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Let’s just say that there were ‘ups and downs’….the ‘ol good news/bad news’….one of our local wits went off on me, for reasons unknown to me….the full moon? who knows?

I found out that three of supposedly antique silver coins that I’ve bought here/there are fake…counterfeit…considering that I paid retail, the actual value is a fraction thereof..

the date that i thought i had with the Doublemint Twins? Ruby, the blonde tica and her tattooed sister? nope….even the backup guy faded…I’m being philosophical about it: I saved a LOT of money and consoled myself with a slice of pizza from the Sunshine Grill.

on the other hand(four fingers and a thumb)the original group of ‘unindicted co-conspirators’ met last night….including the long unseen J.R…welcome back! ‘something mentioned about a divorce, I think….there seems be a bit of that malady going around lately….Rafa’s Bistro? sign up, outside painted and they’re ready for biz….funny how that block of 4th ave is perking up…Metiz, the deli, is doing a fair amount of business…who knew? and the old Riki’s? still vacant, with potential renters looking and walking away…$$ of renovation, I’ve been told…will a franchise go in? the major Guate franchises are already here, except for Taco Bell(that used to be the nickname for the Mexican telephone system).

are the party/hearty folks quitting early? only one puddle of puke on 5th Ave norte, and none around dos Reilly’s/El Gato….and where’s the municipal water wagon? the sidewalks in town are only getting worse…dog shit, et cetera…did Adolfo have his finger in that also? yeah, I’m still waving at his daughter, who’s aging quickly…quicklier? at my age I’ll take my smiles where ever I can get ’em…Ruby? they left for Costa Rica this morning..they said..o well…saves me $$ and Frequent Flier Miles and I always get in trouble there anyway…

Dude! You’re Screwed!



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yeah…me and my laptop…the power cord got both of us going but just barely…you know, it isn’t that cold tonight(so far)…the fire is laid, I’m not and that’s how it is on Saturday night…

O’lot/Lava slammed again, for Sappy Hour..Sobremesa quiet, Michos lo mismo, Fusion? zip…Rafa’s Bistro, about to bail and move to the ex-Pizza Mia spot on 4th? doing tables…rumors are that the New Age resort at the Lake, aka TOSA, is having ‘difficulties..’..yeah…the market, the location and so on..

Travel Menu quiet, at least early on…La Sala, cranking up for yet again another night of wackiness…El Cazadore Italiano, ground zero for the Porsche/expensive car crowd…and when did Cafe Flor take out the grand piano?

here’s a visual…Lex and Monica(Jungle Party)tete a tete at the Cargo Room…nah, they’re just friends and we had great talks about the end/demise of 2012 and just how f….ked the year was for all of us…Lex later in Bodogona…red silk parachute pants and silver half gloves? yep..that’s our Lex..La Pena del Sol doing a so-so crowd but the band? Sol Latino? those guys work/crank/play serious music 5 days..no, 5 nights a week…hardest working band in town..is Montecristo’s associated with Micho’s? something going on tonight with Bobby/Mariah…#14 4th calle oriente…you tell me, as I missed it.

even Caffe Bourbon doing a good crowd(early)and our Mime, Andy is back…drawing a crowd on 5th…a silver guy(mime)in the park not moving much…wandering musicians about…something’s changing here and I’m not sure what it is, but I like it…and the last part of last weekend’s little jaunt up into the mountains…


and Hill Billy Tom Martin has a new…well, used…Ford crew cab with what he calls a ‘huge V8’….road trip!

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gathered around the watering hole at 5-7, just like being in the bush…the hyenas laugh, the lions growl and the bartenders pour another round…yep, the informal meeting of the ‘Unindicted Co-Conspirators’, minus JR and Don Marcos….and when is DM getting outa jail?

one of the park’s own ‘distributors’ of hot or semi-used merchandise(Francisco) sold what was an Omega watch to a local…turned out to have Japanese innards…oops…if he’s smart(the seller)he’ll make this deal go away…if you see Reid C, ask him about the vertical burial of a gringo he was involved in: that leads to another story or two…classic latin america stories..

Ignacio Borell, our own Cuban musician minus a section of leg? working and looking good…Seth Montfort, ex pianist in residence at Panza Verde? back there, playing Saturday at 5pm..yeah? you’ve seen the massive publicity that PV has cranked  up? right…none…they shot themselves in the foot dismissing the very xlnt Gabi Altman last year.. ..one might think that they’re really not interested in doing biz…or hiring anyone who has a clue about pubic…no, public relations.

Antonio’s, that bread shop by the Condesa? how the hell do they make their monthly nut, i.e., the rent? selling bread? not unless they’re rolling in dough(drum roll)

the ever spectacular Flor(escent) of Dasha? moving her store somewhere…Luis Miguel of Da Vinci tried to explain but…in one ear and out the other, you know..

and welcome back, Carlos Tomas of Memphis and Dyslexia Books..the only guy I know who can explain quantum physics without being ripped…and a local bar/restaurant robbed/ripped off last night: the Sunshine Grill on  upper 6th Avenida? door broken, everything of value taken(TV”s, etc…) no word if they took pizzas to go…Edgar not pleased, of course.

so? so what? another installment on the latest road trip to Huehue/Todos Santos and so on…

http://www.examiner.com/article/zacaleu…you might have to copy/paste this…the gnomes at WordPress keep screwing with the code.

another trip shaping up for February…off to Salami…no, Salama’…off, regardless..looking for surface copper, malachite and azurite…probably will find “Leaverite’…as in ‘leaverright there’, a close relative of the Indian Love Stone…a f….king rock…




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