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this is only a personal observation: two months ago or so, the Butt Police busted the Whiskey Den for smoking on the patio…and they, WD people, enforced it..since then, attendance at the O’lot happy hour died, as did Whiskey Den’s business…the demise of 13’s dumb-ass concept hasn’t added anything to the patio..so, the question? since I suck diesel smoke daily, the smog-control program in this country isn’t happening, the volcanic ash continues and why are we/they concerned about a few(mostly gringos who can afford to smoke)concerned about smoking? how about a law mandating installing smoke extractors?

just asking, ok?..off the soap box..fine…back to La Taverna to ask the Irish blond aka Blathnaid to pronounce her name for her…yeah, twice..’still didnt’ get it…even, maybe with my soon to repaired hearing aid..yeah, I tweaked the tube but on Thursday, the reconstituted team of last year, “a Year of Driving Ripped’ will go into the big bad City…the Cougar has a bad power steering pump, per HBT…but how would he know? o, it’s hard to turn and it squeaks…I’ve had girlfriends who fit that description..

go by Nim P’ot and check out Korey D’s new Maximon kit…waaay cool..60q and you’ve got your own shrine/church/christmas gift…back in the back, with the Maximon stuff…

and more unverified stuff…I’m told that LL Bean has what they call ‘Mayan Fat Wood or Mayan Fire Starters’ for sale…$49.95 for a small box of ocote…which i buy for 1.95q per bundle at Bodo..jeez..’marketing, eh’..and the Mono Loco just fired a bunch of staff…sticky fingers, etc..typical of  bar/wait staff, anywhere, btw..the bartenders always skim 25%…an ‘industry standard.’

Tomorrow night? 8pm, Lava’s 2nd anniversary and rumor has it that Jason will come up for air then…ah, youth…by now, the oaken barrels full of tasty likkers…no, lickers..er, liquors will be even better..Shaun said something about ‘free stuff’ but he was busy learning the new cash register system…who knows? ‘guess I gotta go, if only to..


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