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‘in from the spin…PV for a quiet gallery opening and the exceedingly luscious Ms A…either my animal magnetism or something made one of her earrings explode…on the way, walking past the BAC branch, i noticed the ass’t manager messing around with the middle ATM…a front inspection plate/door open and a keypad…is this typical/normal? the guard and i watched for a few minutes, til he buttoned it up and went back inside…with all the paranoia re BAC and the ATM’s there, i gotta ask the question…WTF?…after PV, down past Chef Pierre’s..quiet and thence to Angie Angie’s…Isidore, Raul, Christina, Rich Neel and better half…great photography!…Francisco’s shot some stunning photos of Turkey…if i had wall space…etc..yeah, i know…buy some, put some in the closet and rotate ’em…there were a couple that  i drooled over..color/composition..the ‘eye’…yeah, i shoot photos but i’m not  an artist..he is…ran into the very lovely tall blonde known as Azucena in the antique store on 4th calle…across from Weltan..ooh..back to Ocelot…robto de oro, mary, robbin, brendan and …Camilla, missing her pals/buds and playmates who’ve left this week..go by and console her..she’s not happy..Caffe Bourbon? quiet except for Nelson’s excellent Nawleens piano…foot tappin’ music..the Jades Antigua store on the corner, across from El Tiempo Sabor? nasty looking guard but the women inside? on a scale of  1-10…they’re elevens..Ricardo of Tabacos y Vinos doing just fine..and he also has an eye for ….the hired help..they always look superb..no on Adan at Caffe Opera tonight…what the hell is his schedule? Hector’s packed(so what else is new?) heard a rumor that JP aka the Rum Bum is due back in town in three weeks..taking over the helm at Cafe Flor-Flusher…can’t imagine his chutzpah at returning, given the mess he left…maybe the alternatives were worse..witness protection program gone bad? interpol? who knows? ‘it’s Chinatown, Jake’…Claudia will be glad to hear this…perhaps another shot at restitution..or Guate justice…oops..justice? fresh out..call back later..go by and whisper words to Camilla…she’s loved and appreciated..and this too, shall pass..

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Peter Finch…the movie ‘Network’…screaming out his window..”I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it anymore!”

this evenings US Embassy Town Hall Meeting at La Encantada or the other place…I was mislead, as usual, but showed up relatively on time, per G.S.T…the evening’s most unpopular topic? the continuing electronic theft of $$$ via the ATM’s in the BAC branch on the square..one gringo, hit today for $1500 actually last used his card on the 5th of April, the date of the screaming hissy fit of the ‘dog and pony show’ put on by BAC/INGUAT and the embassy…WTF? WTF is BAC doing? answer..not much..o, they’ve changed the guards…BFD…internal measures that i was told were ‘confidential’ and to which will remain so,if only for the next week…’told of yet another European country that has ‘turned off’ all debit card transactions between Guatemala and them…hint..the name starts with ‘B’..the Danish bank story isn’t nailed down but the “B’ country is…o boy..’come to Guatemala, visit Antigua and get your bank account stripped, ripped and raped..BAC/Guatemala? total denial, complete ‘head in the sand’…ok, they had their first board meeting a few weeks ago with the Colombian crew…’hi..we’re you’re new bosses, overseers and capos..’got any problems?’ right..as if the Guate crew would ‘fess up and say..’well, yes, just a tiny bit of a PR problem in Antigua..daily hacking, not much…only a million or so..no big deal..but we’re on it..trust us..” I’ve urged the person at the top of the food chain to do something…anything…to this day..nada,zip..yes, there’ s new guards and the personnel inside the branch, when asked if there’s been any problems with the ATMs?…no..no problems..as long as you’re using a Gaute-based credit/debit card as Alex Bell was this morning…anything else and it’s…open sesame…ca ching! hasta la vista dinero, baby..the denial, the lame efforts and the disregard for international publicity is staggering…heads will roll, eventually…maybe..a al Rosenberg or the Colom circus…this country…what next? credit to the US Embassy for stepping up pressure…o..the British Embassy? check out the BAC complaints on their Facebook page…it’s enough to drive a man to drink(and I am)…deep breath…change of subject…Da Vinci’s new location? totally different..individual dining alcoves, smaller bar, roof top patio…the whole crew working today, moving stuff, even Luis Miguel seen carrying in stuff..Claudias 2 and 3 seen…Claudia #1 not…maybe after i walked by..Shaun of O’lot embarking on a ‘diet’..said he ran up/down the hill of Cerro Del Cruz..a final final goodbye to Yo Yo in the patio..he says he’ll be back..big plans for the upper level new hamburger joint, ‘Lava’…a vision of something not seen here…nope, can’t tell..yet..it makes sense, though..upper 5th? grave yard…Studio 35 still trying ‘all you can drink for 66q”  no on Adan this eve at Cafe Opera…and i needed a ‘come down’ from the meeting…whew…spoke with my 93 year old mom on sunday, mentioning all this BAC/ATM crap..she asked if i was worried about being shot…nope..’been there, done everything i ever wanted to do ten times…the doors open…and the safety’s off…the $$ is largely gone..wish Carla the best with her new ‘adventure’…she deserves every bit of it..nope, can’t tell..ask her..Antigua? Semana Satan coming around soon…’bound to be a virtual gold mine for the ATMs in BAC…and the boys in Bogota…for bad publicity,
Antigua’s ranking up there with Juarez…go figure…passed Adolfo our Alcalde later…where the hell is he on this problem? any statements, meetings or show of concern? not that I know of…

5 year old technology

buttheads..i’m disgusted, frankly…disappointed, disillusioned and dismayed..what a great way to stick yet another knife in the tourism industry in Gautemala..

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friday morning update…a very good note back from the manager of Credomatic Guate..he’s doing what he can and I have the hunch that there’s gonna be some changes made sooner, if not quicker..this is not your usual ‘banker in  pinstripes’…i’m impressed and i’ve worked for and as a ‘suit’…’damned sure would’t want to have to come to his office with excuses..

no..it didn’t happen at church…it happened on/in the Pangea/Ocelot patio tonight, with Pangea celebrating the opening of the new lounge…yes, I’d originally poo-poo’ed it but i be wrong, rum-breath…place packed!…with one minor exception(yep, IxNay..no, Ixcot)Franklin checking in on the Whiskey Den, which is making it, despite the odds…90% of all small businesses don’t make it. Fernando the Chocolate King there with wife..went by his shop on 7th post the AL Library for a dab of chocolate…on the counter? a new variety of half white/half brown…’the Michael Jackson’ bar..gotta love his humor(i do)  ..AyRobot closed tonight..go by…

ah..comics…Donald Duck, Maggie and Jiggs(o so un PC) and Daddy Warbucks/Punjab…nothing changes,does it? R. Crumb/Suzy Creamcheese..’wish them success/luck/support…great idea..DV slowly being dismantled..went by the new location and…whew…$$$ spent but Luis Miguel finally has a ‘blank slate’ to work with, after 15 years at the existing spot…all new kitchen/baths/electric/roof deck..A Bell at the door of F2…Karla working..good to see her..Dona Leonora doing a big dinner crowd..Tartine’s? zero..El Caz moderate, Dos Reilly’s doing just fine..passed Barb/friend walking off their dinner at Vino y Queso and from where they had to walk, that’s more than just a stroll(hike) Piano Mike celebrating birthday(i didn’t ask)and playing Ocelot 2nd shift…in/out of the recording studio, doing all ‘original’ songs..who knew? five, so far..go PM..AppleTiser still trying to break/grab market share in town..had a stand at the P/O patio, which included a shot of Absolut…helps kill the taste, i s’pose..I like Pangea’s new lounge area…feels like just the right size…no empty tables for dinner,either..

the old bar at DV...gonzo


 ‘had a word with Ana Victoria at Citibank…the PC’s are on wireless…she’s not sure about the ATM, which is a 5B rented machine..Diebold does all their maintenance…weird rumor, semi-substantiated (waiting for further word) that Denmark is freezing all ATM transactions with Guatemala…perfect..more great news for INGUAT and no, El Supremo of Credomatic has not returned my email..Gaia having live music tonight..sounded good in the street..Cashbar empty at 8 plus..Hector sitting with diners, doing what he does o so very well..schmoozing..

the weekend’s approaching…getcher rest…from the number of events,you’re gonna need it.

my bank


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Yul Brynner as Pharoah, talking to Charlton NRA Heston aka Moses…too bad Yul’s gone…’be a great Egyptian president, altho Omar Sharif might be a more authentic choice…what’s up with the ‘Net’ and the phones today? slower than the Second Coming…referring to Christ, of course…John W and a new popsie strolling along 5ta norte early, looking for a place for breakfast..’wonder how El Muro is doing without his input/energy? slower probably…dos Reillys is getting their groove back: bar packed, tables full on a Sunday night…good for Henrik…’been a few anxious moments, i suspect..Chez Chris empty…alas..WTF? how much longer, how deep are the pockets? same-o same-o Sangre…actually an apt name, given how long they’ve been bleeding.  Murray! back from Tejas!…told him about the Steve James gig at Ocelot upcoming…Austin folks, gotta go, etc..no, didn’t do the bub quiz: I go to bars not to sharpen my wits but to dull them…and Brendan is  a ferocious wit/brain…in any battle of the wits with him, I’m the unarmed guy..The Mime Index? normal crowd…town emptied out early, car-wise..are H/E and ‘item’?…she’s sounding very giddy these days, not around and neither is he..much..hey, good for them..lotta flowers/candy being passed around today..ephemeral promises but…gotta have faith in the species…Luna Miel? packed..Ixcot the opposite…when are the owners going to count up the losses and pull the plug?..ElCaz italiano’s x-mas lights are still up and i like ’em…a pretty beacon in the night..the clouds came in, the winds blew the dust around and the purple blossoms of the jacaranda trees in the park are perfectomundo..there were some exceedinly tasty latina lolitas strolling around today: my merit badge for the DOM medal probably got a few…what?..Dirty Old Man medal..inspirations..hash marks..the ATM scam continues…BAC, the center of the problem, doesn’t/hasn’t done shit…no signs, no warnings..well, they are owned by Colombians but even so..give the tourists a break(right)an acquaintance was popped today on the right hand side machine(the safe one)..$1000…three charges of $wierd amouts..just like i was…what next? vodka break..there oughta be a Breathalyzer on keyboards/mobile phones, that’s whats next..write an app, please. I may have written something with my fingers that my body can’t cash but I’ll know more tomorrow just how deep the hole is that i may have dug..’it wasn’t me…it was my evil twin brother, Skippy’…Ignacio the Cuban, looking forlorn outside the Condesa..after seven marriages and a recently broken arrangement to play music, I’d feel the same way…maybe the reason the ‘net’ is slow today because of all the re-routed funds being sent to Bogota…not mine..they ‘got me’…




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