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Gautemala, the haven of choice for folks on the run: Senor McAfee, late of Belize, something about dogs/poison/guns/murder/cha cha cha, seen in Rio Dulce yesterday and now in the City, ‘lawyered up’ with one of Guate’s ex Attorney Generals and scheduled for a press conference in the morning….it’ll probably go like this…”you know, it might look bad that I left town and came to Guatemala but this country has a reputation for fair play and justice.”…drum roll…from what was an estimated 100 million bucks a few years ago is now somewhere south of  4 mill…”Guatemala, The Best Justice That Money Can Buy” 

and yet another bit of ‘only in Antigua’ insanity…one of our long-haired gringo semi-permanent residents…you’ll see him scooting around town, sometimes with a leather jacket with fringes (Dennis Hopper style) recently returned from the States, apparently on a shopping trip…two large suitcases, one filled with rice and the other? Starbucks Guatemala Blend…uh, excuse me? importing that stuff to here? 

Looks like Lava is giving the “salsa night’ a twirl or two…why not? Micho’s day shift is getting their ‘americano desayuno’ together, a bit more each week…this week they’ve mastered buttering the toast. Hey…it’s a gringo thing, ok?

Angel of Djinn says her move across the street hasn’t impacted her business one way or the other..her tikka spot was just a bit off center this morning but how do you tell someone that?  it’s a caste mark, ok? bright red spots are #1 Brahmin…and on the wedding night the groom gets to scratch it off and see if he’s won anything, like a liquor store or motel…

Tom ‘Speedy’ Murphy feeling well enough to go to Wal Mart today…maybe he’ll be able to drive next week..the Perfesser can be the passenger side airbag and Plumb Bob and I can sit in back and not watch Tom pass everything in sight..

http://www.examiner.com/article/the-mystery-of-takalik-abaj-part-one  more in the series of last year..I suspect that there’ll be some stuff to add to next weeks’ adventure in paradise.


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and the City folks left. The tourists here splashed thru puddles and some booked tours outa town…read the weather reports as it’s raining all over Guatemalo…we’ll see shortly how effective Alex Ferrar’s (Sobremesa)efforts work on the river bed but what the hell, a noble gesture, any way you look  at it…as far as a Sunday night goes (or went)it didn’t appear that any restaurants were doin’ any significant biz…the three busiest places in town? Burger King, Frank’s Nim Pot and the Cathedral for Sunday mass: one might assume that those of the faithful who sowed their wild oats last night went to ask for crop failure.

some come, some go…Kate, bartenderess at Ocelot and Travel Menu, pulling the plug on Antigua altho she say she might return. Gold Finger, aka Jason Lever, returning from Magadan and a mining engr’s convention in InSane Diego, with a side trip for R&R to Mexico…Camilla returns from El Salvador tonight, the tasty Swedish pastry…Neil Craig of Pangea having a helluva day long birthday party.Piano Mike and the ever lovely Moriah doin’ their job, pulling in patrons for Caffe Bourbon.

Christa Schieber of Taka’lik Ab’aj jetting off to Paris to present a paper on the recend find of the jade necklace…’found in the same place except deeper by some 18 feet and 400 years where they found the jade masks earlier…there’ll be a piece of some of the Olmec heads having magnetic properties…’told her about it but…what buzzes me doesn’t always buzz the professionals, but i did share an old Anthropology joke she hadn’t heard…what does a Ph.D stand for in that field?…post hole digger…yeah,lame..inside joke, ok? I confessed to once having thought about that field but when I found out about the shovels, picks and low pay…oops, adios..only writing pays less, if you must know.

Shaun’s thinkin’ that he may have resurrected the old Sunday night crowd of hookers from the City…gawd, i hope so..if only to look at, given that i’m a dyed in the wool sexagenerian…Peter the G? where is/was Lucy Luscious last night? ‘had my hopes up(and that’s all)..great show, though and good to see that your efforts are getting some action…so..the Salty Beaver and tomorrow’s Bar Staff Appreciation Day? haven’t seen any ‘sign up’ sheets nor the usual Beav FaceHole announcements…is it on or off? Allen of Whiskey Den looking very ragged tonight..amazing, to me, at least, how that ‘hole in the wall’ place has become a destination, night after night. Mediterranean Cafe, next to Como Como? closed again..Cafe Flor, looking very tasty with the new color scheme? empty…Marcel of El Caz Italiano…do you have a death wish? riding the little hot bike to/from work, in the rain?

low to the ground and built for speed…just the way i like my women…

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