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or rum-i-nations, como Guatemala…if the Queen of Spain is in town, where does she view the processions? will she ride on one of the floats? if so, how dressed?

it seemed like a ‘martini day’ after last nights o-so-close approximations at La Taverna…’not complaining, mind you, as Dave the Slave Hoffman is a great mixologist…the glasses were for margaritas and the only added things might have been pearl onions..no thanks..I’m a lemon twist/olive kinda guy…so? the mind set (sic) made me go to Bodegona for ingredients: gin(the only real martini ingredient, stuffed olives and a giant bottle of dry vermouth…so, drain the olives, rinse a few times and fill the bottle with vermouth…trade secret…freeze two martini glasses in the ice compartment, add gin and some ice cubes to the shaker (just enough to float a medium size battleship and stir…not shake…bad boy! stir and drain…ah! in front of my patio, by the fountain, is a tree that i long assumed was a lime tree..wrong, gin-breath…it has yellow fruit that when skimmed/peeled, taste like lemon! o happy day…a lemon twist! no,not her…she’s busy..

Cindy the C is back, for a day or so more, before the trip to the Galapagos, where she’ll be teaching something…Mike D is squiring her around…Sam the Canadian left today returning to the frozen wastes (why does this phrase always remind me of frozen dog…#@!)he says he’ll be back in May…if you go up to the Candelaria Caves and stay at the Lodge, don’t mention Joe Miller’s name..it seems that he had a close encounter with a bathroom ¬†window early in the morning…oops..

Flor and the Fashion Show? frankly, it was all about Flor…the models were young and cute but…Flor’s a woman and they’re girls, if you know what I mean…Bobby D and Grace did the early show at Micho’s last night…5pm start time? dunno..I walked by about 5:30/6:30 and they were playing/singing/doing the gig..

ok…science marches on! time to open the freezer compartment and remove ‘chilled glass #2’ and begin the beguine all over again…remember, stirred, not shaken…the lines are drawn..actually painted, on the street outside my walls/finca…indicating the ‘start’ of the San Felipe processions…Stations of the Cross, #1 and 2, are on the outside walls of this place…o boy…maybe if I went up to the little tower at the other end and ran a hose…a little water, not wine and ‘hello’ Jesus! ‘take that’, Mary….

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