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so, the ‘eye’ thing that I went to see the doc about? yeah, I’ve been doing the hot compress 3X a day, the drops, the ointment but….he said I also had to drink 8 glasses of water a day….bummer…I thought maybe the ice cubes might count…no…so? buy the 600ml bottle of sparkling water, add it to the whiskey and I’m close, right?

Caffe Opera, gone for a few months, appears to  have re-opened on 4th Ave south, next to Cafe Flor…the scene of the ill-fated Metiz deli previously…this doesn’t bode well for a come-back, you think?

FATCA equals more IRS paranoia…basically it means Foreign Account Tax Collection Act…Canada, with a million or so ex-pat Americans is struggling with it…it means, in a nutshell, that all banks are supposed to provide the IRS with information…transfers, accounts and so on…what this means or might mean for Antiguenos/Gringos is that two banks, BAC and BAM, are now owned by Colombians….drum roll…Colombia has signed a TIEA with the IRS, like Costa Rica and Panama…Tax Information Exchange Agreement…so if..and a big IF, the IRS wants info, they’ve got to provide a name…if you have an S.A aka a corporation, that’s an extra shield..if not and you’re running $$ not reported on your mandated yearly 1040’s or whatever it is now, ‘they’ might, at some point, ask you to explain…CitiBank now, I’m told, without proof/verification, is limiting a monthly transfer of $2000…Sieg Heil, in other words..

For those who care, Miss Honduras is only here for a month…’been riding in any tuk-tuks recently? I do and at least two a week are filled with gasoline fumes…which  implies that the drivers are higher than coons..pick your own metaphor/simile but the fumes are substantial and not my personal preference for getting high.

Wednesday? the reported day for the 234 ‘registered sex workers’ to show up at the IGSS hospital for their weekly exam…234? that’s 3 chicken bus loads! I wondered about the veracity of this statement, since the originator was known for ‘exaggeration’…the doctor confirmed the number…so I asked the local top cop…nah…maybe 50 or so in Antigua…some at the Mercado, some at Divas, Divas2 and Zodiaco…some at the park north of 7th Ave….still with me? since I walk by the hospital 2X a day, sometimes 4…I’ve never seen any lines of….uh..how to say this…hookers…even four abreast..he says they (the doctors, 2 of ’em)work until 9 or 10 at night, doing the tests…uh, what kind of tests? wait! with the Muni/City Council now mostly gone or in jail, does that reduce the number of 234?

and yes…www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer for the November version of Our Man in Antigua…and yes, more ‘road trips’ underway for addition to ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’..


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whew…never, ever ride home in a tuk-tuk with a full bladder(unless you’re wearing Depends)…so, La Taverna’s grand opening? lightly attended at 5:30 but it was great to see Dave Hoffman and Sara aka Pinky(thanks for the shot of Ilegal Mezcal)…Dave says they’ll open at 12 or so…soon..a local bar owner on deck, being coy about his involvement in La Taverna…also said that the existing joint aka bar on 6th Ave will stay open..also mentioned another opening…from the looks of the improvements, ‘someone’ spent some money, like the make over at Micho’s..(now dying a slow death)…was that really his  ‘new girlfriend?…she was hot..even without my glasses on, but if they were, they would’ve fogged up…;some said that Dave is part of La Taverna…’heard this late, can’t comment..

Laurel, recently/long time bar person at Reilly’s here and there, behind the bar at Ocelot and doing just fine, thank you…a  pro, in other words…Fusion’s seemingly slow action might be per Alex’ desire to work less per kids…i get that..

Karmen G! long time no see!…at Travel Menu, interviewing subjects for a new study…Allan doing fine, Capt Gerry and crew set up to play..Rich and Maria, there to listen/eat…their new burgers(TM’s)are getting good comments and thanks, Rich et al for the good remarks re the latest publication of ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously.’…HBT and i are going to the City next week and I’ll introduce him to the owner of Sophos as the ‘main character’…’should be good for chuckles..yeah, my printer? come by at 5:30…so I i did…’call me tomorrow at 11..’ hello, Guatemala!

Tanya Hughes, my favorite full-sized woman, left us yesterday…alas…what eyes, what a body..come back, soon, eh?

yeah, starting on the next book…there’s a stack of great firewood, a superb pot of chili heating, the rains have quit(I hope) and half a bottle of whiskey..is this heaven or what?

and yes, Jon Mellen of Epicure, astounded to hear of ‘234 registered prostitutes in Antigua’…yeah, me too but if I hadn’t interviewed the doctor, etc…i suggested some ‘field research’ for a great ‘in-depth’ article but he laughed..c’mon…Antigua needs’ good press’ , no? probably of this kind..ok, fine…volunteers?


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