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and tell Tchaikovsky the news…are Tuesdays always this dead in Antigua?  empty bars/restaurants hither,thither and yon..one place, on 4th Calle, hanging out the sign that reads ‘Best Terrace in Town’…Luna Miel, on 6th Ave goes the other direction: ‘worst terrace in town…’I’d go with Luna Miel, having seen both offerings.

So…TanyaH’s ‘despidedia?’…supposedly at La Morena at 7pm…wrong, whiskey breath…changed to Las Vibras…the Vibrators?..I missed it…having gone first to La Taverna and swilled the very last of the Royal Choice whiskey in honor of Ed Clark, who left this planet a week ago(we shared the same taste in bourbon) openings/closings and the beat goes on…Pan y Fantasia, the replacement for Deliciosa, on 3rd calle? new name on the front…Paladar or something…Beer Company, in the Ocelot patio..closed, repainted…Pelicano Sports looking dead…La Morena> lo mismo…and Minoshka the Spa people? opening yet another location on 7th ave norte…how many is this?? four or five? Angel of Djinn, the very very witchy woman who wears all that Indian stuff? opened a 3rd location! inside the new so so mexican joint on 5th ave…fiesta so so mexicana of the raw tortillas..3 stores? WTF?

Mike D leaves us June 17..Alabama Bob rolls in on June 4…Thor Sheffield? in town, back for a while from China…taking a part in Ponzi Bob’s ‘Chinese Millionaire Camp on the Motagua’ scheme…christ…who’s smoking what and can I get some?

and I’m looking for a book on mineral identification….photos/descriptions…lemme know if there’s one in this country…gotta article or two to write and the scientific names would help..actually, anything would help..so, Tanya and company…I’m sorry to have missed your departure but you’ll be back…the last minute switcheroo from La Morena to Las Vibras threw me off the track (typical) and I’m liking La Taverna’s new enclosure of fencing around the outdoor tables…what little gringo trade there is these days, they’re sucking it up…

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or is it ‘Camel?’…this town never/ever ceases to amaze me and I like to think (sic)that i’m somewhat septical…er, skeptical…Cindy C, recently ‘let go’ by Ricardo at Tabacos y Vinos, starts again tonight….er, where’s Lex? still there? actually, the combo of he/Cindy might be amusing, given enough vino.

‘ran into Nicole Nossiop today….she’s been back for two weeks…I thought she still was in France…wrong, Merlot breath (again)did she and Brendan really get married? marriage, the event that turns into a bath? (after a while, it’s not so hot)…..Fernando and lady doing the deed in November (Fernando el Chocolote) and I thought, all this time…yeah, typical…

so, I go to my old printer’s shop to pick  up 50 covers of ‘Our Man in Antigua’ for the new printer, Copia Fiel….and the ground floor space is now a candy/soda tienda…wtf? yep, he’s off on another trip down insanity lane…which explains why he didn’t have time to do the 2nd book….off in the Milky Way, or Mars or just Snickers….

Piano Mike Chrisman returns October the Foist (east coast accent)…Oktober fest food?> Sunday, 3pm, Bavarian Garden, 7th ave north….sauerbrauten et al…75q but hurry…6 tickets/spaces left…contact Bill at the American Legion but hurry…go by the library or the park bench between 8-11…in the park, silly…don’t let your weiner schnitzle, unless that’s what you had in mind.

and yes, we’re losing one of my favorite couples soon, going…….nope, promised I wouldn’t say anything until…but their leaving will leave some holes in the fabric of A-Town…alas…Cath D in town for a while, doing some photo restoration work at CIRMA…she is so sweet…’reminds me of a ‘gentler/kinder’ version of Wife #2…Nurse Ratchett…(One Flew over…Clue #1)

Ponzi Bob in contact from Chicago, now the #1 Murder Capital in the US)…no, no connection…he says that’they’re close to closing the deal’ for the Rancho de Panning the Gold’ thing on the river….ah, if only someone would step up and be the concierge/bar manager/meeter and greeter…Ed and Frank?  hah! Duane? nope…he gets sick every time he goes out there…hey! Cindy and Lex! and that’s a sick thought,even for me.



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this just in…Dishualded aka Dishwater,is quitting…various factors added up…not a big surprise…and Laurel Baker of Reillys? going to work at Ocelot Wednesday night?

‘Action’ Jackson, good pal/roadtrip buddy, is playing his unique brand of roadhouse music at Travel Menu, Fri-6:30, Reilly’s La Esquina, Sun-3pm and Cafe No Se, Mon 9:30 or so…drop in or by…

‘funny how certain holidays in the US come/go without any sense of personal involvement…had I been ‘up there’ by now, the bbq would be underway, maybe the talk of school starting, the renewal of a football season or the trading stories of what our children are doing. Here, in Antigua, there’s little, if any of that, to remind us of the changing of the seasons, yet again.

About all we have here is the monthly go-around of closing restaurants, newly opened places of hopes and dreams and yet again, another tale of ‘WTF’ were they thinking….the Cargo Room is gone, space taken over by a friend of Jim O’s….the new guy supposedly has a degree from the Cordon Bleu(pronounced blew)in cooking,,,as i recall, Lex had this dinky 4 burner gas range which might not encourage fancy cooking….Lex? pulling shifts at Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos on 5th ave norte…Marbel, working at Reilly’s La Esquina and I heard that the previous incarnation at Dos Mil is about to expire..for a number of reasons, of course..

Travel Menu now doing burgers…heard that they’re good.  What was Caffe Opera on 6th Ave norte is now some kinda spanish paella place….opening night was dismal and their signage is, like Punto Zero, made of vinyl banners…not conducive to a sense of permanence or  optimism.

the 2nd edition/local print run of ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’ is ‘under way…Frener says 2-3 days, except he didn’t say  ‘which’ 2-3 days…I’ll know more on Wednesday night about this…yeah, the first run sold out, Sophos, the big book store in the City wants some ($$) and the beat goes on..more little ‘hole in the wall’ coffee shops opening around town…hoping against hope, that somehow they will be different..Monica’s jungle Party expanded, into a deli/small restaurant…great idea! capture those hostile…no, hostel people before they leave the premises and take even more of their money…how much long can Pan y Fantasis keep the doors open? that $$ deli on 3rd calle, that was Deliciosa…count the freezers/refrigerators/electricity-sucking devices and multiply by a few thousand quetzales  per month and then count the foot traffic…um, damn little..and there’s a new frenchy kinda restaurant in Fusions’ mall…Fleur de Luis?  no, Lis! in what was Rafa’s Bistro(and they’re sucking for biz also…this is a tough town, baby…four or five restaurants have a lock, four or five bars lo mismo and if you think  you can buck that, go right ahead….buck away, buckaroo!

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I heard it yesterday but it was too strange….’thought I’d verify it(yes, something different)so I spoke with the doctor, the official ‘p….ker checker’ this morning…yep, 234 registered ‘sex workers’ in Antigua…234! I’d imagined that my sources had bumped the number by a factor or 50 or 75%….nope…234, of which over 34 are males…

where do ‘they’ hang out (so to speak)? a friend mentioned that he’d been propositioned last week by a ‘lady’ in a nearby park, who asked a question i’ve never heard of(and I thought I’ve heard them all)….’Would you like to molest me?’…..well, maybe, depending…god, this town never fails to amuse me…

of the 25 copies of ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’ , printed this week, now down to 1….whoopee! whiskey for my horses, etc..

the ever marvelous Marbel, working 2 or 3 shifts a week at Reilly’s La Esquina…next shift…6pm, Saturday should you wish to gaze upon the very tasty Miss M(I might make that time, depending)…yeah, Lex working at Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos…changes abound, like Travel Menu…expanding into the space next door, where there’s a grill so they can really cook…food, you know

‘heard that Las Vibras fish tacos are great….but how big can the f……king taco be to hold a fish, unless it’s a minnow or guppie…speaking of fish, the koi in the pond where i live are supposedly being bombed by bats at night…the guard pointed out what might be nicks in their heads/backs where the bats have swooped down…yeah, I’ve noticed bats at night (in several bars) but not whacking the fish…do we need a Bat Signal on the finca? 234? yeah, confirmed by the doc…you want her name? I have it…

Pat Farrell! back in town, for who knows how long….the extraordinary gorgeous Tanya Hughes, gracing Ocelot and Lava with her presence…how did she get even more beautiful? who cares? only here for a week..alas

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what was the old ‘Riki’s’ space on 4th Avenida  has been totally buffed out, from a new roof on down, per the owners putting up the $$….rumor has it that the new tenant will be: A, Taco Bell, B, jade store, C, spanish school, D, travel agency, new bar/restaurant or E, all of the above…’B’…go figure…

Lava packed, Ocelot empty…the Butt Patrol came around earlier this week (Health Dept)and slammed Whiskey Den for people smoking on the patio…ergo, if you’re puffing it’s either upstairs or in the street..where you can suck some diesel smoke.

Casbah’s little bar? packed! Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos? Lex Cargo  working there, two nights a week…..stopped in at Hector’s…sign on the chalkboard reads ‘#1 on TripAdvisor’ …if that’s the case,it’s old info from when Hector owned/ran it…six people and and an expensive cocktail (I needed change for the tuk-tuk)…44q for a shot of Stoli? i didn’t bother looking at the menu, after that..44q? at least, at Dishwater, I get music..and change.

YES! local copies of ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’ finally out of the printer!…5 tonight, 20 tomorrow and a new print run for September, along the with the September edition of ‘Our Man in Antigua’…with all the latest updates unlike Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor…they’re good but behind the curve/times…

and La Rumba, the short-lived ceviche place? didn’t have a business licence(or a clue)…and the new back garden of Sobremesa? smashing and that’s where customers are gravitating (going) to…who knew? it works…how much longer will Papas y Beer and 13 continue to pay their rents/suppliers? or Mango Verde? the venerable La Antigua Vineria, on south 5th ave, next to San Jose el Viejo? great new paint job, changes, upgrades.,..Bepe just doesn’t quit..looks great!

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