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I’m not..lotsa turistas y guatemaltecos in the streets… and some very tasty Capitalinas walkin’ around…maybe the ‘season’ has kicked in and $$ will flow into the various cash boxes of local merchants, saving some from the ignomious end of ….oops, can’t pay the rent, the electric bill….cha cha..

Tono Pullin’s back! passed him in the avenida early..how great to see him…i’ve missed his presence…the all time renaissance man..horses, passion, wine..thanks for the thanksgiving invites..and thank all of you who have extended an invitation to make the choice..’breast or thigh?’….it’s been a life long struggle, which isn’t over.

Piano Mike at O’lot early…Moriah’s  at the beach today/tonight…which means that tonight’s gig will be A or B…PM solo or PM not…I suggested an alternative…Lucy Luscious!

wordpress, aka the net is weird tonight…not my problem..hasta manana..

fine…problem solved with a different photo…what I’d been thinking of (so to speak)was that PM,if he’s short of an entertainer sometimes, break in a new one..aka LL…she has stage presence, charisma and cha cha’s…worse case scenario is that she lip syncs…aka Britney Spears…hell, i’d go watch ’em play..ack! ants in my sugar bowl!…what has four legs and eats ants?  both of my uncles…drum roll…

i’m still trying to figure out the strategy of being the 4th bar in a certain patio..numbers 1 and 2 are nailing the customers, #3 picks up the stragglers, leaving who/what for any leftovers?  kind of similar to Sangre’s most recent ploy…drop in and sign up for free Spanish lessons…wtf? i asked ’em about it and the ‘student’ gets to go to some other location for the lessons..where? the brothels in Joco or Chimaltenango? it certainly is a different ploy/play..if it were me, i’d bring the ‘spanish teachers’ into the bar, let ’em liquor up the customers and adjoin to a nearby cubicle for indepth lessons.  Sangre could then use a new slogan, good for T/shirts…’Liquor in the front, poker in the rear’…jeez, i’m sick..thank god its a sunday and i’m taking the day off…


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Antigua has a golden hour or so, first thing in the morning but…you’ve got to be in the avenidas by 6am, when the streets are clean and the air is fresh. There’s a few walkers and the school girls in their plaid skirts are going where ever it is they go and the muni crew in their green t-shirts are marching with their palm fronds to sweep the central park. If its rained in the night(and it has)there’s a few puddles here and there. The bouganvillea in its intense red/purple hues is almost incandescent, hanging over a wall here, a wall there. By seven am, it all changes: the chicken buses growl, the tuk-tuks snarl and the cars arrive.and arrive…and arrive…the air isn’t so sweet any more..Bodegonas’ open and the delivery trucks do their deliveries..the newspaper vendors look for biz and there’s only two shoe shine folks in the park(so far)..the old guy in the straw hat and one of his younger competitors. Pollo Compero has a line of cars outside, people inside getting their daily ration of salt, fat and carbs, with a little caffeine thrown in. Another day has begun, whether you like it or not. 

Victoria’s Secret has a new WonderBra…called the ‘Rawhide’ model….’rounds ’em up and moves ’em out’…yes, a very obscure reference to Clint Eastwood’s TV climb to fame…as far as Antigua goes, September wasn’t exactly a banner month for biz…if anyone broke even, count yourself lucky and October seems doubtful…hey! Oktoberfest!  bring on the Bud Girls, the Brahva Babes, the Gallo Chicas…dress ’em up in lederhosen(only)and roll out the barrel…

i’m starting to think(so to speak)that i may have a slight case of SAD…seasonal affective disorder per the lack of sun light..the days of gray, doom and gloom are getting to me. LM of DaVinci says he saw the sun today..i didn’t..but i did get to see the lovely Ms C and smooch her hand(twice)hey, i’ll take what i can get..

I’m liking Peter the G’s/El Caminantes approach to entertainment…Feast of the Flesh? yeah…T&A always works…always..speaking of that, ‘walked by Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos earlier and noticed an outstanding new addition to his crew…’outstanding’ in every sense of the word..the painters on 5th…the guys doing the watercolors? recently expanding beyond the usual Volcan Agua/Arch stuff and doing some spectacular country scenes…i’d buy one or two but…if you buy from one guy, then you’re stuck unless you also buy from the other guy..

didn’t get the sense from the street vendors that this weekends visitation of cruise ship tourists was a success, but then..no one’s doing a lot of biz…Almacen Broccoli/Troccoli doing better tonight than anyone else..Como Como closed..por que? everyone else doing a deuce here,there..(two to a table)lookin’ like October/Novembers gonna be crunch time for a lotta joints and I don’t mean Captain Crunch…ads being stopped, rents not being paid, lotta places for sale(as if)…hmm..how ’bout a Maximon festival here?  smokin’ and drinkin’…create a look-a-like contest, bring on the Bud Babes…

the sweet smell of a fire tonight, coming out of the Cloisters…felt like winter,somewhere else..the grandmother who does the most excellent empanadas ever…on 4th, out of her street side window..as good as Epicure’s croissants, crust-wise…Ixchel Spanish School opened on 4th norte this weekend..wtf? this end of town is so dead that even the homes offering space to ‘pensionistas’ can’t fill ’em..I’d say that their business is dying but..being a pensionista myself, i won’t go there..

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so..umbrella #4 of the season has given up the ghost..actually the fragile ribs of the 25q model…fine..exciting, eh?

via a long time Antigueno-gringo i heard that he was accosted, approached or asked politely if he might be interested in a couple of sweet young things seen outside of Bodegona last night…afternoon…when asked if he liked them, he said that he liked them both…a good answer…there was one price for the older, a lesser price for the younger and a bonus price for both..outside Bodegona?  naturally, seeking the truth of this or at least a glimpse of temptation, i hied myself off to Bodegona about 5ish…nope…i even showered, and had on fresh clothes…double no…’wasn’t a total loss, as the el cheapo brand of scotch, Highland Worrier, fit nicely in the bolsa…

will the Night of the Knives ever go away? La Cuadra has a version, the British Embassy and the US Embassy has one, the online paper www.plazapublica.com.gt has one, Luke’s CNN article has his take and so on…after going to two days of meetings at INGUAT with Da Mayor, the cops and all…I’m still shaking my head about it all…one thing fer sure, dude…they ain’t caught the perps and the bloodstains on 2nd calle are still faintly visible, a month later…my personal take on it? the guys in the pickups, with the ‘stolen plates’? gang initiation…Mara’s…MS-13, those sweethearts in the city…and another question…for the second time in La Cuadra’s bi-monthly publication cycle, back inside page, is yet another ad for the ‘Antigua Shooting Range’…even for and by Guatemala standards of ‘manana time’ this is lame..if you’re not open, ready for business and so on, etc…unless the ad is free and no one else wants that page..hmm…find the older lady with the two tasty tarts outside of Bodegona and get the phones ringin’..can you say ‘revenue?’Hey! inspiration!…Peter the G…track ’em down and add ’em to the Lucy Luscious Show, as extras..dump the hostel idea…season’s over anyway…ran into Peter the H briefly at Ocelot…waiting out the rain..rotsa ruck..

heard a new word today..a guatemalan word for ‘pain in the ass’…shuco…always amazed at the difference in words in central america, por ejemplo in Costa Rica, hueco refers to the pot holes in the streets..here? faggot..ran into the very tasty Claudia #1 at O-lot briefly, having something at Ixcot with a lady friend…thence off to DV, I s’pose..no takers on her vacant rental property, the ex-Rum Bar…why? the market is hosed, the rental price too high…o, and the location sucks..why are there still two rental spaces available between the guitar shop and un Poco de Todos, across from the park?

one would think, one would..assuming that thinking is required, that someone would snap those spaces up…traffic, exposure, cha cha…pass the scotch…i give up..

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go jeezuz!….woo…wierd Friday night….very very quiet…saw 2 or 3 PNC trucks cruising, triple the usual number…yep, the bloodstains on 2nd calle still there, every so faintly…diamonds in the streets? nope…remnants of broken car windows, usually on the calles..waved to Da Mayor this morning…and he waved back…so quiet…is it because its a holiday for gringos? or because there was some football game on,that every bar had a roomful of Guate’s starring at/ answer equals B…football…go figure…women waiting,looking great and the men? spaced out ,watching dipshits on a playing field…kicking around some ball…La Esquina?  closed, on a Friday night? WTF? another popular 5th ave cafe, behind in rent for 6 months?

El Caminante…slow, almost dead on a Friday nite? no sign of LL…same o same o for El Muro…the Whiskey Den!…WTF with a light show, DJ and bad music at top volume? whose idea was this? I’ll pick up my coffee in the morning,when this shit is over…dumb, totally dumb..worse than the Lounge or Ixnay..Lex” for some minor biz…he does the cooking…and it rocks..Crash and Mary checking out early…golf musta wore him out today…the article in Plazapublico raises some questions,which i’ll address tomorrow..

Per Peter the G, Lucy showed up later…ok..tonight? a reader asked about ‘licensed vs unlicensed’ firearms…i’ve been thru the process and in the end I came to a personal conclusion…’personal’…because if you get popped with an unlicensed gun, it’s a night in jail, and a fine of $1000 q…at the least and you can fuggedabout the handgun….however, if you just happen to have an unregistered piece and you need to drop the hammer, there’s no record on record…’get this?’…the licensing process involved fingerprints and a ballistic test…which means ‘records’ of you and your handgun..re the PNC ‘dance’..tomorrow…the article? mentioned some weird conclusions, some of which are that the cops said the the truck(s)had stolen license plates and came from the City…i’m fine with the stolen plates but how do they know that the trucks were stolen and from the City?  tis also said that the attacks were ‘political’….by whom? Mano Duro arranges a scragging of Antigua to frighten/heighten public fears? opposing political parties? right…Susana Acensio, the blonde Mata Hari/Squeaky Fromme? ‘hey…let’s embarrass Adolfo, scare the tourists and kill the last part of the season’? What is clear is that the news got out, one way or the other, via the Embassy of the US and the Brits, someone I know posted on CNN and there you go..what’s also clear is that there was some kinda news black-out or attempt at such…i have an idea but I’m not goin’ there..the perps haven’t been caught and if if they have…so? so what? its been a very good lesson for me in how things work/don’t work in this country: basically you can get away with pretty much anything…more on how to deal if you’re popped by the cops..later…yeah, I’m ‘unregistered.’

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gimme a cheer! gimme a C!….gimme an R!…ok, fine..you’ve got the drill…this town needs a Committee for Restoring Antigua Properly and I’m talkin’ about the %$#@! road crews on 4th avenida norte of which there are presently two sets…one, who takes their time and leaves something vaguely similar to the pattern of the surrounding rocks…the others? how the hell can one screw up removing the cobbles, prepping the base, mixing the cement and replacing the %$#@! rocks? Crew#2, the Ned Anderthal gang, has figured out a way to have piles of stones left over…here and there, along 4th or in the back of the pickup truck…and not just one or two…%$#@! piles…and a lake of cement over everything..how do you have leftovers from a cobblestone street?  don’t these guys have some kind of supervisor?  deep breath….deep breath…re the La Pena del Sol Latino…it’s actually ‘de Sol…anyway, that’s what the sign says…is it grammatical? is it correcto? wtf knows? more importantly…screw it..tried to shoot some interiors of Da Vinci tonight…told Luis last night i’d be there tonight..was he there? per Claudia #1, sporting a swollen cheek compliments of her dentist, he was in the City…ok, fine…i can make shit up just as easily…nah, i know enough of the history to put it together for an article.

Twas a very quiet night biz-wise for the bar/restaurant trade…some say that the season’s over, some who’ve been here longer argue that it runs til mid-September and then….gringo/turista-wise, i’m kinda inclined to go with Door #1, from my bi-tri-daily rambles..upper 5ta showing some ‘closed for Tuesday’ signs…from my perambulations, i’m seeing Thursday, Friday and Saturday being the $$$ days/nights for bars/restaurants..Sundays for fast food, ice cream….El Muro and El Caminante snagging the incoming Guate’s…No Se and Angies picking up some gringos from that part of town…the usual upscale restaurants are sucking…midscale lo mismo…Fusion 2, Abassi and Sobremesa and El Cazadore Italiano got their lights on and somebody’s home..how much longer can Chez Chris keep the doors open?…renting the apartment? ‘haven’t been past the pearl themed place lately…5th ave sur…las Conchas!…smelled like there was some deep pockets at first but this town…more than a few places here financed/supported by illicit funds..”o gee, we’ve been open for 2 years and we’ve lost money every month? i just don’t understand it.’  Hector’s will always be here,nailing down that part of town…startin’ to wonder about La Esquina/La Sala, though..dos Reilly’s will survive..there’s an interesting economic exchange of viewpoints between myself and JEH, a long time Antigueno…been here longer, travels more than i do and I’m coming around to his point of view that Gautemala may be…probably is…semi-mortally wounded tourism-wise per the constant stream of bad publicity…let’s see..we’ve got stabbings, robbings, beheadings, shootings, rapes…have I forgotten anything? bus crashes, purse snatching, drive-bys…home invasions, kidnappings, crooked cops, politicians and taxi drivers…and I’m worried about cobblestones? C.R.A.P needs an anthem…”let’s go get stoned.” Is Lucy Luscious dancing this weekend? gawd, i hope so..she brings a whole new meaning to the old phrase of ‘movers and shakers.’

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