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but someone’s gotta do it(and I volunteered)…don’t expect much for the next few days per my absence to the pacific side of this land…’taking off for a couple of days of semi-rest following the Honduras run…between the bad blow, lame strippers and rigors of Roatan, a suggestion was made by she of the infectious laugh that I join her and her family at the coast for a few days…ergo, I go, with laptop in case I feel the need to work. Butt-Man will return to the illogical nature of current events, laws and scandals later…The Mezcal Project is completed, the martini shaker/ingredients are ready for transport and I s’pose that the black leather shoulder holster will just have to clash with the white linen jacket….fine, report me to the Fashion Police. I”ll be in Bungalow #8. Knock twice….ah…here’s the police in action…

Up against the wall!

Up against the wall!

and a good thing…rumor has it that Panza Verde was robbed two weeks ago…some low-rent robbers apparently came in before noon and went after the previous night’s receipts…as if…assuming that they’d thought this through, they might have come to the conclusion that most of the action is via credit card. Yes, PV is at the end of 5ta Sur and the getaway route is better for a variety of roads…but..I’da picked a place that cranks serious $$$ in cash…Reilly’s, for example, or Cafe No Se…cash only. A bit harder of a nut to crack(especially Reilly’s with the guard at the door)but definitely more lucrative…Nim Pot or Fridas? ah, well…stick up artists aren’t usually at the top of the food chain…usually at the bottom of the gene pool but at least they don’t have to worry about getting caught, much less going to the slammer.

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