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accent on the 3rd syllable..a chance encounter with Seth Montfort/ford on the streets earlier, having made a successful bus trip from Belize to Costa Rica and back: when I last spoke with him a month or so ago, I had worries about him being on the road…he made it back and now, against all odds, is looking for a place to rent this week…ack! ‘no idea how to contact him other than leaving a message at Panza Verde, so if you..etc..hell, he’d probably write a concerto or two for you…interesting stories about PV but you gotta ask him…my lips are zippered..zipped?

another piece of ‘intel’…a long lost/gone famous beauty is returning to A-Town! when, why or such is under wraps, i.e., ‘zipped’ and you thought that i couldn’t keep a secret? mum’s the word and it’s under my arms (old, old joke like Prince Raleigh in the can)

Korey Dai Peterson! a most xlnt new T-shirt! Occupy Antigua! on sale at Nim P’ot tomorrow..’gave him the idea about producing ‘glow in the dark’ plastic Jeezus figures for the dashboard….could i have royalties?…and a light sprinkle of rain just at 7  or so…perfect/short/nice touch, god..und zo, we’re in the final home stretch of Jesuz on a Stick week..block that street, close that calle…i’ m a bit blase by now, if not also (fill in the blanks)..

ah, rumors/gossip? per a usually semi-reliable source, there’s a gang of two on a moto, doing hit/run stick-ups, for the last month or so…per same, a stick-up at 5pm last friday, under the Arches(and not McDonalds)…where the hell is our locak Kojak,  Mr Cervantes? …probably, along with the recently dismissed Mr INGUAT, replaced for being too good and the need for a job for someone’s nephew..

look’s like I missed a helluva wedding yesterday..Marc and Marina..having done one Guate wedding last month, I think I’ve made my quota for the year: at the point when the priest asks if anyone has any objections, I’m loath(inclined)to jump up and shout…WTF? are you serious? i had to explain last week to the marvelous Marbel that in the Youy ESS of A, 50% of all marriages end in divorce..or as Matt B once related, via a divorce attorney, if you knew that the airline had a 50% crash rate, would you fly with them? ‘having been down the bridal path 4X, you might think that i’m being septical..no, skeptical..would I? maybe, if she owned a liquor distributor network and a serious trust fund and I drafted the pre-nups…jeez, i actually had a ‘pre-nup’ once..as with a lotta things, i forgot all about it..could she come after me, now? hah!…no, a big double HAH! or hah-hah..i think it was recorded but she’d have to find it, etc…rotsa ruck..

yep, I’m stuck in town for this week…two serious appointments re ‘the silly little booklet’..after that, writing up a great NGO, ‘Houses to Homes’…I, as usual, had no idea..Barb K goes under the knife(serious surgery)this week..send good vibes, please.

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Monica of Jungle Party back!…no, i don’t know from where but she’s looking for a new manager/manageress…is that a real word? do i care? it’s the concept..someone ‘younger’ to deal with the age group that goes there..

ah..the Venetian Masked Ball? whew…there’s a ‘production’ goin’ on…stage, sound systems, costumes/masks for rent and a swirl of activity…yep, got my mask…no need for the brown paper bag as feared..

coming next weekend on Satuday the 25th…a charity thing at Joe’s Grill..on the way to Ciudad Vieja..starts at 11:30, 25% of gross goes to Charity..no, not her…ribs, chicken, corn on the cob, baked potato…the American Legion will provide free transportation from the Condesa by the park, starting at 11:15…tickets? 100q and call Bill @ 7934-6576 for same..or buy ’em on the way..Fabrizio must’ve got Da Mayor to do something about the road repairs out there..and thanks, Frank, for pointing out the proper spelling of  La Antigua Galeria de Arte…hey, i’m only hooman…well, maybe..the changes will go up/out into cyberspace to amazon.com for the latest version of the bookette..

wierd night, restaurant-wise…some local faves doin’ tables, some not…El Cazadore Italiano taking the nightly prize for biz..other’s slow/quiet…tres strange how the diners flow one night and then the other..B5 doing fine, Fusion dead..go figure..

Whisky Den, under the watchful eye of Karla doing brewskis..Braulio’s, the reinvented version of Pangea? half a dozen beer drinkers..Lava? quiet…guate’s checking their cell phones for messages..

Riki’s? dead…Red’s? lo mismo…Angies? quiet…not quite dead..but quiet..Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos? only the staff there..lotta turistas walking 5ta norte..o shit..’just remembered that i promised Victoria of Cafe Flor that i’d come hear her sing…damn…gotta get another notebook for writin’ stuff down…if i can remember to buy the notebook..CRS is me…mental pause, i guess..

Nelson and Ron Fortin at Cafe No Se earlier…two of our better musicians in town..Carla Berryhill back in town…’had it with West End/Roatan and Rio Dulce…gotta job for her? she’d probably take it…knows her stuff, bar-wise…so..the VMB tomorrow night? gotta feeling its gonna be totally different this year…how, i’m not sure…Gabi is amazing, to say the least..Alex and Rita’s wedding on Saturday…his folks are in town and met ’em at Sobremesa..’haven’t been to a wedding since the early 2000’s…daughter #1, in Carmel..’been the kinda things i shy away from, given my track record..

got no plans for tomorrow night? go do the VMB…weirdness personified, folks in costumes, masks and acting out..if Panza Verde’s 25th was any measure of fun, this might be in the same category..


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who would’ve imagined an afternoon/early evening sprinkle? not me, obviously, having left umbrella #5 behind at Bangalore Bobs..’ran into a made-up/sparkling version of Briele Miel Duflon on her way to the the park for photos…damned near didn’t recognize her…false eyelashes and the whole kit/caboodle…tres chic and damn good looking..with/without, kinda like frosting on a cake..

thank you, John Rexer et al…the ‘distribution network’ is 99% complete..25 copies a week, no mas..here, there and so on…Ricardo of Tabacos y Vinos at the helm of his usual nightly semi-party…Jean-Marc! don’t usually see him at T&V but there he was..Gabi A, doing TV..television, not transvestites..for a promo for the VMB, coming soon..next friday…buy a ticket, see the show, marvel at the costumes and laugh when I try to be moderate…no, the moderator…I can do this…trust me, i’m a trained professional..

Alex Ferrar of Sobremesa and Helados Exoticos? tying the knot…i.e, getting married next weekend, on the 18th…jeez..weddings…been a long time since i’ve been to one…they bring back weird flashbacks..Mario B of Johnny’s Place got hitched recently..Jann’s s’posed to be doing it(getting married)…is there something in the air or the water?maybe i’m just old and septical..no, skeptical…probably both..after 3.5 times, you know…

interesting conversations at O’lot tonight..jail experiences..maybe i started it by dredging up my own apprehension by the FBI…a long long time ago..and i paid my ‘debt to society’…Plumb Bob had some funny experiences same-o same o…a different crowd tonight..Bruce of PV, Michael T, John Rexer, Nicolas of Fish, Robto/Barb,Mario and then this guy rides his motorcycle into the Whisky Den..WTF? is there a bike’s only parking place in there?  Jerome of Travel Menu dashing in, between sprinkles…a quiet damp evening…La Pena del Sol and Las Palmas doing the group dinners…5th norte semi active..

Bull!  hope the pork chops got delivered…i’m gonna pop for the bbq tomorrow…the recycled car wheel on legs..just the right size for a rack of lamb, ribs or a small dog…

‘ordered the shipment of the 2nd Edition today…let’s see..3 days to the Florida P.O. Box..it sits there a week while Caniz screws around with Customs..here in two weeks and thence to the printer..bigger, better and tastier..whiter than white and a little dab will do ya…right..the 1st Edition will be history by then..as will all of us, eventually…go out and do something memorable, while there’s still time…this is all there is, i.e, have you ever seen a luggage rack on a hearse?

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some of each…Jason of Lava and mostly outa Siberia, back in town…great stories of 50 below zero stuff…yeah, it pays well. The only…well, not the ‘only’ thing is that you gotta fly in/out on those charmingly retro planes like Antonovs and Tupolevs…’having done a few routes on those pieces of Russian crap…the first time was charming..after that it was suicidal aka stupid..i suggested that he learn to fly in the rear of the plane, given that most crashes are nose first..hmm

a relatively quiet night for bars/restaurants…every one doin’ a table or two..yeah, everyone..Robt de Oro reporting a mishap with important documents and a month’s setback for ‘progress’…will this ever be over and WTF was Mr Security with his CZ 9mm? snoozing, apparently…Robto…missed you at O’lot…had to con Mike into buying me a cheap cocktail..Scott S and Lori  huddled, talking biz…and a giant thank you..Scott, for the compliments re the silly little booklet…and no..s’posed to be out today…figure tomorrow and yes, i’ll be going around tomorrow evening, dropping off copies and collecting $$..gotta..either that or run up more tabs..being a starving writer might sound romantic to some…take it from me..it sucks.

for a great place to hide out, try the Tretto Coffee Shop upstairs in the Jaulon building..Circus Bar, Casa de Jade…if you sit inside, in the corner, no one…repeat..no one will ever see you..I dunno how long they’ll stay in businesss, given their location, poor service and such but if being out of sight works…this is the place.

reports of a fairly sophisticated burglary downtown…a silver shop near the farmacia Roca..the perps broke in, cleaned it  out and left their own padlock on the door to fool the folks in the morning…speaking of a ‘sophisticated burglary’, a certain downtown place has been slammed with a multa/fine for…a, not having a license to play music and b, exceeding the decibels(sound levels)..the number of some 10000q has been thrown around..given the other ‘problems’..this saga will continue for a while.

as mentioned, INGUAT with a new leader has dispensed with the services of the very good/talented Walter Fischer…the first guy to make a difference/improvement and they let him go? alas, Guatemala..wake  up..tourism is the only bright spot in this economy…you’ve blown the 2012/end of the world thing that Mexico is cashing in on…WTF? Mexico is spending 52 million fucking dollars on this and what is Guatemala doing? firing the good people?  one doesn’t know whether to weep or cry..hell, have another screwdriver and fuggedaboutit..’it’s Chinatown, Jake’…narco bucks, more than the banks can launder, find their way into this town…ooh, surprise! look around at the many business’ that survive without business…how and why? gee..the good and great www.guatemala-times.com online publication that i occasionally write for…going under…have a desire to own a publication that dares to tell the truth? go there..ask Barb..no, i have no idea of the  price..hey! John Rexer/Michael Tallon…upgrade La Cuadra and go digital..gimme a case of Ilegal Mezcal for the referral..gawd, imagine a case of Ilegal Mezcal…the mind boggles..and i don’t care if its even the ‘Joven’…it’s all good.

the VMB?(Venetian Masked Ball)? moving forward, day by day..more posters/publicity being done…Gabi the Superb working wonders: one of the most talented business women i’ve ever known..sign up, buy tickets..masks available here and  there   gabialtman@rogers.com

for the ‘chisme factor’, no..we’re not..she’s a visual feast and how the hell PV managed to let her go…idiots, one and all..sometimes having too much money makes one complacent..BTDT, to my despair..Allen Garcia doing the evening shift at O’lot…one of our better bartenders/personalities…hasta manana…tis the weak end, fin de semana..

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phrase compliments of H.Ross Perot…and where the hell is he? this phrase is in reference to the new Prez Otto, who came out yesterday advocating decriminalizing…drum roll…drugs..since the YouEss of A is the world’s biggest Hoover of blow and meth, consumer of weed and other pharmacological wonders, you gotta wonder…imagine if stuff were legal and taxed? $$$erious dent in the deficit….add penalties like there are for DUI’s but not for possession…the speed freaks die sooner or later…imagine the ad campaigns! Coke: the Real Thing!..Classic Coke…stepped on ten times..is the Big O on board with Mexico(12000 dead in 2011)and Colombia? or is this just a cynical ploy to be coerced into fighting the War on Drugs with those DEA idiots and looking for toys/$$ to sign up? either way, a very bold statement…

the sunsets here are so very short…a flash of orange tinged clouds at 6, gonzo by 6:20…but, better than none at all…Santorini, Hawaii and Arizona…even Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica…the park, the park…the space next to Fusion on 4th calle is getting rehabbed…lotta roof damage and they’re hoping to be open before Easter/Semen Santa…perhaps a bit of a ‘cultural center’ in back..the newly opened Chocolate Museum across the street is getting traffic(foot)…

this Sunday: Finca Azeotea…Azotea…whatever…champagne brunch, 300q per, seth monfort on piano, for a brit ngo children’s foundation…three course lunch/brunch and no, i don’t know what time it starts cuz the embassy didn’t specify it…


for those who spaced/missed this, there were two…yep, 2!, five star reviews of Our Man in Antigua on Amazon.com…as mentioned, i learned to write for my audience a long time ago and this is perfect for eight grade level, two syllable words and the short attention span theatre..and yes, that could well describe me…as usual, the 5 o’clock Lush Hour at Ocelot attracts the evening crowd of assordid animals…’missed it tonight but last night? packed, up and downstairs…the ever delightful Ms E reminding me that I’ve promised to take her shooting…well, i had but the Antigua Shooting Range never quite made it, other than the back page of La Cuadra…’still gotta 100 rounds and a clean, well-lighted..no, well oiled little Beretta that needs to let the hammer fall a few times.. a long time ago, the elusive, seldom seem JR offered a trip to some ‘range’…he’s gotta be around, because the Pirate Radio Guy found him and now has an antenna for broadcasting locally…a whip antenna? sorry, san francisco humor…red light, green light, et cetera..

The new version  of the Venetian Masked Ball coming next month…Ms  A the Delightful and Mona Rose doing it…wonder if PV is missing Ms A? they should…they’ll never find anyone better…the usual crowd of gringos in the park returns from Nicaragua tomorrow…some kinda american legion whoop-te-doo in Granada involving commanders, salamanders and colanders….I passed this year: the 12 hour bus ride from San Salvador to that hell-hole Managua isn’t even tolerable with serious meds/rum/headphones…the on-board videos are crap and the….well, that’s just my opinion…i’d rather go to San Salvador, eat well, slurp some 7 year Flor de Cana and check out the new dancers at Lips (field research)…happy fin de semana…we made it thru another week, more or less. 

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