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or otherwise, everything from soup to nuts: nuts? go to the central park about  9am or the Ocelot patio for Slappy Hour, 5-6..

Sobremesa kicking out the jams, making new rooms/holes in the walls, ceiling, Micho’s recently remodeled bar getting some touchup paint tonight, yielding some serious fumes in that space…serious stuff, no face masks…

ah…the return soon (saturday) of the  Marvelous Miss M, following a tour of Israel, Spain and Italy…she’ll need a job and yes, I see that Cafe No Se is looking….hmm…Micho’s also (a better fit, methinks)

a preview of next week’s jaunt


the always elegant Victoria C, on 4th calle at 7ish…chatting with girlfriends, same dazzling smile…hmmm…would a sexagenarian have a shot?..you know, a chance…

this weather? first it’s cold, then it’s windy, then it warms up….I’ve had girlfriends like t his.  Remember, Pappy’s BBQ tomorrow, 11am…Jon Mellen, of Epicure, a bbq fiend, will probably show  up, especially after I told him that I wasn’t buying his frozen ribs anymore, since I can’t beat Blake’s…11-4, Fri-Sat-Sun…6th calle, next to the Cactus Grill.

and yes, last night’s booze cruise to the Mono Loco bar in the city? 45 passengers and they didn’t get  home til 1 or so…place jammed/packed, 3 levels…




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maybe it’s the burning of the cane fields, providing an inversion layer in the valley…..I’d rather be sucking cane 2nd hand smoke than CO2/sulphur from smog sources but the evening air/light was magic tonight…soft, a bit hazy, perfect shirt-sleeve temps..yeah, the rains will come again, the plants will offer up a hallelujah or two but for now, el perfecto!

‘the plot sickens, Part Two’….tales of a missing/unaccounted 9 grand +…absentee owner sends monthly payments which don’t get paid monthly…causing some grief here and there…

13, the ‘new concept’ bar in what was Braulios/The Lounge and so on?….uh…find a concept that works…let’s see, what’s been tried/failed? “Ladies Drink Free”, ‘we’ll pay you to drink (El Muro)….you tell me…Ocelot and Lava have a simple mousetrap…5q drinks from 5-7…check out the patio/balcony…it works..

We lost one of the 90 day visitors today…’Bob’ of the size 15 or 16 shoes…Hogan flies out in the morning: one by one, the crew that adds some variety to this burg is leaving…even John Korte pulled the plug, by moving to Panama. Hap/Joe  off to Belize soon, hopefully with better luck than Alabama Bob, who was refused entrance (his backpack was too small)

good news from the Motagua…gold found from a different source, even though the 4X jap truck did get stuck(worse road than Semuc Champey, if that’s possible)…and temporary email problems…the tech heads are on it…who knows why? more password problems, maybe stemming from the earlier breach of yahoo…like a dumbshit, i used the same password for everything..duh..

and the proposed run to find the lost Mayan carving and Puerto San Jose..? put off for a week, per some scholastic difficulties…fine…one of the newer riders asked me for a comparison between the strip clubs of PSJ vs. Joco….’had to admit that I haven’t dived..so to speak..into Joco…ah, ‘field research!’

and Jer…old pal of Havana/the Del Rey and Vegas…


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