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you know, that month or so between now and the start of the rainy season? kinda feels like, as my firewood sits unused (like me, in many ways).

This just in, compliments of Nelson Lunding! besides all of his regular gigs, today he’s playing up on the hill, at Franks Place (El Cerro etc) he and Zeduardo, plus..drum roll…Hector Castro! the Hector? 1::30-5pm….this I gotta go see/hear.

Last night, at the Spanish Cultural Center? GG Foto’s exhibit of great fotos…was s’posed to start at 7pm but it got pushed back until the arrival of the ‘ambassador.’….which ‘ambassador’ I didn’t wait for, so i slipped under the rope and had my own viewing…damn, what an eye she has…Linnitt and Korey there, early, like me.

Our own inimitable Tono, having fun at La Taverna with a nice lady, who was having fun also. Mayra and Marbel at Mayra’s Mamma’s…two very hot mamas, indeed…and the old Avesa Spa, on 6th ave sur, the ozone/aroma spa? now advertising laser surgery for liposuction…is there any kind of training required? this being Guatemala, they won’t have to worry about lawsuits when they suck out too much fat…hey…let’s open up a little slit here and turn on the laser? oops!

Picante, that motorcycle themed place on 6th calle, by Travel Menu? gonzo…probably a smart decision…Hogan/Hap, back today from a trip up north, tubing the Candelaria Caves…monday, ponzi bob, duane and nazi john going out to the mighty Motagua…why? adventure lurks, I s’pose. 

and yes, 5th calle westward? if it’s not dusty, it’s damn damp…’guess they’ll wait and see if any more leaks start leaking..fUBAR, in other words..or train another crew in ditch-digging and connecting PVC pipe…even for Antigua, this is a claim to shame.

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describes the current city project of replacing the old water pipes with new PVC….5th and 6th Calle west are ripped up, and some of 5th calles trenches are being filled in…next? re-installing the cobble stones. This project is scheduled for a four month completion date, optimistic at best and with the processions starting in about four weeks and Semana Santa coming in the first week of April? do the math..it’s gonna be hellish. And to add to that circus, there’s uncertainty about who’s gonna pay for the PVC…the City, the Water Department? one would’ve thought that they might have nailed these things down, eh?
One of Antigua’s oldest disco/bars is having ‘payroll’ problems…employees getting shorted and also having to wait a month to get paid…not right, is it? they’re on 5th Ave, if that’s a clue.
Kind of like the problems with Caniz, our private mail service..saying now that they’re cutting back to one day a week service (outgoing)and other cuts…I have the email addresses if you want to gripe and complain (I already have)
many thanks to the Guatemala ExPats forum on Facebush, for their recent plugs for my silly little book, Our Man in Antigua…
and yes, after several weeks of dithering, I’m getting to know how to do video…first it was hardware then software…now’s it’s down to me to figure it all out, Alfie.
Und zo, it’s the weekend, end of the month and Stupor Bowl on Sunday…
I’ll probably wander down about half-time, somewhere yet to be decided but I’ve narrowed it down to two choices. Hell, I can’t even tell you who’s playing. Wait! the ‘underinflated balls’ mean the Patriots, right? my mind..it takes a licking and keeps on ticking..and seeing as it’s after 5, I think a libation is in order..fine! and don’t forget….www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer for all the right reasons…an interesting look-back to this time last year…who would’ve thought that Alabama Bob and Mike D would be in the bar business? not me..

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even by Antigua ‘standards’ there weren’t any of the ‘unindicted co-conspirators’ at La Taverna for the usual Friday night gathering…hmm? Dr J was there, James Mullen stopped by to add some content but I left, to go across the street and talk with the lovely Mayra of Mamma’s…and in the doorway of Fusion, along with Alex? you know, his  cantina in back? La Calle? drum roll…it’s being taken over by Spiros and….Alabama Bob!  I’ve always liked the look of La Calle and this might well be a ‘game changer’ for Nido Antigua…the short-lived ‘Backyard Bar and Grill’ departed a while ago (who knew or bothered to check?) and per Spiros, he’ll be doing some occasional cooking back there…AB is kinda dazed, considering being of the other side of a bar, for a change.

and so, it’s the beginning of the end…today, tomorrow and monday for the annual craziness of  Independence Day in Antigua…the parades, the drums, the parades and the costumes. I figure that by Monday everyone who can walk will have marched in at least one parade. Yeah, it’s a spectacle and a free one, so every villager from miles around comes to town. If you haven’t seen a baton-twirling majorette in go-go boots, this is your chance. I’m waiting for the older ones to do t heir stuff(struts,you know)….the parades tend to screw up the traffic patterns, so if you’re driving/walking, etc..

on the way home last night, I passed Casbah’s lower bar, which had a bevy (4) of babes working the bar…yeah, one was the always delectible Marbel…she is such a ‘package’….I would’ve stopped for a ‘final final’ but I’d already been to the well more than usual. 

nd yes, it appears that the Captain and I are finally getting to Zacapa and beyond next Tuesday…and being driven by one of the more lesser seen ‘unindicted co-conspirators’…the phrase ‘strange brew’ coames to mind but will be interesting, one way or the other. I’m a little concerned about our lodgings in Z-town…the captain had previously said that he had a friend with a finca nearby, etc..but when pressed to describe its proximity/location on a map…uh…and yes, he’s been there before…this will sort itself out by Tuesday, I’m assuming.

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in a town that has a plethora of bars/restaurants and a dearth of customers, why would anyone in their right minds open another?  o that’s right…’we weren’t thinkin’…we were drinkin’…let me explain just a few things…PC’s…no, not politically correct nor personal computers…’pouring costs’…what it costs to pour a drink: take the rent, the overhead, the utilities, ice, salaries, cost of the stuff and divide by 30…a month, get it? so,take that figure and that’s what your daily nut is..according to how many hours you’re open for business…oh! ROI? return on investment? 

Shaun’s newest venture, La Morena, back in the corner where the sun doesn’t shine? not open, yet..but, next door, to the ill fated Playa 13? Pelicano Sport! WTF? does that mean? sports with pelicans? The Beer Company in front suffers…however, one bright spot…Rory/Laurie of The Snug, took over Travel Menu and they should know what works and what the numbers are…but two doors west? some new kinda place with new booths and a shiny motorcycle as decor? idiots…walk around town and see how many places are doing business…Reilly’s/Dos Mil going to a Thursday night Ladies Swill it up for Free night…8-11…not exactly a money maker…and yest another ‘Mexican restaurant’ on 5th avenida, north of the park..next to the new Wa Lo Jade shop..or is it Way Low?  anyway…Fiesta is the name, tacos are their game…nice entrance, festooned (love that word)with sombreros, a fountain, courtyard, bar and Jose’s your uncle, eh? 

Looking for fun, excitement and ? Ask Dr J,who’s been renting a place in a Spanish school on lower 2nd ave…by night, there’s thieves, dope(weed/coke) dealers, counterfeiters and as a bonus? on the weekend, ‘girls’ from the City…400k a pop, so to speak….he’s moving out next month, so if this sounds good, track him down…

I was wrong(Version #45) ponzi Bob doesn’t leave til the end of the month..Mike D is handling the rental…no sign of Nazi John, since last weekend’s orgy…well, not really an ‘orgy’.,..shack up? good for him…who would’ve guessed? (not me)but that sets the tone/standard for what’s allowable there, activity-wise. The YMCA,it ain’t..

yeah, there’s drones in Guatemala and in Antigua…’guess this means I gotta start/file my taxes by next week…Tuesday the 15th, is also the 4th anniversary of Ocelot…mandatory appearance, btw…

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would he be driving the ‘cruise ship’ or the Love Boat?..no, this has nothing to do with anything/anyone, just another symptom of a deranged mind(mine)…

so…’One Man, One Drink, one Song’? Bobby Darling at Michos’s….packed the room, all of 12-14 spaces, for the 3rd week running…good stuff..’wandered down to Travel Menu…packed!….12-14 people, the bartender schlepping plates hither, thither on yon…Nils of Azul 39, walking the empty streets, wondering where the business is…not here, dude…

what was La Rumba/Ixcot now under renovation as a new ‘Beer Pub’…a red Brit phone booth, a new bar and some old signs on the wall….whether or not this will translate into ‘success’ is open to question…Ocelot/Lava suck up the biz…whiskey den is dead, 13, the concept bar you can stick a fork in…Reilly’s La Esquina/Cafe Dos Mil equally dead-zo…it was/is a cold night, cold enough for a local version of a ‘Two Dog Night’ in this case, a 2 fat mama  night, like a sandwich..

HBT…finally, after bonking his right (steering) wrist again, agreed to go to the doctor today…and yes, the bad press about Antigua even reached my pals in San Francisco…crime/corruption/cha cha cha…good…send more mormons to show us the error of our ways..and no, I didn’t stick around to hear Jessy at O’lot at 8 or so…it/i was cold.and there’s fire wood and a good book..no mujeres gorda but two outa three ain’t bad..and yes, the local versions of Our Man/A Year of Driving are going 1/2 price as of December the First…thanks to Copia Fiel and their pricing…likewise on Amazon et al…www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer    yeah, there’s a ‘road trip’ in the works for December, assuming that HBT’s wrist is healed, the Cougar is fixed and Mike D’s lung problem is resolved..likewise a trip for january and february…. 

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two weddings today….driven by the old Model T and the other by the black ’56 Pontiac convertible…ah, love…marriage, in my experience is like a bath…after a while, it’s not so hot, but then again, I’m septical…no, make that sceptical..hell, where’s spel chuck when I need it..

What’s up with the dirty streets/sidewalks? at least, when Adolfo was mayor, this place was clean…there’s a city water truck with a sidewalk spray, there’s a vacuum cleaner on a truck and the town is looking trashy….too many folks dropping trash here, there and everywhere…there seems, to me, that the level of class/style and elegance has dropped…no hot well/dressed City babes..just families with strollers, sucking their ice cream cones..

Restaurants? empty! the only one with a line was ex-Hectors…’guess they hadn’t heard that Hector left town a few months ago…as with a few other places, it’s not the food, it’s the owner, on deck..kinda like Sobremesa..dead…Micho’s..half dead…take a lesson from the Choco Museo, folks..it’s all about the entertainment, not the filling..

a few folks return…John Adams from Nor Cal, wondering what’s happened to A-Town..yeah, we’re all wondering…Action Jackson, sometimes ‘missing in action’ Jackson, supposed to play at Travel Menu tonight..what time? who knows? a few other expats coming back, one by one, some disabled…there’s been a few too many alcohol-related events lately…dial it back, folks..Michael Rayment! back from Brittania…yea and thanks for the drink..I owe ya..

the ever elegant/tall Maite  of El Portal..and El Sol and so on…her birthday today…high heels and a great smile..and where’s Capt Gerry and his musical crew? back fishing again?

 Antigua is sucking, anyway, 4th calle dead…5th avenida dead…Reilly’s et al..dead…the back backers don’t have any money, the Christian tourists are praying to Jeesuz…bring back a rock n roll mayor, let the good times roll and so on..or let the tumbleweeds blow thru…oops, no tumbleweeds..yet…Ocelot’s new happy hour policy kicks in December 1st…drink it up while you can..and yes, Monday, major changes in http://www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer and good changes, btw..stay tuned..

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absinthe makes the heart grow fonder? I guess you’d have to go to Bistro Cinq, swill a few and see what happens.

So…the Great Waiters Race today….you’ll never see waiters move faster or sweat more…yeah, a few cheated by taking to the sidewalks, laying their bottles/cans on their sides but what the hell? 

Office Depot! coming to town, on 3rd Calle/7th Ave….now, that’s an improvement…Monica’s jungle Party under some serious roof repairs…a ‘hostel takeover’?….El Gato Negro selling off furnishings, lamps and TV’s…is there a long awaited sale involved? La Terraza, the ‘party hostel’ is having some ‘internal difficulties’…nope, don’t know any more than that..did the party get outa hand? probably.

A vision in a low cut blue sundress this affernoon..the place, Reilly’s La Esquina, the person the lovely Marbel…

Ocelot’s fabled ‘Happy Hour’ is going to  stop…that’s all I know..and who bought up all the Dos Pinos cottage cheese since the shipment came in yesterday…I got one and then…nada today…and if you need something from the City  delivered here? Guate Express, on 6th calle, next to DHL…..cheaper and safer than traveling with HBT (who swears that his right wrist is better, but that’s what he said last month, when his right foot was broken). 27q each way, btw..

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