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and proud of it: Unfounded Rumor #49 has it that there’s this ‘guru’ who’s into ‘mysticism’ (gotta be a given)who’s building a hotel at the Lake..considering the source via a 2nd source…ah, jezuss..what are these people smokin’ and can I get some?..some of the “unindicted co-conspirators on the O’lot patio…nope, no sign of JR or the others…Ron Fortin! back from a sojourn(trip)into the wilds of Texas…Houston, San Antonio, Austin…

I’ve wondering where he’s been….and great to have one on the two best sex..no, sax players in town…Adan the Cuban pianist? sitting in with a duo at Los Arcos…Piano Mike and Moriah on deck at Caffe Bourbon…

whew…a vision in black leather…Flor M…walking around with little sister and the ever elegant Gina C….El Cazadore Italiano taking the evening sweepstakes for most diners…Fusion fine, Sobremesa doing tables, Shaun of O’lot/Lava waiting on a party of 20 doctors for Lava…and waiting…Las Palmas/dos Reilly’s oddly quiet…’ran into Lori or was it Dori? the ever tasty height-callenged Filipina of Reilly’s fame..I suspect she’s hell on wheels..but  a nice hell…

Nelson pulling the 2nd shift, musically speaking at O’lot…Karla keeping an eye on the Whisky Den..Robto and Barb…she’s so septical…no, skeptical…and a good thing…the yearly ‘mining project’ is about to kick in/off..backho’s…no, back hoes…this year..back ho’s? pull that lever…raise the….

tomorrow, they’re climbing Volcan Agua for publicity…a human chain..am i going? RU crazy? if there were a horse large enough..nah, not even then..and thank you, Diane, long time reader of this mishmash blog…’hope you found the spanish school Ix…IxChel on 4th avenida norte..Pangea? WTF are they thinking with the change from a classy restaurant to to a down and dirty beer bar? and even worse, an empty bar…the old Fusion building on 6th avenida? getting some serious roof repairs…$$$…Studio 35 and Gaia hoping for biz…Cashbar gearing up for the City crowd..rock on…or as Wayne said to Garth..’party on’..(obscure reference #61..Wayne’s World)

a few absinthe minded folks at Bistrot Cinq/B5…one of these days, i gotta try that stuff…and it’s a perfect evening…clear, cool and stars visible…we live in  paradise…

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last night, 6th Avenida…dos Reilly’s block…near misses, no blood seen..a belated New Year’s celebration? as i’m wont to say, always honk twice when you’re reloading..

local eateries? some full, some empty…La Pena del Sold out? apparently…packed early and a catered party for 85 in someone’s house..Crash Harriss smiling a lot…Las Palmas packed, even the japanese place, Kabuki, doing tables…’that’ place on 5ta, the one that’s been closed for two days now? ooh…if Machiavelli were alive, he’d be taking notes on the latest twist..nope, can’t tell and don’t smell…and it does..’wish i hadn’t heard it..yep, that bad..

Ocelot packed, dos Reilly’s jammed…Los Cebollinas adding more decor and getting more action..Travel Menu running just fine, El Caz lo mismo, Cafe Flor doing some tables…Nelson doing an opening gig at Pangea, followed by a set at Ocelot.

is it time for a return to the days of yesteryear? you know how things come and go(no, not my girlfriends)…at Bodegona this week, hula hoops…got to thinking(so to speak) about a poster shop…blow ups of local scenes…cheap, roll ups for the suitcase..ooh, Lake Atitlan, Volcan Agua, Monterrico, Lucy Luscious…’here’s a great rumor for the files: Gallo Beer is fading, business-wise…various examples given but this is like Budweiser going under…bring me the reality check, please..

found a new a new TIGO shop today, after shopping for a TIGO modem..the finca doesn’t have wi-fi..’cross the street, on 4th from Bodegona…a shop that cranks, rocks and does the job..o good..firecrackers in my street at 8pm? yep…i won’t miss the noise but i’ll miss the neighborhood…screw..now rockets/mortars…no, don’t go get the flare pistol or Beretta..patience, Prudence..this too, shall pass..

ran into Uwe in the park earlier…enjoying the brass band in the Palacio…he hates the Peruvians…the mime..no, ‘our mime’, wowing the crowds…he’s great…we spoke about the proposed commercialization of the Palacio..I suggested that if that’s what ‘they’ really want to do, go the whole route and do a casino on the first floor and a brothel on the second floor…a strict dress code, guards and class…gotta wear a tie just to get in, etc..

on other fronts, yesterday was the birthday for three people i know…all different..makes one wonder about asstrology..Luis Miguel of Da Vinci, der Henrik of dos Reilly’s and MDC, with whom i had dinner last night..yep..a foursome..Juana, Bob and us…Queso y Vino…i was expecting better but…didn’t happen…pizza crust perfect, topping so so..the last bottle of screwtop Lambrusco worked..and lastly, thanks for the comments about the chisme in this town…too many people with nothing else to do except make up shit, throw it against the wall and see who it sticks too..and yes…ka ching…more books sold! lets see…two cubas at O’lot..10 q..pack of cig’s..13q…yay…’up tonight by 20 q…rock on!

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plus attitude…I’m am sooo f…..king lucky to live here: some of you know that i spent ten years plus looking for this Shangri-La…’97, off to Havana….14 times…Costa Rica 34 times, Nicaragua? nah…Granada was too humid, hot and so on..every day I bless this town, walking up one street and down the other…the views, the houses, the ambience, the people, the sense of home and so on…thank you…yes, the place i’m in has a lot of traffic noise…that will change, once i find another place…i’ll miss my ‘barrio’, 4th avenida norte, and everyone whom i see every day…yep…looked at two places today: the long awaited apartment on 1st ave sur? a snarling cocker spaniel guarding three rooms that the term ‘spartan’ would be complimentary…three cells, three doors, no windows and it coulda been a drunk tank..ok…the other? up north…small, furnished, no kitchen…price is right, but…fine..something else will surface..

tonight?Ruslan’s last shift at Ocelot…murmurs of a going away party at Lava tomorrow night…decanting wine? unheard of…except at Travel Menu…Allan Garcia at the helm, pouring wine into a decanter before serving…a touch of class, completely unexpected..

the town? fulla folks, most of whom left at 7ish…bummer to bummer traffic heading back to the City..El Cazador Italiano packed with glossy City babes and their SUV’s outside, being guarded by guards…the sweet Dona Gavi offering seven hugs…yep and seven more for the road..and she’s a grandmother?….fooled me…Pangea sucking for biz, Ocelot packed, Riki’s hoping, wishing and dreaming(stick a fork in them, they’re done, as is Red’s, on 1st calle)…funny how some business’s survive, thrive and others don’t…is the location or the concept?..Mitos on 5th sur? dead…La Sala? struggling…the Cargo Room…?Los Cebollinas, the new joint on 5th calle?  ghost town..it’s all so fu…kng fickle…location or menu? there’s an element of the key people..the owner, the maitre ‘d, the servers..hands on, service with a smile…El Caz has this in spades, as does Ocelot…and the same for Fusion and Sobremesa..it’s all about being greeted and noted…and appreciated..with as many restaurants as Antigua has, the choices are many…it’s the personal touch, which a lot of owners don’t have or care to use..

and again, thanks for whoever’s buying the book…another few today…ka-ching..
Amazon’s got a new feature…check it  out…


you can turn the pages…or the back cover…read Pat F’ comment…and thanks, Pat, for offering to bring in a shipment..Plan B…the boat leaves San Francisco at the end of the month…thanks, Jon M, for the container..damn, i am so lucky/grateful and happy to be living here…paradise..

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the weird turn pro” Hunter S. Thompson, RIP..except in this case, the wierd just went a few notches off the scale. Case in point: Pangea is now morphing into some kinda sports bar…the restaurant area and outside patio? draped in fags..no, flags of various nations and a dart board set up inside the restaurant area…WTF?  add in the cute signs and this is looking like some kinda bad fraternity basement bar..o well..not my problem nor my $$..Nelson had a gig there tonight, followed by a second shift at Ocelot….hey,work is work and in this town/economy, take the $$ and run..

the 5 o’o’clock lush hour at Ocelot keeps on keepin’ on…yes, i contribute…and then it all moved to Travel Menu, where this is the last night to see Kate, who leaves for a return to school on sun/monday…and a great future…place packed..Neil the C, Plumb Bob, Allan at the wheel and the unusual suspects..

Marc and party up at Lava…one guy wants to import firearms…no way, jose…fuggedaboutit…buy something hot or go thru the new rules at Digicam…buy a ‘throw-down, with a box of ammo and drop it when you have to..Town rockin…but emptied by 7ish…Ricardos’ T&V packed again…minus the Marvel..Casbah ramping up, even a few inside Sangre. I have a new appointment for the place on 1st ave sur…cross your fingers, legs or whatever digits remain..the book continues to sell every day, back on Amazon.com with new features…


and i’m shipping via boat and air…’dodging customs agents(of course, what did you expect?) just like taxes,i hate paying duty fees and i’ve always love smuggleing..smuggling? who cares, its the concept..where’s Robto de Oro? he was seen by MDC in the park…but not out in the evening, given his usual watering holes…the “general’ left town today…the fake general…the captain who promoted his rank along the way…this town…chisme…i truly love/enjoy this place…never dull, boring or unexciting…

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Pangea’s Lounge, now with a big banner adverising ‘Hot Dogs’…5 people inside and in comes a take-out order of hamburgers from Lava…gotta be a bit crushing..Ruslan of O’lot? last day working is Saturday and then he/girl are returning to San Francisco..another good one, gone..

the town tonight? empty, barren and deserted…for the first time I saw constellations in the sky..yep, the moon was up, the clouds puffy and there’s Orion’s Belt in the eastern sky…good talks with Alex of Sobremesa re publishing/importing books…we have the same publisher and the import hurdles in Guatemala are a bit daunting…as in, i had to go sign a form at Caniz this morning allowing the opening of a package still in Miami..TSA stuff..3 f….king books, advance copies of Our Man…ooh…not like i’m importing precursor chemicals for meth labs..which would probably be easier/cheaper…

i’m getting the strong sense that Marvel of Tabacos y Vinos has flown the coop…o well..it was what it was, when it was…T&V doing a good night, never the less..and about the only place in town actually doing any trade…

and no, no word on the proposed rental on 1st avenida..nada, zip, bagels, zilch..damn..Bangalore Bob’s Place is driving me slowly more nutso daily, as if that were possible..the delectable Ms A is back from a jaunt up the Pacific coast, back into the cesspool they call Panza Verde..used, abused and put away wet..I’m still chuckleing/chuckling/whatever about the yoga retreat last month at the lake, sponsored by the same…Lama Bob…Rama Rama, Khrishna, Khrishna, Rama Rama Ding Dong..”Hi, i’m Lama Bob…” having spent a fair amount of time in India and on the West Coast, amongst shall we say, more ‘authentic’ gurus, the idea that one would actually show up with such a name…kinda like..’hi, I’m the Dolly Lama’…channeling Steven Siegal…

and thanks, for whoever ordered another copy of Our Man in Antigua today…ka-ching!…broke even on the stroll…one vodka at Ocelot, pack of cigs..and home..thank you..it’s clear, cold and the snarling little tuk-tuks are zipping around the corner, the streets are empty and quiet..wrong..not quiet, at least here..it’s almost the fin de semana..buena suerte and may the vodka never run dry.

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