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thank you, yet again, Jim O, for some great Antigua history. “Valley of the Dolls’, etc. Two Stroke Dave, later revised to Rolex Dave,  ultimately met his demise in El Salvador. This town has so many fascinating chapters/characters, that every day is chock fulla laughs..”Bull Durham’ another book of stories/adventures, same Reid C…and, of course the inimitable H.B.T, who never runs out of stories…like his current ‘situation’ which I’m not going into…we may, depending on some variables, be traveling to Zacapa next weekend…I have no idea how he and the ‘captain’ will mesh/get along, as they’re polar opposites but that’s yet to be seen.

so, another notch added to the ’86’d from that place/this place..it’s hard to keep track of the individuals who reach this pinnacle of bad behavior but fortunately there’s only a few players of this caliber. If you’re a habitue or frequent flier in the bar scene here, you’ll recognize the signs…regular binges and the usual warning signs of angry outbursts, serious intoxication and then just ol falling down drunk and disorderly behavior.

Music? you want music? got it…last night at Travel Menu, Bobby Darling opened for Piano Mike and Andy Luna…tonight, Piano Mike and his alter ego, Guitar Mike play at Hops and Tails, the old El Muro place on 3rd Calle. Travel Menu? their remod, I think, is great…food, equally so..that’s a hot location for some, not others…that side of 6th calle is basically bar to bar, like Punto Zero, staring at La Sala/Reilly’s across the street…how many bars are there in that end of town? How does Mitos or Segafreddy’s keep going? what’s up/not up with the old Sangre on upper 5th? its mucking afazing to me..

the ever glorious Tanya Hughes returns tomorrow…Nazi John not far behind and where the hell is Hogan Von Daniken? Next week, the 4th, is the one year anniversary of La Taverna…still hanging on, thanks at least to Dave the Slave..the main reason is their relaxed/non existent enforcement of the ‘no smoking’ law..if it weren’t for that..who knows?

so…Labor Day? yeah, Monday, at least in the You Ess of A, which from here appears to be more f….ed than ever…if you read/watch the news, it’s one sad screw-up after another: Fox News is no better than a cartoon network for dummies, no? and I think that we’re all on the same page as the latest Monsanto ‘cram downs’ for here and El Salvador…even Vietnam, defoliated by Agent Orange, rolled over..’those who don’t remember history, etc..’the mind reels…I think I’ll take my medicine early (Flor de Cana) and  space out…have a great weekend!

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in a town that has a plethora of bars/restaurants and a dearth of customers, why would anyone in their right minds open another?  o that’s right…’we weren’t thinkin’…we were drinkin’…let me explain just a few things…PC’s…no, not politically correct nor personal computers…’pouring costs’…what it costs to pour a drink: take the rent, the overhead, the utilities, ice, salaries, cost of the stuff and divide by 30…a month, get it? so,take that figure and that’s what your daily nut is..according to how many hours you’re open for business…oh! ROI? return on investment? 

Shaun’s newest venture, La Morena, back in the corner where the sun doesn’t shine? not open, yet..but, next door, to the ill fated Playa 13? Pelicano Sport! WTF? does that mean? sports with pelicans? The Beer Company in front suffers…however, one bright spot…Rory/Laurie of The Snug, took over Travel Menu and they should know what works and what the numbers are…but two doors west? some new kinda place with new booths and a shiny motorcycle as decor? idiots…walk around town and see how many places are doing business…Reilly’s/Dos Mil going to a Thursday night Ladies Swill it up for Free night…8-11…not exactly a money maker…and yest another ‘Mexican restaurant’ on 5th avenida, north of the park..next to the new Wa Lo Jade shop..or is it Way Low?  anyway…Fiesta is the name, tacos are their game…nice entrance, festooned (love that word)with sombreros, a fountain, courtyard, bar and Jose’s your uncle, eh? 

Looking for fun, excitement and ? Ask Dr J,who’s been renting a place in a Spanish school on lower 2nd ave…by night, there’s thieves, dope(weed/coke) dealers, counterfeiters and as a bonus? on the weekend, ‘girls’ from the City…400k a pop, so to speak….he’s moving out next month, so if this sounds good, track him down…

I was wrong(Version #45) ponzi Bob doesn’t leave til the end of the month..Mike D is handling the rental…no sign of Nazi John, since last weekend’s orgy…well, not really an ‘orgy’.,..shack up? good for him…who would’ve guessed? (not me)but that sets the tone/standard for what’s allowable there, activity-wise. The YMCA,it ain’t..

yeah, there’s drones in Guatemala and in Antigua…’guess this means I gotta start/file my taxes by next week…Tuesday the 15th, is also the 4th anniversary of Ocelot…mandatory appearance, btw…

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‘she was only the stableman’s daughter, but all the horsemen knew her’….repeat after me, but slowly…manure, ok? Yesterday, the sprawling semi-derelict Rancho San Fe, past Ciudad Vieja was the site of a Special Olympics event sponsored by Maria D and Norma M, both acclaimed practitioners in ‘equine therapy’…the first local, the 2nd a disciple and with biz in the City…I showed up on time….gave Balin the Wonder Horse a handful of apples…the %$#@! slobbered on me, the only ‘event’ that took place, other than signups for a future event. The kids had three choices: futbol, athletics or equinoterapia(horse back riding)….the latter took the cake, with over 20 signing up…when? dunno…you’ll know when  I know…


Tonight? another ’round table’ of questions at La Taverna…last year, the question was ‘who’s ever been in jail?’…100% response…tonight? who’s ever been in trouble with the IRS? yep…outa 8? 100%…me included..tomorrow? two events! 7pm, Reilly’s La Esquina, a fund raiser for one of my two favorite NGO’s, ‘As Green As it Gets’….my other fave? with the death of the founder, Joe Collins last year…’I’m not sure what’s up with From Houses to Homes’….if you know, tell me…they did incredible good works..oh! Lava, 8pm for Jason’s famous birthday party celebrations…a pig on the barbie! no, not her…a swine…ah, hell..

Is Adolfo, our ex-mayor really out of jail? been a while..how long? 2 years or so? has he paid his ‘debt to society or the judges?…and the music scene in town? ever changing..luckily I ran into Wayne Hooper at Michos, nursing a glass of wine…per Neil, the proposed times on Sunday are changed(temporarily)from 2-4 Sunday to 3-5 Sunday..something about Bobby D’s schedule…christ…Lori Shea, fed up with old information in our two local magazines, is creating/or has(my hearing aid is in the shop, yet again)to deal with this ever shifting schedule..Wayne’s at Panza Verde tonight, for example.

Earth Lodge! answer my emails…Saturday is their 9th Annual Cornhole Tournament…now, that’s a headline, eh?

Shaun of O’lot, spattered literally with paint from head to toe…painting the new La Morena…yes, another ‘f5$#@! bar in Antigua…’the ‘Frenchman’ and lady at Metiz….his initials are very similar to a famed FBI person…said he walks around town in a disguise…a wig and make-up..would I make this s#@! up? no…and if you see a new watch on my arm…it’s a $15 Casio knock-off…Hogan will schlep my old Rolex and Movado to Portand when he departs on the 6th…R&R ($$) for the Rolex, I’m afraid..I dropped the sucker on the tile floor last month…oopsy…no likee that move..


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what was the old Reilly’s on 5th norte now has new exterior paint…same colors..the bar looks like it might be nice to hang at. La Taverna, Dave’the slave’ Hofmann and Aury et al, did their best ‘happy hour’ crowd ever on Friday night..yeah, I counted heads but I forgot, ok? an amazing amalgamation of folks as you’ll find here.

Joe Lada, aka Bobby Darling, bought a thumb pick…iridescent red and cool..hot news, eh?

at last, the City is packed with tourists…some from the City, including some very tasty Capitalinas…more than usual: I was disgusted early and had to leave.

The Snug? next to Travel Menu? getting good revues and acquiring a crowd of their own…just how big that crowd will be depends on the size of the room and the Fire Marshal…oh..that’s right..we don’t have a Fire Marshal….Mañana? Pig on the BBQ and music…no, not THAT kind of pig…no dress, just some bbq sauce, Personally, I’m tired of pork in any way, shape or form…Reilly’s La Esquina, of course

Why does Bodegona re-arrange shelves every F%$#@! week? it’s occurred to me that that place has an aptly named Area 51 section plus sub-sections…you put the pieces together.

ah…another 25 copies in hand of ‘A Year of Driving with What’s His Face and the Crew from Hell’ will hit the streets this week..www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer  

getcher incandescent light bulbs…!outlawed in the US….become a mule..make $$..get turned on or in…

and a giant tip of the panama to Blake Thurgood aka Pappy’s BBQ…I’ve seen a fair amount of business plans and I’ve written a couple(dotcom biz in the 90’s) and his model is kicking ass…open only a few days of the week, sells out of product and creates a larger demand…keeps the overhead low, doesn’t have any excess and keeps adding items to the menu…helluva plan! If any folks in town who are considering a business or ….copy his model…


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no, I didn’t have a helmet to pith it but it seems that Reilly’s La Esquina was the site of a slug-fest between the managers (sic) Sunday afternoon…naturally, ‘security” couldn’t break it up because it was managers slugging it out..was it the bbq or the brewskis? ‘B’ is the answer..

Tomorrow night, 7pm/Michos’….’One Man, One Song, One Drink’, Bobby Darlings’ 3rd week boffo act…followed by Jessy, Antigua’s new ‘singing sensation’ 8pm,at Ocelot, mas or menos…GST, you know..

word is that the City Council, that long-time den of thieves of which most are in jail or on the run, has been augmented by new appointees…so? so what? once their relatives get the word, the deal will continue but maybe…drum roll, maybe some city stuff will get  done…right, after they get sworn in, paid and the New Year rolls over…as in, don’t hold your breath for anything immediate to happen, other than some preening/photo ops…

Mike C, seen at the Mercado, shopping for a used machete…por que? used? don’t ask/I didn’t…too wierd, even for Antigua/Mike C…imagine the conversation about the ‘used’ part…and these last few nights of superb sunsets, cloud formations….most xlnt…perfect weather, all day long…

and thank you, Copia Fiel!….copied my flash drive of the ‘winter’ version of Our Man in Antigua, new price stickers also…50q!…’said they’d be ready this Friday! wow..CF’s prices have allowed me to cut the price…super service!

Amazon.com won’t let me cut the price of ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’, so I’ll run a half or less price special til the cows come home (or New Years, whichever comes first)…go to http://www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer and order a ton or a gross…gross, that’s the ticket..and last but not least…Ocelot’s fabled ‘Happy Hour’…5q or 60 cents a drink for the cheap stuff? ends as of December the Fist..no, First…Sunday…Lava, their  co-operation, will continue the  concept but from 6-7….Ocelot’s changing to a 2 for 1 drinky-poo concept from 7-8 (the fancy drinks)…alas…the lower level of the patio is becoming even more of a dried up oasis…Whisky Den, 13, the bad concept bar and the vacant space in front…

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