pena del Sol doing a so-so crowd but the band? Sol Latino? those guys work/crank/play serious music 5 days..no, 5 nights a week…hardest working band in town..is Montecristo’s associated with Micho’s? something going on tonight with Bobby/Mariah…#14 4th calle oriente…you tell me, as I missed it.

even Caffe Bourbon doing a good crowd(early)and our Mime, Andy is back…drawing a crowd on 5th…a silver guy(mime)in the park not moving much…wandering musicians about…something’s changing here and I’m not sure what it is, but I like it…and the last part of last weekend’s little jaunt up into the mountains…


and Hill Billy Tom Martin has a new…well, used…Ford crew cab with what he calls a ‘huge V8’….road trip!

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gathered around the watering hole at 5-7, just like being in the bush…the hyenas laugh, the lions growl and the bartenders pour another round…yep, the informal meeting of the ‘Unindicted Co-Conspirators’, minus JR and Don Marcos….and when is DM getting outa jail?

one of the park’s own ‘distributors’ of hot or semi-used merchandise(Francisco) sold what was an Omega watch to a local…turned out to have Japanese innards…oops…if he’s smart(the seller)he’ll make this deal go away…if you see Reid C, ask him about the vertical burial of a gringo he was involved in: that leads to another story or two…classic latin america stories..

Ignacio Borell, our own Cuban musician minus a section of leg? working and looking good…Seth Montfort, ex pianist in residence at Panza Verde? back there, playing Saturday at 5pm..yeah? you’ve seen the massive publicity that PV has cranked  up? right…none…they shot themselves in the foot dismissing the very xlnt Gabi Altman last year.. ..one might think that they’re really not interested in doing biz…or hiring anyone who has a clue about pubic…no, public relations.

Antonio’s, that bread shop by the Condesa? how the hell do they make their monthly nut, i.e., the rent? selling bread? not unless they’re rolling in dough(drum roll)

the ever spectacular Flor(escent) of Dasha? moving her store somewhere…Luis Miguel of Da Vinci tried to explain but…in one ear and out the other, you know..

and welcome back, Carlos Tomas of Memphis and Dyslexia Books..the only guy I know who can explain quantum physics without being ripped…and a local bar/restaurant robbed/ripped off last night: the Sunshine Grill on  upper 6th Avenida? door broken, everything of value taken(TV”s, etc…) no word if they took pizzas to go…Edgar not pleased, of course.

so? so what? another installment on the latest road trip to Huehue/Todos Santos and so on…

http://www.examiner.com/article/zacaleu…you might have to copy/paste this…the gnomes at WordPress keep screwing with the code.

another trip shaping up for February…off to Salami…no, Salama’…off, regardless..looking for surface copper, malachite and azurite…probably will find “Leaverite’…as in ‘leaverright there’, a close relative of the Indian Love Stone…a f….king rock…




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True Grit: Plan B

The handful of flash

The handful of flash

So, I buy these from the opal miners(and the price was right). I get home finally, a few days later and start looking at opal sites on the Web. I find stones from the same mine for sale at outrageous prices and I start salivating. I thought I found a way to hand-polish these things after being told by more experienced locals that it can’t be done.  And they were right. But, as of this morning when I started doing research for the magazine article I found specific information on  these rocks from hell…yes, they CAN be polished but the process is completely different than regular boulder opal: basically instead of being nice to the stone and delicately keeping the heat down during the polishing phase, you grind the hell out of it…hmmm. So, yes…Gautemala isn’t exactly lapidary land so the hunt for an expert with the right kind of machinery continues..ay caramba! what next?

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Preparation H(onduras)

Sitting in the sun, looking at opals

Sitting in the sun, looking at opals

Honduras! off the beaten track, up and down bad roads, the cobble-stone streets of Erandique that only a high clearance 4X4 or a donkey would pass, to the home of Juan Rodriquez. The acknowledged expert in opal mining lives very simply in a green-painted two room casa that surprisingly had a PC in the corner of the living room. His sister, Reina, greeted us and we went through the small house to the patio, where they shyly(but proudly)brought out glass jars of opal specimens. The sunlight glinted off the multi-colored black nuggets of rough uncut stones, revealing an iridescent rainbow of colors: red, green, purple and blue. Reina brought out a small plastic bag of semi-finished cabonchons, also reflecting the same range of colors. We talked and she brought out the latest Moon guidebook, pointing out their names in the article. I laughed: I had the same book. We all laughed. Juan, a gap-toothed smile lighting up his face, talked about the various mines in the area and of how long he has been mining opals. Can we go see his mine? Claro! of course! Loaded up in Eduardo’s Mitsubishi, we left for the mine. Details to follow…

So…the telephone issue previously mentioned: Tigo has eaten market share in Honduras and Claro is in second place, for those of us who care. Next time I’ll pay the roaming charges,although my Tigo worked fine there..go figure..it is central America, after all.

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