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Fine…it’s Thankgiving Day in Gautemala: the breezes are up, as am I…a few things to do today, before the gringo dinner later in the day..’starting to look like a return to El Salvador on Monday or Tuesday and wrap up that disjointed road trip(see previous), take some more car parts for Cuba via John and get those assignments done….after that, back to the chilly nights of San Cristobal de las Casas for a week(and wrap up THAT assignment)..


I never know whether ask for breasts or thighs at Thanksgiving

no news out of Honduras, other than Mel is pouting in the Brazilian embassy and Michelletti is playing him like a violin: gee, no elections this month? how about December?  right…their terms expire in January…or does something change with Michelletti’s deal? Mel, the poor man’s Joe Stalin wannabe.

enjoy yourself(someone’s gotta)la vida es corte..disfrutalo!

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