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plus a few socks, which explains why there have been some missing…yeah, the new puppy on the plantation, doing ‘puppy love’ I s’pose…maybe one pair of undies was the one the Hill Billy Tom’s driving (sic) made me have or almost have an accident…since I don’t drive, after i haven’t ridden with him in a month or so, my reactions are ‘uptight/outasight and so on…after a day, I loosen up, in more ways than one.

the iron grate/window grill business in town is getting a boost. After the robberies of a few weeks ago and today’s 5 or 6 robberies along 3rd and 4th Calle, they’ll be getting calls in the morning.

La Cenicienta, the pastry place on 2nd Calle? moving to 5th Ave, north, across from El Compero…perfect location and they should do very well for Semen Santana.

Old Town Outfitters!…stopped in and saw new goods for sale…swiss army knives, sunglasses, sleeping bags and….Dr Bronner’s soap! flashback to the 60’s, when it was mandatory to use Bronners, especially the peppermint variety..I ordered a neat pair of their chinese espadrilles(black)…shoes, you know..when will they arrive? you tell me..it’s like the %$#@!stickers from Frener…o yeah..they’re printed(shit eating grin)but not punched out..hello, vodka..six weeks? will anyone trade me food for books?

and Pappy’s BBQ?…I’n ‘in’ for this week…open 11-4, Friday, Saturday and Sunday…6th calle, next to the Cactus Grill, around the corner from the DHL office on the corner of 6th Avenida…and duh..I finally figured out where the Montecristo bar is…inside the Casa Fuentes on 4th Ave…thanks, Korey D, for the tip.

My Mom’s home again, from the latest hospitalization…sounds good..a birthday next month, on the 18th…95…let her make it, ok?

http://www.examiner.com/article/the-road-to-salama for those non-FaceHole folks

this may well be one of my favorite times of the year…sunny days, cool nights. I’m notching up my 5th year here and beginning to appreciate the climatic changes..and yes, the saga of the latest road trip is unfolding…part one tomorrow..another classic, chock-full of weirdness but given the crew, that’s typical.


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