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thanks to Dr.J for that name….he moved out, as did Nazi John and the ‘perfesser’ aka Michael D, leaves in the morning. The scene of all this tomfoolery? #40, aka Ponzi Bob’s place south of Panza Verde, who has left Ed the Slippery in charge of the place. The ‘Vortex People?’ refugees from the Lake, down here doing ‘Om’ this and that’ messing with pots*/pans/laundry and cutlery…

yeah, Dave ‘the slave’ Hoffman’ is back…the ‘Perfesser’ leaves in the morning, Nazi Johh, July the Furst…so, the ‘Whirled Cuo?’….lotta places empty or just emptied as the game ended..remember the Black Cat? once the busiest hostal in town? gonzo, faded and maybe this is an overall  ‘call’ n the state of the backpacker business…I see a few,  here and there, loading/unloading on the shuttles but it wasn’t what it was…hmmm? you ask?  if THAT segment of business is off, what next?

and no, no new monitor…I HAVE it and it looks great but the computer tech, the good one who seems to know what he’d doing? no show, yet again…so, it sits there, behind the tiny one of my laptop, looking good….and unused.

and what’s up/or not with the  new Sunset Terrace? supposedly on the corner of 6th Ave/1st Calle but I” be damned if I can find it..has La Merced gone commercial? Tarritos? hell, I don’t know (the usual) a few words with Marbel the Magnificent, in a lovely gray sweater dress, some  with Claudia #1 of Da Vinci(birthday coming soon)and the sad Flor Mendoza, who lost her younger sister this weekend..and a little bit of progress on the Salama venture…just like everything else in this country, nothing is as it seems, or as Jim O observed ‘We all here because we’re not all there.’

in the mean timewww.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer for all of your shopping needs (and mine)some of the latest version are out on the ‘streets’ of town and more to follow…look I’m old ok? just turned 70 and I don’t move as fast as I used to…get over it(I have).

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