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which has nothing to do with anything unless it applies to something I’ve missed…whew…the young beauty queens in red dresses  and high heels…posing in front of the Cathedral and then trooping out of City Hall later…guess that Da Mayor needed to give them his stamp of…approval? Miss Guatemala got my vote…tall, skirt up to here, legs to there…Luis the Guide was watching me trip over my tongue.

Jason of Lava entertaining the bar with tales of outback kangaroo hunts(for food)..while he mixed up the evening’s bbq sauce for the chicken…some kinda big pork cookoff there in the afternoon of Thursday..the Lounge taking one of dos Reilly’s slogans…Come as Strangers, Leave as Friends…a sign over the door…lame, if not also tacky..

just missed the marvelouos Marvel at Ricardo’s…found out from mr Adams that she reads..a mind and a body?  Ocelot’s latest ‘happy hour’ concept of cheapo drinks from 5-6? drawing in a room-size crowd at 5pm…don’t stand in the doorway, my advice..can you spell ‘trample’…

the town? more and more christmas lights/decorations, tourists w/cameras…’mighta turned an economic corner, as long as those bloodsucking ATM’s at  BAC  leave any money in the account..Revue’s coming out tomorrow with an article about same…personal…ouch..BTDT, alas..ran into Cath D in the mercado this morning…she shopping at the flower section, me confessing to shopping for shoes…yeah, a real ‘guy’ thing, window shopping for shoes….ok, just a little gay joke: in San Francisco they define a homosexual experience as shopping for shoes with a matching belt…drum roll…’passed  Moriah of Piano Mike fame…Ignacio in the park earlier, dressed to play somewhere later…nope, didn’t ask…and yes, looking for other quarters, after the first of the year…’think my sanity(hah)will last til then…noise, buses, tuk-tuks..no can do..oddly busy in town tonight…a good thing..

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opening soon on 6th Ave norte, #35a…a bar/restaurant called Nadoosh…ooh..great concept! hookahs…no, not hookers…those bubbly water pipes and ‘all you can drink’ for 100q….perhaps some live music on Fridays and Saturdays…across the street from AyRobot…look, folks…this block is dead..muerto…Kafka faded, Da Vinci’s been long gone and the abortive restaurant Hot Road came and went…’much like the new deli on 3rd calle…Le Deli? gonzo…closed, shuttered and hasta la vista, baby..

nuthin' to do about anything

Monday night was a non-event..now, even Thursdays are dead…if you can’t make the monthly rent/nut on Fridays and Saturdays, stick a fork in yourself, cuz you’re done…there’s a few smiling faces…der Henrik of of dos Reillys’, Ocelot…Lava…everyone else is praying for relief in the form of customers…La Pena del Sol doing okay…how much longer can Riki’s keep the doors open?
upper 5th quiet as the tomb…Gaia and Ricardo’s T&V the only action…doors closed, folks laid off..Gaia? hopin’ and wishin’…taint’ gonna work…not tonight or tomorrow..even Frida’s dead..LM of DV checking in/out…battered cowboy hat…if Claudia would ‘work’ the front door, maybe…maybe not…probably not…she’s beautiful but not that into doing ‘bring in the customers…’ 
good to run into Brendan earlier…i admire his courage(and another friend)who’s setting up housekeeping with a woman..’takes a lot of courage, at least for those of us who’ve done it six million times…’can’t live with ’em’…an alien species…i honestly don’t think i could do it again…no matter how good the….. was…an old friend, post divorce court, once said that ‘if they didn’t have a ….y, there’d be a bounty on ’em’…take out and home delivery is about as close as I’m willing to go..hey..its a national holiday week in the YouEssof A…family, food, football and tryptophan overdoses..no deal on the budget, no deal on anything except catastrophe, impasses and pepper spray..the decline and fall of the ’empire’ indeed..dipshits…guatemala seems sane by comparison…

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adios Nokiate….folded their tent and that’s allll fooks…no, folks..damn spelchuck….now a ‘sports bar’ aka Juan Caravelas…big black Beemer outside, mighta been a 700 series…didn’t look(i drove a 735i last)…’can’t recommend that location, given that Nokiate had a lock on that menu until they went weird 2-3 years ago…

lotta locals(gringos) did the Sumpango Kite Bash and came by smiling…yep, it’s a must, at least once, for the visuals…Ocelot’s new happy hour of 5-6 drawing a crowd of cheap…no, frugal…imbibers…hey, it works..everyone’s smiling and in this economic perfect storm that’ s as good as its gonna get.

La Casaca? a new coffee bar next to El Antigueno Flan…open…El Portal and Condesa Expresso already sucking up that crowd…what the hell were/are they thinking? let’s see…there’s already three coffee outlets on that side of the park…let’s go head to head with established places? kind of like the thinking(or lack of)re the ‘Livingston’ cafe on 5th calle, around the corner towards Chez Chris..o..right…the famed cuisine of Livingston, known around the world for it’s famous……. jerked chicken? that’s a dish, btw..not someone i know.

some grumbling/grumbleing/from the abode of the River Rats…boys…taking advantage, yet again…big surprise, eh? tis their M.O

the turists are still here!….walking the streets, cameras clicking…going out at night in small packs…to where? La Fonda de Peter, Sabor Tiempo, some at Caffe Bourbon…lotta prayers being uttered by restaurant owners for November to erase the deficits of Sept/October…A Bell’s Fusion 2 looking fine, the one bright spot on that block…such a tricky business, with location, rent and traffic flow. The owners don’t care about ‘market rates’ and if its vacant, i.e., like the old Reilly’s location, so? so what?

thanks again, to Yann/Mario and Nick for the La Reunion ‘thing’…i loved writing about it…is Monterrico still semi-landlocked?…the floods in ixtapa and other places..El Pumpo! great name for a village…’where ya from? El Pumpo’…end of conversation…Sobremesa having some kind of bash Saturday…Angie Angies first year anniversary approaching..her wine selection is ‘choice’ to me, anyway…what’s up or not with the newish deli on 4ta ave sur..el metiz? ay yay yay, carramba…another ‘location’ problem…the old Deliciosa location woulda been better, if only for the memories of previous clients..the Colonial Deli on 7th, between 3rd and 2nd avenidas? got some stuff you won’t find at Epicure or Culinaria and cheaper..well, tis is a fine kettle of fish…i’m blanking out on what’s up..pass the scotch…tomorrow is the beginning of the weekend for me..cu around this lovely burg we call home. Lori S of Guatemala Medical Travel relating that her plans of going to El Salvador to renew visas? the bridge is out…going to Copan instead….say hello to Twisted Tanya for me..

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yeah…who knew?  per Shaun of O’Lot,  ‘they’ were out last night, goin’ from bar to bar…exactly what they were sniffin’ for, who knows? cigarettes, blow or other dogs?…he’s thinkin’ that Da Mayor is gonna ‘crack down’ again…better than cracking up, i s’pose…old old joke..’Confucious say that women who fly upside down have crack up.”…drum roll..

five rivers and four streams tonight…that’s what it took to get from Bangalore Bob’s to 5th calle and back…the calles are rivers and the avenidas are streams and damn little ‘action’, i.e., people on the streets…dos Reilly’s jammed!…El
Gato Negro doin’ fine…Chez Chris doin’ two tables..Franklin of Whiskey Den serving cappuchino for five..rain, rain and more rain…

there’s a ‘Miracle on 5th Avenida!’….Sarah G reports that she’s sold Caffe Bourbon!….be there tomorrow night at 7 for making toasts and a dent in their liquor supply..CU there..ah…who knew? Antigua has a minor god in the pantheon of chili cooking…many many years ago i sent off for some kind of membership thing in the Terlingua Cook Off or whatever..so long ago, i forget but Carroll Shelby(the Shelby Cobra?) was behind it..serious Texas cookin’, kinda like how…oops, almost mentioned his name…the Texan from Austin parts who gets righteous about BBQ?, (Mr ex-Sangre )….James Santiago aka Bull Durham says he once came in 3rd in the annual Terlingua event…3rd? that’s like making the top ranks of Frenchy cooking…4 Michelin stars…

Piano Mike and Moriah, setting up at Caffe Bourbon…they’re playing a birthday party tomorrow at some private function…Bosque de Antigua? this ain’t their first private gig…gotta be good..for those who care, Bodegona now has a  freezer with steaks from the YouEss of A..very very thin rib eyes…45q a pop, by the butcher counter, against the wall..yep, got my first CNN piece published today…thank you, Luke…for the inspiration..there was something else that i was gonna write about but…the mind takes a lickin’ and sometimes doesn’t keep on tickin’…maybe in the middle of the night/morning it’ll kick in..stay dry..hah…umbrella #5 is actually rusting(the ribs)…when i see rust stains on me, i’m…well…hasta manana, y’all…ah, it kicked in…the Antigua Shooting Range? finally got an email from ’em..’never had a range, it was a part time thing and ….no biz, no action and they’re traveling next month’ i loved their ad in the back of La Cuadra…’thought it was an idea with merit…some, anyway…soundtrack of Sonny and Cher singin’ “Bang Bang, Shot Me Down’ or the Wagner piece from Apocalypse Now…looks like those of us with unfilled needs to smell gunpowder in the morning will have to find our outlets otherwise(sorry, Emma)

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Antigua has a golden hour or so, first thing in the morning but…you’ve got to be in the avenidas by 6am, when the streets are clean and the air is fresh. There’s a few walkers and the school girls in their plaid skirts are going where ever it is they go and the muni crew in their green t-shirts are marching with their palm fronds to sweep the central park. If its rained in the night(and it has)there’s a few puddles here and there. The bouganvillea in its intense red/purple hues is almost incandescent, hanging over a wall here, a wall there. By seven am, it all changes: the chicken buses growl, the tuk-tuks snarl and the cars arrive.and arrive…and arrive…the air isn’t so sweet any more..Bodegonas’ open and the delivery trucks do their deliveries..the newspaper vendors look for biz and there’s only two shoe shine folks in the park(so far)..the old guy in the straw hat and one of his younger competitors. Pollo Compero has a line of cars outside, people inside getting their daily ration of salt, fat and carbs, with a little caffeine thrown in. Another day has begun, whether you like it or not. 

Victoria’s Secret has a new WonderBra…called the ‘Rawhide’ model….’rounds ’em up and moves ’em out’…yes, a very obscure reference to Clint Eastwood’s TV climb to fame…as far as Antigua goes, September wasn’t exactly a banner month for biz…if anyone broke even, count yourself lucky and October seems doubtful…hey! Oktoberfest!  bring on the Bud Girls, the Brahva Babes, the Gallo Chicas…dress ’em up in lederhosen(only)and roll out the barrel…

i’m starting to think(so to speak)that i may have a slight case of SAD…seasonal affective disorder per the lack of sun light..the days of gray, doom and gloom are getting to me. LM of DaVinci says he saw the sun today..i didn’t..but i did get to see the lovely Ms C and smooch her hand(twice)hey, i’ll take what i can get..

I’m liking Peter the G’s/El Caminantes approach to entertainment…Feast of the Flesh? yeah…T&A always works…always..speaking of that, ‘walked by Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos earlier and noticed an outstanding new addition to his crew…’outstanding’ in every sense of the word..the painters on 5th…the guys doing the watercolors? recently expanding beyond the usual Volcan Agua/Arch stuff and doing some spectacular country scenes…i’d buy one or two but…if you buy from one guy, then you’re stuck unless you also buy from the other guy..

didn’t get the sense from the street vendors that this weekends visitation of cruise ship tourists was a success, but then..no one’s doing a lot of biz…Almacen Broccoli/Troccoli doing better tonight than anyone else..Como Como closed..por que? everyone else doing a deuce here,there..(two to a table)lookin’ like October/Novembers gonna be crunch time for a lotta joints and I don’t mean Captain Crunch…ads being stopped, rents not being paid, lotta places for sale(as if)…hmm..how ’bout a Maximon festival here?  smokin’ and drinkin’…create a look-a-like contest, bring on the Bud Babes…

the sweet smell of a fire tonight, coming out of the Cloisters…felt like winter,somewhere else..the grandmother who does the most excellent empanadas ever…on 4th, out of her street side window..as good as Epicure’s croissants, crust-wise…Ixchel Spanish School opened on 4th norte this weekend..wtf? this end of town is so dead that even the homes offering space to ‘pensionistas’ can’t fill ’em..I’d say that their business is dying but..being a pensionista myself, i won’t go there..

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