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what a long f….ng day…one of ‘those’, where it’s one thing after another.  Yep, 9 letters from the IRS, all saying the same thing: we have your blood and your children but don’t worry…it’s a long story.

a day of losing stuff, breaking things and ass-chewing..not mine, others..on the other hand?  five fingers!…two of the more scientifically oriented members of this weekends’ jaunt  up into the Highlands in search of the Lost Spanish Fly mine have checked in and they seem to concur…that yes…the specimen..no, the sample is silver ore..next, I’ll send it to the Ore House for validation(and parking).

Seriously…it was a trip without problems…yes, we did overrun a fruit inspection station and yes, we did have a motorcycle escort out of Hue Hue yesterday..but, no..no one unbuttoned their pistols, so you can say that all was gooder…the hotel in Hue Hue? most good! the Casa Blanca…a superb choice for a number of reasons.

Todos Santos on a Saturday market day? insane, colorful and drunk..them, not us, btw..

John Rexer, seen in Bodogona at 6ish…Karla and Nelson, at Ocelot later…I like the fact that they’re back together…a great couple, for many reasons and love is hard to find..and all the bad ones are taken. Reid, commenting that his dinner last night at Sobremesa was great…see, I told you.

and my printer, the local smuck? gave me 25 copies of the November version…’didn’t read the current version on the flashdrive that I gave him..plus the notes/memos about minor changes…dipshit…it’s enough to drive me to drink: oops..no car…how about if I get up and just pour another one?

fine…done…the trip to the ‘mines’ was good…Norm the K drove well, the Perfesser and he provided the science and Ponzi Bob and I sat in the back seat and spaced out..there will be articles, photos and so on…stay ‘tooned’…is this week almost over?



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