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last night, Halloween, would not have been a good night to be cruising on anything hallucenogic….er, anything causing hallucinations…..seeing things that weren’t there because there were a ton of folks made up as zombies (and worse)…full marks to that usually dead place on 5th ave sur for their entrance…the cave effect was cool..Reilly’s La Esquina seems to have ruled altho since i didn’t go to Cashbar’s Foam Party i can’t compare…’Foam parties’ always make me think of contraceptive foam, ya know? Was Marbel at La Esquina Reilly’s just wearing a black bra? overflow! defying gravity (in a very nice way)


anyone catch the spectacular clouds/lightning strikes over Fuego and Acatenango last night, bout six or so? made me wish i had my camera/tripod…i love this place…a small earthquake about 5pm today and we have active volcanoes, bus strikes and loads of coke coming in from all sides…

Finally, after a very long day, I’m back to feeling somewhat normal (right)…it was a long night, since i ducked out on the freak show in town….I’d called in for an ‘extraction’ at Red’s for 7pm…traffic sucked but HBT gave his wife a great excuse to be gone..’Halloween Party’….except he didn’t say where….#2 in Joco….’Missing in Action’ Jackson faded…the ‘party’ there? crazed but entertaining…the dancers weren’t great but Miss Honduras was…I think that some of my drinks were ‘jungle juice’ and not necessarily Fleischmans vodka…

Mario B of Johnny’s Place in  Monterrico in town, with son…and proud of him…Yann, up in Montreal thinking of opening another restaurant? is he crazy or what? and yes, there’s an influx of white folks..aka tourists. Some with the matching t-shirts of the Christian persuasion, some with the fat white legs of the more elderly cruisers…who cares? o that’s right! the merchants!

the sign is off of what was Riki’s on 4th ave…imperio jade maya…moving or just opening another shop?…yeah, another jade shop, like we need more spanish schools, travel agencies and so on….Carmen Maria, the ex-mayor’s delicious daughter and running the Hotel D’Leyenda, got a great write up in El Diario this week…the hotel, ninny, not her…

so,this morning, I’m lurching down 5th Ave, by Nim P’ot and there’s Canadian Mike and Canadian Michael (relating last night’s episode)…’hi, meet Michael…er, Mike…’ gotta change my name…maybe ‘lunkhead’ words…your call..Franks’ on his way to the kite fest at Sumpango…’do I want to go?’…I was lucky to find 5th avenue, folks…what was in that stuff last night? The Day of the Dead is/was very appropriate. 

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the 7pm rain shower didn’t do much to dampen any spirits last night, except to pack the crowd even further in Lava (upstairs in the Ocelot compound)..at the magic hour (8pm/free drinks)even more folks straggled in to help celebrate their 2nd anniversary…not a lot of gringos showed or maybe they did after I stumbled down the stairs at 9 or so….Matt of Old Town, Henrik of Reilly’s, Mike D aka the ‘Perfesser’ and Lori Shea (ask her about the Time magazine thing)…of course, Shaun and Jason (it’s their most succesful bar)….Jason! ask  him about the Imam of Mauretania putting a miner’s strike down (or out)…and thanks for the special whiskey from the keg/barrel that’s been maturing for awhile now…

Today, the reconstipated…. no, reconstituted 4 some of the ‘Year of Driving Dangerously’ forms up once more: the dreaded trip to the  gritty City….yeah, ‘real’ men do go shopping but only when it’s absolutely necessary…in my case to have the little tube replaced (agin)in my un-hearing aid…screw…gotta learn not to do that, whatever it is that I’m doing..

news of a wedding tomorrow, by a guy who told a lady friend of mine that he was married, with a child up north…hope the new bride has an iron-clad pre-up but hey, who am I to give advice about marriage? 3.5 and counting….no, make that not counting: I’m over that stuff.

Tomorrow, the local post of the American Legion goes up the hill to Santa Maria de Jesus, distributing even more free water filters…these guys never quit and btw, go join the AL Library, next to the Jardin Bavaria on  7th norte…100q a year, open to any and all…35000 books, open 7 days a week, 11-3….100q is 12 bucks, right? a dollar a month, right? ok, fine…I’ll get off the Sap Box….usually the saop box but in my case…

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yeah, it’s rolled around again but the afternoon/evening rains have stopped (so far)….Piano Mike Chrisman rolled in, as has Moriah and Bobby Darling…music, somewhere..Rich and Maria have sold their house,packed and are heading south…waaaay south…this puts a spike into the ‘little theatre’ group, amoungst other things…amoungst?  sple chuck time!

Reilly’s La Esquina on Sunday afternoons? the place to be….80-100 folks there last Sunday, swilling beer, bbq….Christophe doing the cooking? yep…looked that way..

incoming, one way or the other…Mike D, Reid…Canadian mike in the park this week…the bounced Czech? still doing his weird shit around town..Concept 13’s new sand on the floor, hammocks on the patio?   f$#@! dumb/stupid….let’s see..this is a Spanish Colonial town and you ‘re trying to do a beach theme bar? sand…how about cig butts, broken glasses and cat shit?

yeah…HBT’s  right foot is better..he drove today and has a cane…doc says it’s a ‘hairline fracture’…..La Taverna is slowly picking up local biz….other bar owners and assorted riff-raff..it’s a hide-out,ok?

I guess, that with the departure of Rich, that the sunday’s at the race track are over..the first few times were fun, the spandex babes xlnt but the noise…nah…over with….changes…it is what it is..get over it..

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no more parades, drums and noise, porfa…no more crowds, closed streets and….traffic. I finally lost it and got outa town on Friday, driving with the imitable HBT…the Cougar was running fine, despite a rusty radiator and the rain kept going until Puerto San Jose. Yes, the usually off limits dive bar yielded (El Taslisman) a surprise and a map…’can’t talk about the ‘surprise’ but the map,after we got the Cougar nearly sunk in a foot deep flooded hidden chuck hole….christ..heart attack time: it’s a friday afternoon in PSJ and we’re stuck/flooded? well, there goes the weekend..

not, fortunately…a few prayers and the Cougar got out of the spot. And yes, thanks to a map, we found the ‘Club San Diego(not the Las Vegas, as my faulty memory repeated)and the Club Millenium….next time, another trip, another crew of misfits…nah, not misfits…’adventurers’….

So, off to Monterrico and the most xlnt Hotel Del Fin….room #13 waiting, a bottle of Botran, a glass of ice, coke and all was good…so, who would we run into this time? it’s impossible to go anywhere in this wacked-out country and not run into someone who you know (is it not?)…hello! Travel Agent Alice (40’s)and her boyfriend of six months….anniversary time!  he’s just turned 18, btw….ok…the night went on, the….Johnny’s place, of course…Juan of the Del Fin had a grand opening next door for a bar that he’s revived…’Animales Desconocidos’….HBT reportedly was dancing there later…

a parade in town, two paralyzed Canadian travelers in the back of the Cougar(HBT drives, inhales and the beer is always cold but you knew that…they didnt’)back to town, the crowded Calzada and it’s been more insane since then….i blew off going to Sobremesa’s special brunch, the ‘corn-hole event at La Esquina today and my only excuse….with the perfect weather(temporary) at monterrico…, 70’s and so on, i chilled out in the pool and heard great stories from Dan of the Yukon….drilling, mining, wacko shit….ask me about Chevy engines or core drilling in Colombia…

maybe Copia Fiel will step up tomorrow…maybe the sun will rise…fer sure, dude, this holiday is over..

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You probably don’t want to look up the definition….ah, the rains, the buses of kids brought into town, the crowds…and this is just the beginning of a LONG holiday weekend…get to the bank/atms now, before the money is drained and you’re sucking by Monday (money-wise, that is)

if and I repeat if, the reported number of registered ‘sex workers’ (234)in Antigua alone(I asked that specific question)is valid and…and there’s another group of….uh, free lancers, are they tuning up for the festivities?

discounts, ‘specials’…again, I’ve been told that around the evening,  Burger King and the hotel across the street, plus the little park between Antigua/Joco…well, you tell me…I’m busy…screwing with the so-called printers in this town, who don’t answer…’yeah, I’ve got copies of your last book cover and yes, I’ll sell them’….right…how about a price, dipshit?..o gee, forgot to include a price…

Per Neil of Micho’s there’s a storm blowing in from the Pacific side, thru Sunday…o fine..perfect for tomorrow’s little overnighter in Monterrico with HBT (with side trips to special places only he knows about)…right, no camera, for this trip..

Sobremesa/Pappy’s BBQ teaming up with the Mimosa Mamas for a two day brunch blow out…11-2, Sat/Sun..expect me there for Sunday, assuming that HBT doesn’t get me thrown in jail for whatever…and 3pm, sunday, Reilly’s La Esquina for a photo shoot of ‘Corn Hole’…whatever that is but I’m loading up with fresh batteries..’went by early for a look at Fusion/Nido Antigua’s art exibition….spel chuk..exabition? exibition…screw it…showing, ok? ah…ok, but not great..no prices, no red stickers for ‘sold’ marks…gimme panza verde, ok?

and yes, another triumph of  ‘hope over experience’….that little cafe spot around the corner from…corner of 1ist calle-6th avenida, the scene of many disasters…? yep, new faces, looking at signs(not good) and dreaming of making it big in Antigua…and another vain attempt, next to the perfume shop on 5th calle, across from organica? more dreams waiting to crash…

and yes…mold, again? yep….


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