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thank you, yet again, Jim O, for some great Antigua history. “Valley of the Dolls’, etc. Two Stroke Dave, later revised to Rolex Dave,  ultimately met his demise in El Salvador. This town has so many fascinating chapters/characters, that every day is chock fulla laughs..”Bull Durham’ another book of stories/adventures, same Reid C…and, of course the inimitable H.B.T, who never runs out of stories…like his current ‘situation’ which I’m not going into…we may, depending on some variables, be traveling to Zacapa next weekend…I have no idea how he and the ‘captain’ will mesh/get along, as they’re polar opposites but that’s yet to be seen.

so, another notch added to the ’86’d from that place/this place..it’s hard to keep track of the individuals who reach this pinnacle of bad behavior but fortunately there’s only a few players of this caliber. If you’re a habitue or frequent flier in the bar scene here, you’ll recognize the signs…regular binges and the usual warning signs of angry outbursts, serious intoxication and then just ol falling down drunk and disorderly behavior.

Music? you want music? got it…last night at Travel Menu, Bobby Darling opened for Piano Mike and Andy Luna…tonight, Piano Mike and his alter ego, Guitar Mike play at Hops and Tails, the old El Muro place on 3rd Calle. Travel Menu? their remod, I think, is great…food, equally so..that’s a hot location for some, not others…that side of 6th calle is basically bar to bar, like Punto Zero, staring at La Sala/Reilly’s across the street…how many bars are there in that end of town? How does Mitos or Segafreddy’s keep going? what’s up/not up with the old Sangre on upper 5th? its mucking afazing to me..

the ever glorious Tanya Hughes returns tomorrow…Nazi John not far behind and where the hell is Hogan Von Daniken? Next week, the 4th, is the one year anniversary of La Taverna…still hanging on, thanks at least to Dave the Slave..the main reason is their relaxed/non existent enforcement of the ‘no smoking’ law..if it weren’t for that..who knows?

so…Labor Day? yeah, Monday, at least in the You Ess of A, which from here appears to be more f….ed than ever…if you read/watch the news, it’s one sad screw-up after another: Fox News is no better than a cartoon network for dummies, no? and I think that we’re all on the same page as the latest Monsanto ‘cram downs’ for here and El Salvador…even Vietnam, defoliated by Agent Orange, rolled over..’those who don’t remember history, etc..’the mind reels…I think I’ll take my medicine early (Flor de Cana) and  space out…have a great weekend!

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“if I had two, I’d be King.” The King just laughed, since he already had two..what this refers to is anyone’s guess…there’s lightning to the north, past San Felipe and Volcan Fuego is spewing orange gouts of lava…thanks, Brielle Miel for pointing this out earlier…she leaves for Jackson Hole, Wyoming in a week…six months on a ranch…horses and all..no word if she’s gonna get on on the branding/neutering process…ooh, tie ’em up and burn a brand on their furry legs…kinda san francisco, in a way..

so…the Butt Patrol has struck Ocelot and Lava…no smokee there anymore, no ashtrays…as an alternative for those of us who still cling to this risky behavior, there’s the terrace at Da Vinci…service upstairs may be a bit slow but Luis Miguel is planning on installing a bar upstairs..

Alex of Sobremesa! back from a honeymoon in Italy with some great food/drink ideas…yeah, he’s got the concept that the $$ is in booze and not food..its not hard: in a quart or liter there’s 25 shots…sell 4 and the rest is profit…is this hard?

there’s a coming vacancy on 5th calle…nope, can’t talk about it but the concept/idea should work…5th, with Da Vinci, Chez Christophe, Las Cebollinas may just be the new ground zero for the food/beverage biz in town…La Pena del Sol anchors the west end…’got to introduce Bill H to Maite M this morning…amazing that those two haven’t met each other…she plays next door at the tennis club(and I confessed that I sometimes leer thru the bushes when she’s on the  court)…and I’m saving my balls for her…nope, not what you think…tennis balls that get knocked over the fence..she accumulates boy-toys that take care of her dogs…hey, if it works, why knock it?

Roberto Fraser of Rainbow Cafe says that Guatemala City now has a cricket team (and they just whipped on El Salvador’s ass) and they’re thinking of expanding…perhaps with a Antigua cricket team…but they need a large grassy area to play…hmm..the polo field, the horse show field out by Ciudad Vieja? I like the idea…watch the bowlers bowl, slug a few gin and tonics, make semi-intelligent remarks about the wicket or the pitch…’oh I say..well done, Nigel!” if cricket is anything you’ve ever wanted to ‘do’..Roberto is the guy to talk to..

dos Reilly’s doing a good early trade, Fusion same-o, B5 waiting..and waiting..El Caz with the shiny SUV/guards crowd filling up…town fulla folks in suits/ties…why? who cares? bring money, dammit..go take a look at DV’s terrace…it’s a lot better than some,like that place on 4th that advertises “best terrace view in town”..yeah, that one..the one that’s always empty..and if you go on a Monday or Tuesday night, you’ll get to gaze upon Claudia #1, which ain’t bad..John K around for a few more days, before leaving us, once again, for the wilds of Ecuador and beyond…ask him about trout fishing at 14000 feet with a rubber worm..”Fish and Stream” coulda run this article..Ricardo’s T&V packed, as usual…party time…he seems to have the magic ingredient for making it happen…’another glass of wine, my dear? ‘ hey, it works…have a great weak end..stay away from Fuego..



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a full-on arco iris over the Cathedral, looking east….’gone by 6:30 but it was spectacular while it lasted(like some of my relationships)…yep, gone by 6:30 pretty much describes it..me/them

there’s a better than usual art/craft fair in the park this weekend…don’t know if it was ‘juried’ or how they chose the vendors but I saw very few clinkers…i.e, crap…and who should emerge outa that crowd? Erez the Israeli surfer, just back from taming the waves of Nicaragua(the Pacific coast thereof)yeah, we talked about the demise(hopefully temporary)of the Salty Beaver and the rotten string of bad luck that befell there, almost Biblical in a way…I personally hope that ‘it’ all works out, the karma/bad juju has been paid and so on…

am i turning into a ‘smoke nazi?’….now that I’m not puffin’ i seem to be avoiding bars where there’s a hint of that….good gawd…nope, i’m not ever buying birkenstocks.  Lava? that upstairs burger emporium? turning into a destination bar? maybe it was the rain(really just a sprinkle)but Lava had more people than the lower 4-some combined..diners inside, dining early….the horse-drawn carriages carrying loads of Guate’s..’counted a party of 7 in one conveyance and there were some hefty babes: is there a discount for anything?  Thank you Carla of O’Lot for the ‘Lemontini’ recipe…simple is as simple does(that’s me)

ever walk by and observe couples at the window/street side tables? there’s an entire gamut of expressions, facial give-aways and body language as to how they’re doing (or not) I’m referring to gringos, as i haven’t learned to read Guate’s yet or if at all…for the most part, they all seem to cluster around a table, chomp away at ice cream and laugh a lot.

one last observation, which i’ve made before…if you’re staying in a street level hotel room, consider closing the windows unless you’re: A…into displays…B. trolling for passersby..the Posada Don Rodrigo is Ground Zero for this, if this is what one is looking for..mmm, good ‘lemon-tini, miss carla…one frosted martini glass left, wtf? wendy fucking wever leaves tomorrow…bon bon voyage…turkey will never be the same.

yet another shot in the dark, a hope of retail madness…upper 5th a new boutique called Casa El Patio…since it’s part of a residence, the rent’s gotta be minimal, as are the contents…coupla men’s bath robes appealed to me..left mine in SF/Sausalito, along with all the winter clothing.

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Brando…on the Waterfront…’watched a clip of him dancing with his Tahitian wife…whew, whatta guy…whatta a fucked up life…o well…finally got around to checking out the Chinese restaurant on 7th, between 2nd and 3rd…La Estrella…not exactly chock full of atmosphere but the food is/was good…as mentioned to Hector on the way home, throw in a few of those little red chiles, maybe a dash of curry and bingo..the elderly chinese woman comes outa the back room to take the cash…Ms E and Hector…Ms E and Pat…? the ‘he who won’t be mentioned’ at Ocelot tonight…we spoke about the mines of Erandique…been there 2X and finally…I finally found someone who can polish that particularly weird type of boulder opal…’he’ tells me that the real mines are further out and guarded by snakes…specifically fer-de-lance variety…now, we’re up in the high mountains of Honduras…fer-de-lance type reptiles are associated with jungle/low land topography, no?  i’d believe rattlesnakes…ah, what the hell..it’s just bar talk…I’m  not going back into the ‘stone business’…Edy of Pangea doing a Ladies Night at the Lounge…free drinks…Edy needs to put his face/brand on the Lounge and show up more often…thank you, Karla H of Whiskey Den for phoning in the order for a lb of espresso from Franklin’s superb NGO…day 5 or 6 of not puffing the Pall Malls…once in awhile, the ‘urge’ strikes…is that way I’m more spacy than usual today? or is it the full moon and mercury going retrograde?  o boy…tomorrow? who knows? who cares? I’m breaking in a new house cleaner…old one faded…por que? quien sabe..kemo sabe, per tonto..wait…tonto means ‘fool’…did they realize that?

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sorry…Wendy…i went by Cashbar 2X…yeah, it was early but on #2,the rains between Hector’s and the C-bah drenched me, so I walked around the corner to Bangalore Bob’s aka home to change clothes..and…had a cocktail….and looked at the water running down the middle of 4th avenida…yep…’ducked out on your final goin’ away party…Antigua to Turkey? whew…some cultural changes..know that you’ll be missed and how the hell Mateo is going to get along without you is anyone’s guess…

Ricardo of Tabacos Y Vinos seen at Lava…Sean and friend smoking a cigar…’never seen Sean smoke anything..Otis Brown aka Blue Dawgs at Ocelot tonight…fun chatting with TLG re Oregon/Nor Cal history..we’re both older than dirt, btw..communes, dope, you name it…thank you to a sweet couple from Virgina at Hector’s…bought a house here and mentioned this excuse of a blog…thank you..

ah, the plans for tonight…F2 doing fine, Alex’ new location lo mismo, 709 doors closed…they suck and they’re goin’ under…Sangre sucks but they’ve got very deep pockets or a very  strange business plan…’heard that its owned by the exmayor of Chimaltenango..didn’t know that politics paid that well..adios Sandra Colom!…her last hurrah here on Sunday…bused in several loads of villagers for a ‘spontaneous’ rally…each person got a hot dog and a 2 liter bottle of soda..Hector’s? the delightful Ms E eating and drinking what looked like rose…and the waitress ordering up a hamburger…a hamburger? asked Hector…’nope..not doin’ burgers and don’t even think about calling up for one to go…’  I’m startin’ to feel like a rat…yes, it’s rainin’ and yes I have an umbrella and dry clothes and Cashbar is two blocks away…think I’ll have another and as Tono says, ‘Let me drink about that’…and a good thing I don’t have any cigarettes in the house(day 5 sans tobacco)…and yes, my kitchen is just about the size of Hector’s whole front room…well, i’m blowing off Otis Brown, El Muro’s Swill til you Drop Night and Wendy…what a trifecta..vaya con suerte, my dear…and a very big tip of the panama to Karla of the Whisky Den for ordering a lb of espresso for moi…it was they or Fernando’s..and I’m behind ‘As Green As It Gets’ every way…the real deal…

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