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where we drink til 12 and p…s til 1….and how did Holy Week slip on me? talking with a long time Antigueno this morning, and yes, there was a ‘procession’ last night…%$#@! I was thinking (sic)about  Mardi Gras…yep, the parades with the babes in feathers and was told that Momostenango has ’em..but that’s next $#@! week, aka Tuesday, the day before Ass Wednesday….ASH, I meant…my mind, what’s left, wanders sometimes.

Tonight, the 3rd attempt at a Venetian Masked Ball…American International School doin’ this one…the last one, attempted by the the indefatigable and beautiful Gabi A? a bit of a fiasco…wait, that’s a Ford mini car, no? a lotta work for one gal, but…the first one, 3 years ago, i don’t think broke even…’need to see 150 tickets but it was a helluva production..

Hogan and crew of  zanies off  fishing today with Capt Jerry…Jim O and uncertain crew, numbers and otherwise, attempting to get off the ground Monday for the  north and west of here, up into the Quiche country..me?  nope…I’m sticking a round to do/shoot the Earth Lodge thing tomorrow, with the memorable headline already in mind…’The Ninth Annual Corn Hole Tourney’  I suspect that it’ll get a lot of press in San Francisco.

There was  a lot of music last night…bobby D and Grace at La Taverna(who’s been racking up the old gringo crowd) and Piano aka Guitar Mike and a banjo person at Cafe No Se…Nelson has some gigs at the Lake..I seem to recall that he and Urbane Duane are playing tomorrow, 3-5 at michos…

Hogan out next week….incoming is Yo Yo and the delightful Debbie…Miss Cindy doing a 5 day stopover, on her way to the Galloping Pagos, to teach ’em something (don’t ask)..19th, I heard. Shaun of O’lots new place, La Morena? to be in what was that ill-fated ‘Concept Bar’, back in the O’lot patio corner…and yes, La Playa 13 did take the sand with them…dipshits…Hap’s off to Costa Rica shortly, for a few weeks…’never been…yep, I’ve got some ideas to share (been there 35 times) and yes..finally, it’s almost 5pm, which mean I can start drinking (again)..now that I’ve pushed the ‘panic button’ re getting outa town for Holy Moly Month…o please, Lord…a boat, a barge, anything in Rio Dulce, for a week..and it’s already started here…

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yep, another ‘incoming procession’ tonight…with the grand finale, the overnighter on Thursday…I went to town, smiled at Flor(no news on her new location replacing Dasha on 5th calle, waved at the ultra delicious Claudia #1 of Da Vinci and…ogled the teen tarts in the park…pop tarts? you tell me…

seen any of the new/shiny 1 quetzal coins yet? uncirculated but they all have 2011 as the date of issue…maybe it’s just a Guatemalan thing, where it takes two years to get stuff done…

Pappy’s Texas BBQ? announcing that they’re open tomorrow…11-4…maybe they’re getting ‘up to speed’ and figuring out just how much traffic they can bear…I like it…a ‘sound business plan’ unlike most others in this town..John Korte’s back in town, prepping for their final final move to Panama and bemoaning the lack of a parking space..

do you read? consider this…and do the math: if you buy a used book at 30q once a week, that’s 120q a month…you could, on the other hand, join the American Legion library, where for a measly 100q a year, read as much as you can bite off..next to the Bavarian Garden, on 7th ave norte…open 11-3, seven days a week and nope, you don’t have be a member of the Legion…

and thanks again, Reid, for the bottle of  Dr. Bronners Peppermint Castile Soap…as i said, over the usual meeting of the Knights of the Clown Table at Ocelot, i haven’t used it since the early 70’s, when I lived on a commune in  northern Cal…now..where to find the patchouli  oil?..ah, Gualan/Guanajar? no idea when…might be a truck load of relatives, per the Christmas run of 20 some in the back…

and where in hell did all these PNC(cops)come from? like the army patrols, they’re packin’ serious firepower…stubby little machine guns, black berets and…nope…didn’t see any of the rarely seen pink berets…they’re the anti-gay troops..

and one by one, the annual visitors are leaving…some not soon enough, the others will be missed…there might be one more road trip next month, a kind of closing out the season thing…Mike D, Alabama Bob, Reid, all leaving in May…it could be a run to Iximche, Xela and  for those with fortitude and a desire to see what ranks is on my top three list of worst nightclubs in the world(El Exceso)..no film at 11, btw…all I remember is some fat girl trying to climb the brass pole..and failing.

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in black….’got caught in my first procession of the season….buncha kids in black robes/hoods….not a good sign for one who’s not ‘doing’  Seman Satan this year…thanks to HBT, I’ve got a hideout on the river across from Gualan(Zacapa way)…a pig gets it in the neck, i get some ‘quiet time’ …..and maybe the little procession there for Semana Satan will seem ‘picturesque’..given enough rum,probably so..and we’ re losing some folks, headed back for the YouEss of A…Alabama Bob is going back, ostensibly to consider work…or not…and one by one, the ‘snow birds’ who bring their annual wackiness plus laughs/decent conversations, are….damn…I’ll miss ’em all…

Casbah’s new ‘pub’, downstairs where Djinn used to be and which has been vacant for a while?…nicely converted to a cozy bar, with a  hammered(distressed)brass top…opening night…opens at 11am for the hungover crowd, not sure when it closes but they’re open all week except mondays…might work…’hammered/distressed’ might apply to a few locals…take Hap, for instance, who took off for Roatan(with the black eye he picked up here a few nights/mornings ago, kissing the cobblestones..

cobblestones? why do we have tumulos/speed bumps for cobblestone streets? paved roads, I got it…kinda like another question about the clock over the Arch…while four clocks and who winds them? and how big is the $#@! key?

Shaun et al getting their new Pit Stop put together, in spite of the usual lackadaisical(no flowers)attitude of the Guate workers..steal/copy an idea…english muffins with black beans, an egg and ? 

some kinda tall/slinky brunette..six feet tall, doing a mini-foto shoot on north 5th…tight black jeans, boots…killer…and expensive..

Andy, our resident mime, doing his thing on 5th, without white face (paint)almost didn’t recognize him…the beggar woman who hangs out by  El Portal? crying this morning…her husband died…who knew she was married? and what kinda home life?

and the high point of my day? being awakened from my afternoon siesta by the guard at the gate with the news that Marbel and her sister(Carla)were here…whoooee baby!…it was great to see Miss M again…and she’s in need of a job and a place to stay…got idea’s? i’ve got her #…(I wish)

manana? St Patrick’s Day, as if a lot of folks needed another excuse to get hammered…o, it’s St Patrick’s Day..gimme a double Jameson’s….I’m outa here monday for a day/night of ‘field research’….looking for the ‘Perfessers’ long  lost stone in the cane fields of Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa…right…hey, I found specific directions…what could possibly go wrong?


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plus a few socks, which explains why there have been some missing…yeah, the new puppy on the plantation, doing ‘puppy love’ I s’pose…maybe one pair of undies was the one the Hill Billy Tom’s driving (sic) made me have or almost have an accident…since I don’t drive, after i haven’t ridden with him in a month or so, my reactions are ‘uptight/outasight and so on…after a day, I loosen up, in more ways than one.

the iron grate/window grill business in town is getting a boost. After the robberies of a few weeks ago and today’s 5 or 6 robberies along 3rd and 4th Calle, they’ll be getting calls in the morning.

La Cenicienta, the pastry place on 2nd Calle? moving to 5th Ave, north, across from El Compero…perfect location and they should do very well for Semen Santana.

Old Town Outfitters!…stopped in and saw new goods for sale…swiss army knives, sunglasses, sleeping bags and….Dr Bronner’s soap! flashback to the 60’s, when it was mandatory to use Bronners, especially the peppermint variety..I ordered a neat pair of their chinese espadrilles(black)…shoes, you know..when will they arrive? you tell me..it’s like the %$#@!stickers from Frener…o yeah..they’re printed(shit eating grin)but not punched out..hello, vodka..six weeks? will anyone trade me food for books?

and Pappy’s BBQ?…I’n ‘in’ for this week…open 11-4, Friday, Saturday and Sunday…6th calle, next to the Cactus Grill, around the corner from the DHL office on the corner of 6th Avenida…and duh..I finally figured out where the Montecristo bar is…inside the Casa Fuentes on 4th Ave…thanks, Korey D, for the tip.

My Mom’s home again, from the latest hospitalization…sounds good..a birthday next month, on the 18th…95…let her make it, ok?

http://www.examiner.com/article/the-road-to-salama for those non-FaceHole folks

this may well be one of my favorite times of the year…sunny days, cool nights. I’m notching up my 5th year here and beginning to appreciate the climatic changes..and yes, the saga of the latest road trip is unfolding…part one tomorrow..another classic, chock-full of weirdness but given the crew, that’s typical.


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Barb…know that I and the tuk-tuk driver tried every route to get to your party this afternoon…the %$#@! people/processions, you name it…I eventually gave up…my resolved to leave during Semana Satan has been stiffened..

stiffened? how about ‘buckle butt?’….caused by sitting in the back of HBT’s Ford crew cab, where the seat belt buckles extrude thru the seat, despite whacks with the new rock hammer…inpinging on one’s gluteus maximus: impinging? making marks, causing pain, etc..did anyone offer assistance? kind words of concern/remorse?

yeah…a semi-real rock hammer, found in Salama’….it did/does the job..take that, you fake piece of copper ore!..all in all, despite not finding what I wanted to find, it was another ‘helluva trip’….wanted posters, a pair of reincarnated hippie chicks from Canada, the Caitlynns…Coban? beautiful women and rain/mist…Semuc Champey? the end of the road and the worst road I’ve been on in many a moon….’had to find 9 passengers for the back of HBT’s Ford, just to get out(it rained)…Lanquin? if God decides to give Guatemala an enema, this is where it begins…INGUAT should be shot/tarred and feathered for neglecting this place, site of a lot of traffic/publicity….dipshits, one and all.

thanks, David H for telling me of the plant called ‘Sangre del Diablo’ which the two Caitlynns saw and painted their faces with…why? tribal warpaint or a discouraging mark from potential  males?

yeah, another saga of a road trip…if this were San Francisco, I’d call it a fruitless search…then again, I ignored basic sources, #1A…the folks who told me that they’d been there, found that and so on…mea culpa maxima…’shoulda known from their collective brown eyes that they were fulla shit up to there..my bad..

my almost 95 yr old Mum is back in the hospital…doesn’t sound serious, but…wearin’ out, just like the rest of us..

so…purple hades? it’s ‘procession time’ again in A-Town….jesus…what next? ice cream, toy vendors, tourists of all shades/nationalities…read the book, watch the movie again…it still ends the same way, folks…’wow!..I can see all of Jerusalem from up here.”…o where to go went the balloon goes up? (March 31)..and it’s still February? yep…one thing fer sure, dude…not back to Lanquin…


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