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nah…it’s just a silly ‘headline’….headline? don’t go there…the inauguration of of Von Ryan’s Express Booze Bus to Zone One in the City started tonight….300q, 9 seats on a shuttle, leaves/left dos Reilly’s by now and due back in A town by 1am or so..I  knew about it, because i ran into Ryan last week….Carlos of Guiness Travel knew about it and so did ‘Whole’ Wheat, who was in dos Reilly’s and ready to go…I gotta feeling that the ‘word’ hadn’t been sufficiently spread around. Event planning, like parties, requires ‘planning’…to fill the shuttle of 9 passengers, one should’ve have at least 12 confirmed seats sold, figuring on a ‘fade rate’ of 25%….it’s kind of a good idea, getting people outa town and into the newly revitalized Zone 1 and especially to Reilly’s Gaute, where there’s a live Irish band tonight…who knows?

Ask Lori Shea about ‘Asperger’ hamburgers, for a laugh/blush….

one of our local white knights in disguise has come to the rescue of a a local damsel…doctor’s stuff, meds and so on…no names, por favor but it’s a good deed, seldom seen anymore and the mark of a gentleman/scholar.

and I spaced going to the new BBQ place on 6th avenida…11-4, Thu/Fri/Sat…Sunday, maybe…bad notes, poor memory, somewhere around Ubi Sushi or the gym….bbq, not grilled(the Man from Austin would approve)except where the hell is he? riding his horse all day, from one end of the ranch to the other? how long could that take?

Ocelot’s new pub food menu is getting raves/beter….Shaun brought in lettuce/feta cheese for the geek…no, greek salad…Rafa’s Bistro, across the street, now has their menu posted on the outside…

JB of the Revue? not playing golf today(usually twice a week and he’s got an 8 handicap)and going to work…work? instead? whoa…JB…this is not good…work over golf?

Miss 8;30? smashing, heart-stopping at 8:15, crossing in front of Lilis newspaper corner..if only i was 50 years younger….Reid, you  pervert…where are you? i send you an ‘eyes only’ photo of an old girlfriend in Costa Rica and you disappear? if you’ve been in CR….not to worry, I’ve got her name/phone etc..

big time thanks to Jaime of Rio Suerte.com for the url’s for the texas map site for guatemala!..every f….king topo map of Guatemala you ever wanted…yeah, I’ve printed out a few, in preparation for next week’s jaunt of the jaded crew of wackos…up into Baja Verapaz and so on…let’s see…pack the Depends, pick up more Preparation H and  dust off the Beretta…let’s just hope that the latest info is semi-correct per mineral sites..either that or double the rum rations…o hell, double the rations anyway…bugs/mosquitoes, you know….and take credit cards!


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These items are usually found throughout Mexico and Central America, where the plumbing may be less than desireable and the level of comfort lower than you may be used to.

Have no fear. With a few simple precautions and some minor adjustments you will have that hot shower or the cooler version when the heat and humidity demand a second rinse-off by noon. Note the adjustable slider button on the front of the device: all the way to the left is usually a black dot, with the middle being a blank oval and to the right a half black/half blank circle. These are the temperature settings. Do not adjust these when you are in the shower with the water running. The device uses AC electrical power to power a heating coil in the shower head, kind of like the heating element that you might use to heat a cup of tea at home. Note the wiring, which is usually haphazardly taped together from the external lamp cord that they probably spliced into earlier. Do not touch this!

Turn on the water slowly, allowing the heating element to do its job and warm the water to your desired temperature and then you can enter the shower. Once in, it is safe to increase or decrease the water pressure for changes in temperature. Turning it off is also safe. The key to your shower safety lecture is to remember that you do not want to be fiddling with an electrical circuit while standing in water..yes, it’s probably only 110 volts but save your needs for electrolysis or having your permanent re-done until you’re in the hands of a professional. 

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