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the punch line of a joke. A teacher tries to explain what ‘frugal’ means…i.e., to ‘save’…so she asks her class to use it in a sentence. One turns in a story about a knight saving a maiden, with that as the line. ok, fine..it’s a dumb joke but that’s my life, ok?
Spiros of the Exit Inn, celebrating his birthday (53)tonight…a round up of the unusual characters in attendence..
next door, Fusion is undergoing extensive remodeling and Alex is adding another restaurant in the fair back, featuring smokes meats…the name? “Something” as in he hasn’t thought up one..hmm..’Something’ might work.. I see that the Segue way people have stuck in a couple of their products in the front of Pal’Paladar…better location but still a losing concept for this town…scooter rentals haven’t made it, so how the hell can even foreign concept work? hey…offer free ice cream, is that’s what makes this town work. That, and pizza. Are the pizza places now outnumbering the same as travel agencies?
‘went by Da Vinci,to see Luis Miguels away fabulous Christmas tree..gonzo…damn..but the always fabulous Claudia #1 was in…whew..what a babe (and I told her so, ‘cuz it’s the truth)
Ponzi Bob and seldom seen wife due in late tonight..

and yes, the weekend looks like another run with Hogan and Reid…Chichi…always good for major crowds/chaos..hey, they picked it.
‘incineration’ the previous title…it happened last night, when i built a bigger than usual fire and draped two towels on the fire screen….whoosh! was reading, sipping but got the flamers out to the patio…singed a bit of my right hand but nothing serious.
and rumors of a change in one the partners of El Taverna..one selling, another buying in..
so, if there’s time, go to http://www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer and whip on the book…it’s a classic Antigua story, that still goes on.

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