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yeah…me and my laptop…the power cord got both of us going but just barely…you know, it isn’t that cold tonight(so far)…the fire is laid, I’m not and that’s how it is on Saturday night…

O’lot/Lava slammed again, for Sappy Hour..Sobremesa quiet, Michos lo mismo, Fusion? zip…Rafa’s Bistro, about to bail and move to the ex-Pizza Mia spot on 4th? doing tables…rumors are that the New Age resort at the Lake, aka TOSA, is having ‘difficulties..’..yeah…the market, the location and so on..

Travel Menu quiet, at least early on…La Sala, cranking up for yet again another night of wackiness…El Cazadore Italiano, ground zero for the Porsche/expensive car crowd…and when did Cafe Flor take out the grand piano?

here’s a visual…Lex and Monica(Jungle Party)tete a tete at the Cargo Room…nah, they’re just friends and we had great talks about the end/demise of 2012 and just how f….ked the year was for all of us…Lex later in Bodogona…red silk parachute pants and silver half gloves? yep..that’s our Lex..La Pena del Sol doing a so-so crowd but the band? Sol Latino? those guys work/crank/play serious music 5 days..no, 5 nights a week…hardest working band in town..is Montecristo’s associated with Micho’s? something going on tonight with Bobby/Mariah…#14 4th calle oriente…you tell me, as I missed it.

even Caffe Bourbon doing a good crowd(early)and our Mime, Andy is back…drawing a crowd on 5th…a silver guy(mime)in the park not moving much…wandering musicians about…something’s changing here and I’m not sure what it is, but I like it…and the last part of last weekend’s little jaunt up into the mountains…


and Hill Billy Tom Martin has a new…well, used…Ford crew cab with what he calls a ‘huge V8’….road trip!

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