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gotta love jesus, mardi gras and feathers

i know..it’s s’posed to be ‘bon temps”..as in ‘let the good times roll’ but after this weekends’ dog show and the doggie bon bons left here, there and everywhere…so…’Fat Tuesday’ aka Mardi Gras…’heard that there was a proposed procession of the garbed/masked participants to take place prior to the opening of this evenings festive event…starting at La Merced and thence down 5th avenida..’gotta be a strange sight, even for Antigua…Que Pasa!..late getting out the March edition per a minor matter of firing two key staffers…no, not Manuela or Keri…somehow they(the two departed) thought that they could start up a restaurant publication…ooops…same clientele, same advertisers? i don’t think so and neither did Scott…who’s still in Peru..holed up in Cuzco, doing god knows what…’last I was there, after buying two baggies of dried out coca leaf(research, dammit)and nipping on the usual bottle of Flor de Cana…i ventured out for a walk and ran into a small flock of Hare Krishnas…white racing stripes on the nose, orange sheets, a banner and the inevitable…’hare hare, krishna, krishna..”in India or LA…fine…Cuzco? WTF? ‘once had an interesting adventure with a defrocked Krishna devotee…secretary to the founder, adviser to George Harrison..’my sweet lord’ and his driveway in london paved with uncut rubies..’

correction about the jB’s and such…its JT of CIRMA..heard from two people that the JP is the one who bought Cafe Flor..one presumes that the legal beagles will be consulted…if not now…when? when hell begins to freeze..progress on the Nica article! 2400 words in a day..a 3rd of the way, before editing..’hope that I haven’t turned off a lady that i care about…dumbass latenight texts when the breathalyzer wasn’t plugged in..so what else is new, o you of little self control? LM of DV tells me that Chez Christophe does a good late night business…hey, i’m usually in bed by then and then later,at home i go to sleep..i wish..imagination is everything when your a sexagenerian…what, you didn’t know? I may not matriculate as often as i used to, but..Peter the G’s next extravaganza…Pimp’s n Ho’s coming soon (so to speak)..to the El Cam/El Mirador roof top…where’s Rico? no see long time…another twisted tale of weirdness..from a few observations it appears that upper 6th avenida has/is become a dead zone for business(aside from Luna Miel)…so? so what? its the economy,stupid..or the lack of it..folks probably counting their chickens(and quetzals)praying for a decent Semana Santa, a short May and hopefully the summer crowds..I’m looking for a new abode after SS…any clues, hints, directions(other than go f…k yourself) gratefully appreciated..Note to Peter The G…i’m not on twitter…yes, i signed up a year ago but have never been active(and with a lot  of other things, as well) ergo…tis a waste..question #7..will the event at San Jose el Viejo actually hold 150 people? the birthday party? no…last year’s Venetian thing? 120 or so…i’m stayin’ close to home tonight…on a roll, word-wise…get this thing written and thence onweird to a couple of other things rolling around in the mostly empty noggin..tomorrow? Ash Wednesday…go out and make an Ash of yourself..in my case, all too easy..in from the ‘stroll’…Ignacio the Cuban dressed to play…no show of his group early on…Whisky Bar picking up a steady trade of aficionados…Marcel of el Caz showed up, keeping an eye on Neil…who’s doing a steady early dinner crowd…Alex and his latest ice cream flavor, Black Vanilla…a hit with tasty Lisa, Camilla, LM and Alison…when he gets going, he gets the same gleam in his eye as does Fernando of Chocolate fame…we talked books and the ‘zone’ that a writer has to/needs to in order to write, create or fantasize…he got it that my neighbor, the beast from the 7 th Circle of Hell, is a major distraction…his new ice cream shop? doing the daily expected gross…and on a slow Tuesday? Hector’s packed, Red’s dead, Road Kill living up to their name..DV dead except for the two Claudias, both luminescent if not incandescent..she’ll survive this problem with the Rum Bum…o…great news from the IRS today…they want 14k and change for my 2003 returns plus a few bucks for 2001…WTF? as if…go talk with the Boys from Bogota..they’ve got it…did anyone actually walk down 5th at five, dressed in costume? o, the dreams and expectations of some..chutzpah might describe some of it…stick a fork in me, I’m definitely done for the day.

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friday night updates….Neil of Pangea is gonna do oysters!…on the half shell…Whisky Den has a great sign now…Alex of Sobremesa seen dashing around the corner to bring in ice cream per special request for Carla/friend..El Muro’s bartenders? totally hot…i’m sorry, ocelot crew..but max’s selection is….well, let’s just say that he has an eye for babes, and let it go at that..go see for yourself…if i’m wrong, i’m buying..re the unfolding story of the widow being screwed by Jean Paul Lagarde of JP’s Rum Bar…tis verified by several sources…if you(JP)have a problem with this, call me out…your choice: pistols or blades…time and place of your choice but you’ve fucked with a lady that’s near and dear to me..and the more I hear of your actions, the more I’m inclined to say that you’re a blight on this town..Ron Fortin on sax at the O/lot patio…Ignacio the Cube…pissed about not being paid to play there…too bad..the draw wasn’t enough to justify being paid..o well..posters up for the Masquerade Ball next week….too little, too late..rotsa ruck, as they say in Japan…Lisa of O/lot..looking even more spectacular than usual tonight..whew..if only was 40 or 50 years younger..wait! oysters! pangea…damn..nope, not a chance…

also in Antigua…a widow with children and dependent on rent from a property left by her dead husband…rented by an American bar owner who shall remain nameless at this point…stiffed repeatedly…I’ve known this lady(and she is a lady in every sense of the word) for a few years and i go by where she tends bar twice a week…I know her cousin, a gentleman and a local fixture..does the name Da Vinci ring any bells? tis a sad and ugly story, all too common about renters stiffing the landlord/owner..it’s’ crazy making’, sort of like the person to whom I gave money to pay my electric bill…and didn’t…but gave me a weird note…after a lot of stress this month and this week and with the insight provided by a margarita or three, I’ve come to the conclusion, yet again, that I have had a high tolerance for aberrant behavior: blame it on my working in the mental health world for ten years..7-8 on locked pysch wards and the rest ‘in the field’…one gets used to being around crazies and I did…the ever delicious Ms Emma, who used to rent my casita pointed out that the ‘person’ in question is and was crazy when she lived here..I can only support that observation but chastize myself for not recognizing the depths of that ‘person’s illness…I’ll probably move, once I find a better place…it certainly can’t be less stress-inducing than sharing a property with a grinning hyena.

and now…ta da! the good news…for me and my creditors…my new atm card arrived and it works! ‘walked it across the desk this morning via a real human being who gave me a credit card slip w/carbon…downstairs to the caja and out with a pocket full of miracles…thank you Robt de Oro, Barb, Jimmy and so on… it’s great to have hot water again and ice cubes…margaritas in the afternoon are a wonderful thing…saw Wayne Hooper and Kevin last night, huddleing at Caffe Bourbon…supposedly playing at Dos Reilly’s…the Steve James gig at Ocelot was a smash-o event…Alex’ new ice creamery is off and running..time to ‘blender up’….see you around town tonight, somewhere, some time..  

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what ever happened with the great epidemic? what happens if you try to cross breed a pig with a lawyer?….nothing…there’s some things even a pig won’t do..ah, the perfect Sunday evening in Antigua…a crescent moon, stars, sunset colors, the fog rolling over the coastal range…the Palacio and Cathedral lit, marimba band with coat/ties, Peruvian Band #2 working upstream…The Mime Index? off the charts…huge, enthralled crowd on lower 5th…where’s the magician? there’s definitely magic in this town..two puddles of multicolored puke and an empty tequila bottle by Cashbar this morning….that part of town dead at 8pm, aside from Hector’s and Luna Miel(people waiting on the sidewalk)…Ixcot! finally drawing a crowd..thanks only to their big screen TV and the Stupor Bowl..and drinks brought in from outside. Carlas’s back!….a long long day…and whipped..but spunky(as always)…weird rumors department…Aniet, the Soviet blonde who plays with Ignacio once in a while..has a Cuban boyfriend who’s supposedly bought into Riki’s somehow..anyone who does biz with Cubans better count their fingers after they shake hands..JP of the RumBar Empire…has a piece of the action of the less than active Cafe Flor…seems like he’s working his way north..Restaurant Road Kill..empty..DV los mismo..hey, they don’t care..Chez Chris doing a couple of tables for dinner…no word on Las Conchas…weird location/concept..pearls and swine,yet again..Reilly’s empty, at least during the game..Da Mayor’s SUV parked in a no-parking zone but who cares..Da Boot? not for him..gotta love his mustache…very very Zapata-ish or …the Frito Bandito…don’t quote me, as we have a nodding relationship…Piano Mike and Moriah at Caffe Bourbon…perfect setting for each of them…some minor changes, music-wise, at the patio for O-lot et al..too early to tell if it’s temporary…probably, given the players…have a hunch that the Pub Quiz wasn’t on for tonight, given the ‘game’…people drifting in to the Whiskey Den (of iniquity)..how they find it is a mystery…given the lack of advertising…Shaun’s new Antigua/Ocelot Diaries are fun..stuff to share with people elsewhere..’see..this is where/how I live’..eat your heart out, you snow-bound miserable bastards…christ..tis February…so? so what? ‘finally had a decent return on the weekly lottery ticket purchase today…i was s’posed to be in Monterico with Lily the newspaper vendor tonight(she sold me the winning ticket) but when she insisted on two bottles of rum(liters)I knew i was in for trouble, so if you don’t see her or me in the morning, that’s why..liter us not into temptation..and welcome home, Carla…all is well again, the moon and the stars are in their right orbit.

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in that it’s early and i ain’t goin’ out tonight…the words are flowing and the Muse is channeling…did see, however briefly, Carla, Brendan and Neil on the patio..Piano Mike and Moriah!  what started out as a gig and a lark has mushroomed…grown, expanded, morphed into a full time schedule…Pangea mondays @ 7pm, O’lot thursdays @ 10, caffe bourbon fri/sat’s @ 7 and sundays at 5pm…speaking of O’lot…when is the Miss Ocelot contest? ‘gotta list of some Guate beauty queens I’d offer to share…might suggest being a judge, if i thought it would help…you know, help out in the changing room, adjusting zippers etc..ran into Robt de Oro in the Park and had a chance to catch up on the latest machinations with the ‘river project’…too many twists and turns…and not just the river…i used to take notes but the pen ran dry…let’s see…tomorrow the AL gang returns from the dreaded Panama bus trip…20 hours on one leg alone..no, not a leg…from Point A to Point B..the 12 hour run from El Salvador to Managua was more than enough for me…never again…rum, meds and bad videos don’t cut it…Nicaragua? big big changes…Danny’s pulling another one outa his culo..


you can fool some of the people, etc

‘dude looks like he and William Shatner have the same diets…ok, no more snarky remarks..go out and have fun…Antigua needs the money.

oh…Travel Agent Alice? what’s his face, whom i was gonna introduce to her…went ahead on his own initiative and stepped on his …k, saying all the wrong things…not that i have any special expertise with those of the feminine gender, other than a series of marriages, dangerous liaisons and other a’sordid disasters but i wouldn’t have gone in bragging about spending money…as some of us acknowledge, you’re paying for it, one way or the other or as an old friend once said…’if they didn’t have a ….y, there’d be a bounty on them.’ 



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don’t expect much of anything for the next few days, as if any ever did: the drizzle and the hum-drum life of A-gua has gotten to me…hum-drum? is that vaguely suggestive? well…how about ‘lickety split’? ‘bag packed(no, she’s not coming), the luggage is ready, flor de cana packed for snake-bites..or whoever else i run into..the new pc stays  home, safe and dry…i leave home, probably not in either condition, as i’m headed for monterico and the Peter the G Road Show at Johnny’s and a few other places, yet to be named..John Rexer! Johnny’s is down to their last bottle of Ilegal Mezcal…refills! do you do house-calls?

Odessa, the cuban blonde, spotted walking thru el parque central earlier…great red pants and the mauve alpaca scarf i gave her a while back…good to see she’s back in town and not running from the boyfriend who lives in the City…and, of course, being monday, the ATM’s are screwed..o well, thanks to my huge stash of aluminum cans, i cashed in and i’m ready to….whatever..

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