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yeah, the invention of the Lazy Boy killed them off. If Quakers are having a good time, are they feeling their oats?

sorry…blame it on the bossanova…’heard that Barb’s party yesterday was a roaring success and catered by Spiro..I tried to get there, dammnit…friggin’ traffic/procession…a howling success, one notch higher, would have involved riotous behavior, nudity and excessive consumption of various ingredients…work on this…and don’t schedule a party on a day of a procession, por favor..

Caffe Opera gonzo/closed, a long time Antigua business…was there a poster of Sophia Loren, in the famous wet tshirt from ‘Boy on a Dolphin’ there? and the crappy piano that the Cuban pounded hell out of…oops, another snag for the newly opening(now closed)Papa Town….no licence and closed…’heard that 50000q would’ve solved things…welcome back, Mary and Robbin…Reid’s pal flies outa here in the morning…thanks, HBT, for remembering the Gay Pride/march of the coquetas in Coban last Friday…20+ men in drag/makeup…not very  well done, but in Guatemala? 

Edgar’s Sunshine Grille? packed…no seats/tables left…yeah, he was broken into/robbed last month, as were a lotta business’ were in town..left i did with a slice of pizza and not bad…being somewhat of an ex-food snob(Guatemala will diminish that trait) pizza in Salama’ last week at a Domino’s was xlnt…’guess I gotta try out the local version but not tonight…the El Gato Negro and the Sunshine Grill pizza canceled each other out just right…one killed the taste of the other, in other words.

Reilly’s Granada set to open next weekend…they should do well, given that Granada is a serious party town, unlike Antigua…and lastly(thank god you think)the two witchisest/witchiest women in town..no, make that 3…Claudia #1 at the desk in Da Vinci, Angel of Djinn(whew!)and the return of Beverly in the Ocelot patio…oh, the Monday night salsa event at Lava? smasheroo! packed…Mikhail has ’em hooked but WTF is that tall blue-colored cocktail that he drinks? A ‘Blue Hawaii’?  I know! it’s a ‘Blue Job’!…drum roll…




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Barb…know that I and the tuk-tuk driver tried every route to get to your party this afternoon…the %$#@! people/processions, you name it…I eventually gave up…my resolved to leave during Semana Satan has been stiffened..

stiffened? how about ‘buckle butt?’….caused by sitting in the back of HBT’s Ford crew cab, where the seat belt buckles extrude thru the seat, despite whacks with the new rock hammer…inpinging on one’s gluteus maximus: impinging? making marks, causing pain, etc..did anyone offer assistance? kind words of concern/remorse?

yeah…a semi-real rock hammer, found in Salama’….it did/does the job..take that, you fake piece of copper ore!..all in all, despite not finding what I wanted to find, it was another ‘helluva trip’….wanted posters, a pair of reincarnated hippie chicks from Canada, the Caitlynns…Coban? beautiful women and rain/mist…Semuc Champey? the end of the road and the worst road I’ve been on in many a moon….’had to find 9 passengers for the back of HBT’s Ford, just to get out(it rained)…Lanquin? if God decides to give Guatemala an enema, this is where it begins…INGUAT should be shot/tarred and feathered for neglecting this place, site of a lot of traffic/publicity….dipshits, one and all.

thanks, David H for telling me of the plant called ‘Sangre del Diablo’ which the two Caitlynns saw and painted their faces with…why? tribal warpaint or a discouraging mark from potential  males?

yeah, another saga of a road trip…if this were San Francisco, I’d call it a fruitless search…then again, I ignored basic sources, #1A…the folks who told me that they’d been there, found that and so on…mea culpa maxima…’shoulda known from their collective brown eyes that they were fulla shit up to there..my bad..

my almost 95 yr old Mum is back in the hospital…doesn’t sound serious, but…wearin’ out, just like the rest of us..

so…purple hades? it’s ‘procession time’ again in A-Town….jesus…what next? ice cream, toy vendors, tourists of all shades/nationalities…read the book, watch the movie again…it still ends the same way, folks…’wow!..I can see all of Jerusalem from up here.”…o where to go went the balloon goes up? (March 31)..and it’s still February? yep…one thing fer sure, dude…not back to Lanquin…


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aka Mardi Gras, as celebrated in the Park this afternoon at 4:20…I presume a reference to ‘Pulp Fiction’  and i think(sic)organized by Dan of Ay Robot!….it started early, with paper eggs filled with confetti…the Chapines and Tourist Police stood around, wondering WTF was up with all these gringos…good question, but it was fun for 15 minutes..

the Four Mouseketeers ride again! Whole Wheat changed his mind at the last minute, so the change orders for rooms has been enlarged to accommodate four…someone mentioned bringing an extra poncho in case he has to room with Hill Billy Tom, so that’s Plan B…

thank you, ever so much, to Carla Berryhill for suggesting the lodge known as El Portal…on the river, by the caves and inside Semuc Champey….her guy, Richard, is back…as is Mike Chrisman, checking out domestic situations…’wish ’em both all the success in the world…god knows, i’ve tried a few times..or maybe it was just me who was ‘trying’…

kudos, again, to the girls at Mayan Kingdom…for any kind of travel, don’t bother with anyone else…phones, emails, suggestions and totally competent..Sidia and Cecil…6th ave sur…smtrejo@mayankingdom.com…4398-3873…..the best, without question.

Francisco! guiding a large troop of tourists around town this  morning…did he sell a watch? the 300q jade necklace(a reproduction) in plain sight..

nope..no word/sign from my $#%@! printer re the stickers…price/amazon.com labels…hey, it’s only been 3 or 4 weeks since he promised delivery….good thing he’s a Christian and honors his promises, eh? ‘good thing that I have lotsa meds/liquor to chill out with…

So…? manana, off to Salami for a night…thence Semuc Champagne and Coban for the 3rd night…maybe some mineral stuff…maybe some caves, maybe some ‘bathing beauties’ in the pools….’ran into Bobby Darling taking my picture this morning…only he and I know what ‘Model Release Forms’ are…I think…it was mandatory for ‘Vegas….’o gee..you want my picture?’ yes, sweetheart…publicity, you know..if I said ‘AVN’ Awards? Adult Video awards….yep…BTDT….film at eleven…



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