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that’s a convention I’d go to…’ran into Bill the Harriss early by the park…off to play golf in the city and reporting that Monday night(last night)was SRO and turning biz away..why? Ignacio and the Cuban All/Stars…go figure…my hunch, along with JohnWilbur’s is that tourists don’t venture any further than 3-4 blocks away from their abode/lodging…we who have heard Iggy play here, there and everywhere are blase..bored, cha cha…but for La Pena del Sol and that part of town, he’s a draw..way cool…know that i walk from 1st calle to 9th calle and/or 3rd ave to santa lucia every day..and i agree with john w…el muro quiet, 4th calle dead except for alex bell’s xlnt fusion 2…wtf with 709 next door? great decor, lighting but never anyone in there chowing down..or up..or anything…a plaintive note from C #1…her daughter gets this message to go collect rent on saturday from the Rum Bum…shows up on Monday as instructed…he shouts, grabs her and doesn’t fork over any $$$…she goes to the police…a 15 year old girl being jerked around, literally? …C is too sweet a lady, plus a widow with kids..Hectors? quiet tonight…most of the town likewise…Yo-Yo at Ocelot..a meatball wearing a meatball headscarf..Japan’s flag wrapped around his head…long email from JH today, with further complaints re the BAC and the atm scams still going on..i’ll get around to writing part 2 of this..picked up my replacement shuttle card for the salty beaver grand opening tonight…think i’ll be there for two nights..one for r&r, the other for recovery..carla recoving from the ‘taco incident’ last night…yeah, let’s go have the ceviche from the trunk of the car in the sun..’she of the …whatever it was’…had the ceviche at Dos Mundos the first time we went there…and got exceedingly sick…her dad and i went down the dark roads of monterico to where i’d remembered a pharmacy..’left him holding the pistol while i bought meds for her..ah, those days…what a gringo idiot i was…and still am, in many ways..must be genetic…one of the gringo owners of ixcot putting up two iron sconces with candles overlooking the patio…looks like the carriage lamps on a hearse, which describes their business..they and Sangre ought to join forces,since they both seem to have the same business plan…non-profit..no biz and no idea…got money? give it to me and i’ll show you how to blow it..the cruise ship idea isn’t quite dead yet..research goes on..the AL library next to the Jardin Bavaria is almost finished…Desiree stopped by…pitched the noche del chef’s to me next week…all depends on the aftermath of the beaver episode..gotta pace myself..look, i’m older than dirt..get over it..i have…

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and this has nothing to do with the above…hey, a ‘hook’ is a hook, no?…yes, I’ve gone that route, more times than I can remember…if anything, buy ’em good perfume and if you’re seeing more than one lady, give them matching scent so as not to blow your cover…Helpful Hints, Page two…very quiet night in the burg we know as Antigua..Monday? a few flocks of matching tourists/jesus freaks out and about…a few more travel agencies and fly-by-night hole-in-wall eateries opening…’hoping for Semana Santa? perhaps…hoping for a miracle? no doubt..’had a peek into the new Da Vinci space on 5ta Calle this morning…it’ll be totally different, atmosphere-wise, unless LM brings the decorations with him…and then it’ll be wierd/strange, which is not necessarily bad..the two Claudia’s working DV tonight..’couldn’t change a 100q note…Claudia #1 not seen…the Rum Bum is stressing her…’ran into the tall cool bartenderess of El Muro…’great background..’moved here when she was 8 months old…we swapped stories of chopping firewood…hers took place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming..i know, weird shit..that’s my life..get over it..Carla and Lori at the bar in O-lot…Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos doing SRO biz last night at his cigar/wine bar on 5ta norte..Alex’ 2nd anniversary of Sobremesa this week..Thursday in the morning..jeez, time flies..f…ing ants got into my cashews…who knew? what has four legs and eats ants? both of my uncles…drum roll..the AL library next to the Jardin Bavaria is almost put back together…a lot closer to my squat on 4th Ave..I’m lookin’ for new quarters, post Semana Santa…the troll in front has finally weirded me out..drugs, meds and alcohol doesn’t make a dent in the situation(me, not her)..someplace quiet, por favor..still no replacement ticket for the lost shuttle ticket on saturday for the ‘Beav’s grand opening…worst case scenario is that I forge Peter’s signature on one of the ‘Beav’s business cards..which i have…and claim ignorance(which is a slam-dunk)…Eric the Broken Stone is leaving us this week…another of A-guas great characters..can’t have too many of those..ants? in my cashews? little muthaf…..kers…too small to shoot or do anything with a hammer..japan? poor poor bastards…cataclysmic, catastrophic, cata end of the f….king world stuff…not one, but 3 reactors melting down…holy shit..what is the rest of the world waiting for? send $$, people, ships, planes, body bags, food…if not now, when? this isn’t just about japan…this is about the planet, a nation, a country and a people..i’ll make this simple: suppose you can’t get parts for your Honda, the Sony or the Panasonic? no more Top Ramen, sake or used school girls underwear? does this hit home? do something, even if it’s wrong..fine…have a great week..they aren’t, in Japan…


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by the devastation in Japan…and elsewhere…Santa Cruz? my old stomping grounds…the US Embassy sent a warning to me earlier about Sipacate…’ran into Peter the Hodge at Ocelot later…LM and the delightful Alison…no worries…’bought the shuttle for Saturday..Sat night guaranteed, Sunday is open if  I feel the need..

‘lost my ticket for the shuttle on Saturday already, two hours later…Edy of Pangea had this idea about 3X1 beers tonight…at least one table in the patio sucking down numerous brewskis..who knows? it’s a new idea..Nelson hanging out at Caffe Bourbon, listening to Piano Mike and Moriah..that’s a compliment, from one musician to another…Adan, the  Cuban pianist at Caffe Opera, playing to a crowd…unf….king unusual…maybe he’s what they’ve needed all along….alas, poor Japan..wasted and now radioactive? holy jeezus…where’s Godzilla or Rodan? probably on the beach in Bali…what next? ‘heard that Puerto Quetzal was closed…might mean more traffic at the Bamboo Club in Puerto San Jose…go ‘pumpkin!’

the girls from Ipanema


 Max, that over achieving bar owner…’scheduled six babes for working the bar tonight…Brazilian babes from Rio..here’s Tamara(the brunette/morena)and Catalina…i left when #5 showed up…as mentioned to Carla at O’lot…their staff are ‘wholesome’…EM’s are slightly nasty…Marcel of El Caz ‘got that’…stopped by on my way to Chef Pierre’s…spaced it after meeting Azucena…hmmm



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ok…it’s a nautical term…get over it…a quiet night in A’gua. New guitar and whatever duo at Caffe Bourbon… Ignacio and the Cubes at Ocelot and the rest of the town? quiet, dead and peaceful..popped in at O’lot, Da Vinci’s and Zaika…ended up doing shots of tequila with Enrique and Bianca at Z’ka…yes, I brought in a sampler pint of Jarana…it was science, a test…ok? tis been a week since Reilly’s got shut down..no news of negotiations or anything..i’m starting to get the feeling that they’re dead in the water…done/over and history…it was what it was, when it was…Ixcot, the new crepe place in the O’lot space?…a terrific new sign/logo…a large stone, carved/incised with their name…hope it doesn’t end up like the rock that closed off the tomb of jesus, what’ s his name…i don’t see any future for another crepe joint,  other than the existing luna de miel, on 6th..tis still disconscerting(sp?)to walk by reilly’s and to see it dark and closed…i think so to speak, that they’re dead..’hope that i’m wrong but after a week?  take over el cielo and keep the tradition alive..two years with an expired/ dead lease? excuse me…and a happy thanksgiving to the gringos…is it breasts or thighs? gimme both, por favor..dark meat is fine with me…it is, after all, latin america.

breasts or thighs?

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it’s the motion…quoting maria maldaur…or channeling flipper..rain tonight? throw in some thunder, lightning and a few moments of no power…i got as far as the park and circled back to ocelot…Carla! looking much improved per the second opinion of no surgery, different meds and a new lease on life..Keith, on top of the bar action…place packed, as was Reilly’s, Cashbar and El Pescatore…Neil Craig! serious about food, tastes, wine and so on…his restaurant,  Pangea, should be a serious statement on culinary arts. Our mutual guru is thomas keller, of french laundry and bouchon fame and  i can only look forward to discussing the finer points of goat vs. buffalo cheese..soft opening after the licenses are in place and a grand opening later, probably in september…speaking of soft openings, Alex Bell is opening the doors of his  new place on 4th calle, across from the dona luisa bakery, this friday night..6-9pm or so..the numbers he quoted me for overhead were/are  staggering..the old joint, Fusion…no need to go there..hector on top of the flow at ten pm…joint packed, the crew moving in syncopated motions…he has a plan B for if/when the changes as  proposed by the city actually take place…supposedly some 39 estashbliments have applied for exemptions..establishaments? is that a word? spell check isn’t working, nor am i..thanks to shawn of o’lot, i met an archeologist who’s discovered something huge in the peten…ocelot killed last night…30 salvadoreans on the upper level, sucking $320 worth of liquor…huge…Alex Ferrar, doing business with a group of ladies (Carla there)…says he’s ordering a freezer to handle the increased need/orders for his ice creams…30 flavors and counting…I know of at least one new outlet that would be glad to have him supply their dessert needs..the once rum-soaked white linen jacket has survived another outing..as have i..be well, go to church in the morning and pray for all the wild oats you’ve sowed tonight to suffer crop failure in the morning.

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