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almost, not quite….the immigration process is slowly(surprise)taking a bit longer…yes, I’ve got the official form stapled to my passport but now they(whoever they are)want to know my height in meters, another B&W passport size photo(on matte paper), a copy of a utility bill and a copy of my rental contract…hmm…only another 90 days, so by Christmas(hopefully this year)…do these folks work for the IRS? its just the same slow-death-by-water-torture process, but since I’ve become acclimated(thanks to gin and assorted pharmaceuticals)I really don’t care…o yes..my visa runs out by November 9th or so…but I”ll be going out of the country before then, one way or the other(and collect a new visa/stamp)

Just in from a few pops at Kafka, around the corner…I was walking by and noticed their new pool table, with a racked array set up for 9 ball…I took a double-take, and re-versed…yep, 9 ball..and then ran into Peter Glover…so I stayed for a few games, paid outrageously for a ‘corkage fee’ because they didn’t have any gin(and I had a bottle in the bolsa)….the manager was having a problem with alcohol stains on the cloth(wasn’t me)and as voices began to raise in volume, I slipped out..what the manager doesn’t realize or know is that within a week any pooltable will have cigarette burns and whiskey stains…tis the nature of the beasts that habituate those kinds of places..had he been thinkin’, he’d a bought another round and been glad that he had customers with money. Unlike Bodhi Masaya, which closed this week and Bistrot Cinq which is running 2/1 specials for food and liquor….when a class joint/operation like BC runs specials to drag in clients, given their location, you know that the grim finger of slowness has descended…they’re overstaffed and I suspect that a few will be given their notices shortly….will the pregnant door-lady get the ax? just when I had the bartender whipped into shape for martini’s…screw…how about some gratuitous photos of people we don’t know but wish we did?


Oktober Fest approaches

Oktober Fest approaches

It’s a weak link/connection but that’s how it is…there might be more amusing stuff on the www.examiner.com/x-22480-guatemala-travel-examiner  page but it’s tamer…film at 11




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What is it with me, bottles of Flor de Cana and my luggage?…yet again, whilst traveling, admittedly in rough terrain in the mountains of Honduras, the bastard bottle leaked again(not the same bottle)and giving my clothes the added freshness of eau de rum…the papers in the suitcase got a bit saturated, my used underwear improved but my attitude took a dump. This is not the first instance, btw…any clues, hints or ideas greatly appreciated.

Peter Bamboo Glover….mugged or an attempt at such, down by 2nd Avenida and 9th Calle a few nights ago: I think Wendy Wever, who lives nearby, also was recently attacked, but a bit more successfully by the two bandits on a moto. Peter, who packs, didn’t shoot ’em…the next time, if there is such a thing, I suspect it will be different. I’ve lately began to occasionally pack heat, if only per the insistance of she of the infectious laugh…trouble is, the damn Beretta is too bulky for evening wear(I know, bitch, bitch)so I’m either importing my trusty Walther PPK or finding a replacement in the local market.

Copan! much more interesting than I knew…the hot springs! superb, smaller than Tabacon, less commercialized and sweet(I’m goin’ back)….add some virgins in feathers, tiki torches and the spirit of 18 Rabbit will be there.  The rest of Honduras is totally fed up with Mel and his antics….he goes to Mexico, meets with Calderon, gets the full military honors and then steps on his dick with various comments…Calderon sticks a sock in his mouth, orders him to hang out in the hangar until his plane is ready and then…’adios, idiot..’  Mel’s pals are dwindling, down to Danny O and Chavez…I suspect that the Castro Brothers have heard enough by now.

And….I finally took a wrong step in the dark last night, ambling home from Hector’s…no, I wasn’t loaded…I was just not paying attention. Twisted the ankle for the first time since moving here, but thanks to the good folks at the pharmacy who reloaded my favorite travel meds, I expect to be in the twilight zone shortly(as if I ever left it, some might say)…

I’ve been trying to upload photos of the virgins in the pools at the hot springs but thanks to all the f$%^#@! students/backpackers who are sucking up bandwidth this morning, it ain’t workin’…I guess I wait until 3am when they’re passed out/overdosed/mugged..film at 11(or 3am).

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