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and not in reference to any Chinese restaurants in town, because even tho there may be 2 or 3, they all suck..or blow…funny, how in the City (Guatemala)they have some decent C***** food places. Yeah, I’m being un-PC, again…everythings gotten to the point where you don’t dare say/write anything that could be considered racist…so? so what? Is Spick and Span the new m***** comedy team?

Reid the C, checking in from Colombia where’s he’s doing some kinda tour…don’t ask, don’t tell…he and the ‘Perfesser’ were thinking of renting a house here but…the ‘Perfesser’ is in the clutches of Ponzi Bob’s rental team and staying there for the time being…and no, it doesn’t look like Barb the K is coming, nor is a Thanksgiving dinner at their place on the  menu…Reid, whatever he’s smoking, thinks that he can still wench…no, winch the old Land Rover outa the pig pen and mate it with Murray’s recently demised Jeep…as if…

Bobby Darling!  opening a series of music nights…’One Man, One Song, One Drink…’starting this Wedneday, 7pm, Micho’s..thence 8 pm, Travel Menu…he told me the other times/places but I’m having a case of CRS (can’t remember shit)…Moriah, Piano Mike’s lovely daughter, Bobby’s one time vocalist? last heard of in Italy, at some go-kart track..

Karla H? returning soon from Australia…one presumes that the ‘honeymoon’ is over…no word of Nelson, off somewhere in piano-land…another great Antigua musician off/outa town in search of audiences ($$). And, just in time for Thanksgiving/Christmas, there’s a sale on Amazon.com/Kindle of ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’…starting at 0800 west coast time, 11/11, one week only, 50% off..go!  www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer  I need the $$..this starving writer stuff sucks..and why were all the PNC cops in town, on every corner this morning…guns/AK-47’s, scowls..didn’t they get paid this month?


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October hasn’t been a good month for business in Antigua, aside from McDonalds and Burger King…old time tour guides lamenting, bars/restaurants sucking…maybe, at the end of the month and the Day of the Dead rolls around, it’ll signal a change in $$..one of our mall people had a silent partner die unexpectedly…the family, of course, swooped in looking for $$…rotsa ruck, folks, as it there ain’t any.

Jackson’s ‘off the wagon’ party last night? yep, per Audi, they drank up the 1000q he put up…knowing the crew in this town, I got there early, finished off the Grey Goose, started on the Absolut and then knew that it was absolutely time to bail…music? yep…and no sign of any of the attendees anywhere today…probably in a rest home some where.

Lex, pulling a shift at Tabacos y Vinos, fresh off his movie gig…the title? I forget…probably ‘Lex Does Dallas’ or something..Jason of Lava/Mauritania, back in town, but ‘holed up’…’been a long time without women, you know. The delayed plan for celebrating Lava’s 2nd anniversary is said to be next Wednesday, around the 23rd…no word on if Jason plans to haul out the Russian-style stainless bbq/grill things like last year…but…even better is that those wooden kegs behind the bar have had even more time to mature(get better)…that’s where i’ll be, btw..

these guys around town, with the ties and little straw hats? Jehovah’s Witnesses but since i bought the insurance policy (Jehovah’s witness protection plan) it ain’t my problem..approach at your own discretion.

Ocelot has installed a new cash register! with printed receipts! I got the first one…jack and water…it’s the touch screen rather than the old hand-written pieces of paper…and so, still here? go to http://www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer for the latest…yeah, they’re buying the books, all over…pounds and euros, even…pray for tourists with money…Antigua needs a transfusion/infusion…or, by the end of the year, there’ll be a few more vacancies..

and what bar owner is sporting a bruised eye? nope, I didn’t ask..Jerome of Travel Menu says that ‘they’ are going to start monday on the expansion…right…which monday? hey, there’s always hope (but she’s busy on Mondays)

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Coming soon, to a town near you: Sept 15th, Independence Day,, Guatemalan style. Sobremesa, in cahoots with Pappy’s BBQ, is doing a two day brunch thing, involving bbq this/that, with eggs and I think Alex mentioned mimosas…I’ve quit bbqing…ok, ‘grilling’ to be exact, since i can’t beat/top/outdo Pappy’s products. If only I could get there before he’s sold out.

La Taverna, the new bar inside the La Fuente plaza on 4th calle? becoming a ‘hang out- for other bar owners…Travel Menu used to fulfill that function except they’re becoming more popular….Cap’t Gerry and his music are attracting a following, per Jerome…and even with their own website….actual marketing in this town? shocking concept, eh?

Papas and Beer finally gave up the ghost…the vacant place in front is rumored to maybe…nah, not even maybe, given the talent of the supposedly new players (no talent)…

yeah, I had to boot Frener Printers yesterday….another week of lame excuses, lies and so on…it was like pulling teeth to get the covers for the latest, ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’ and then getting the first print run of 25 out the door and when I came back for more abuse….after 18 months of  ‘working’ with me, one would think that another publication (and a 3rd one in the works)that he/they might want to continue making a little bit of money…no…

so, there’s a new twist at Reilly’s La Esquina (no, not her)…on Sunday afternoons they’re playing something called ‘corn hole’….yeah, that scared me also…Earth Lodge first brought it to my attention, so I guess it’s legit…I’ve gotta go by and Sunday and see just what the hell ‘corn hole’ really is…

Either way, I’m getting outa town this week…some beach, somewhere, some how…hopefully Copia Fiel will give me a decent quote on printing my dumb little books and I can put this behind me and chill out in margarita-ville for a while. Yeah, various friends have said that this is how things work(or don’t work)in Guatemala…as in, ‘get over it’….after 18 months, I thought that maybe…..no, wrong (again)

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whew…never, ever ride home in a tuk-tuk with a full bladder(unless you’re wearing Depends)…so, La Taverna’s grand opening? lightly attended at 5:30 but it was great to see Dave Hoffman and Sara aka Pinky(thanks for the shot of Ilegal Mezcal)…Dave says they’ll open at 12 or so…soon..a local bar owner on deck, being coy about his involvement in La Taverna…also said that the existing joint aka bar on 6th Ave will stay open..also mentioned another opening…from the looks of the improvements, ‘someone’ spent some money, like the make over at Micho’s..(now dying a slow death)…was that really his  ‘new girlfriend?…she was hot..even without my glasses on, but if they were, they would’ve fogged up…;some said that Dave is part of La Taverna…’heard this late, can’t comment..

Laurel, recently/long time bar person at Reilly’s here and there, behind the bar at Ocelot and doing just fine, thank you…a  pro, in other words…Fusion’s seemingly slow action might be per Alex’ desire to work less per kids…i get that..

Karmen G! long time no see!…at Travel Menu, interviewing subjects for a new study…Allan doing fine, Capt Gerry and crew set up to play..Rich and Maria, there to listen/eat…their new burgers(TM’s)are getting good comments and thanks, Rich et al for the good remarks re the latest publication of ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously.’…HBT and i are going to the City next week and I’ll introduce him to the owner of Sophos as the ‘main character’…’should be good for chuckles..yeah, my printer? come by at 5:30…so I i did…’call me tomorrow at 11..’ hello, Guatemala!

Tanya Hughes, my favorite full-sized woman, left us yesterday…alas…what eyes, what a body..come back, soon, eh?

yeah, starting on the next book…there’s a stack of great firewood, a superb pot of chili heating, the rains have quit(I hope) and half a bottle of whiskey..is this heaven or what?

and yes, Jon Mellen of Epicure, astounded to hear of ‘234 registered prostitutes in Antigua’…yeah, me too but if I hadn’t interviewed the doctor, etc…i suggested some ‘field research’ for a great ‘in-depth’ article but he laughed..c’mon…Antigua needs’ good press’ , no? probably of this kind..ok, fine…volunteers?


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this just in…Dishualded aka Dishwater,is quitting…various factors added up…not a big surprise…and Laurel Baker of Reillys? going to work at Ocelot Wednesday night?

‘Action’ Jackson, good pal/roadtrip buddy, is playing his unique brand of roadhouse music at Travel Menu, Fri-6:30, Reilly’s La Esquina, Sun-3pm and Cafe No Se, Mon 9:30 or so…drop in or by…

‘funny how certain holidays in the US come/go without any sense of personal involvement…had I been ‘up there’ by now, the bbq would be underway, maybe the talk of school starting, the renewal of a football season or the trading stories of what our children are doing. Here, in Antigua, there’s little, if any of that, to remind us of the changing of the seasons, yet again.

About all we have here is the monthly go-around of closing restaurants, newly opened places of hopes and dreams and yet again, another tale of ‘WTF’ were they thinking….the Cargo Room is gone, space taken over by a friend of Jim O’s….the new guy supposedly has a degree from the Cordon Bleu(pronounced blew)in cooking,,,as i recall, Lex had this dinky 4 burner gas range which might not encourage fancy cooking….Lex? pulling shifts at Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos on 5th ave norte…Marbel, working at Reilly’s La Esquina and I heard that the previous incarnation at Dos Mil is about to expire..for a number of reasons, of course..

Travel Menu now doing burgers…heard that they’re good.  What was Caffe Opera on 6th Ave norte is now some kinda spanish paella place….opening night was dismal and their signage is, like Punto Zero, made of vinyl banners…not conducive to a sense of permanence or  optimism.

the 2nd edition/local print run of ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’ is ‘under way…Frener says 2-3 days, except he didn’t say  ‘which’ 2-3 days…I’ll know more on Wednesday night about this…yeah, the first run sold out, Sophos, the big book store in the City wants some ($$) and the beat goes on..more little ‘hole in the wall’ coffee shops opening around town…hoping against hope, that somehow they will be different..Monica’s jungle Party expanded, into a deli/small restaurant…great idea! capture those hostile…no, hostel people before they leave the premises and take even more of their money…how much long can Pan y Fantasis keep the doors open? that $$ deli on 3rd calle, that was Deliciosa…count the freezers/refrigerators/electricity-sucking devices and multiply by a few thousand quetzales  per month and then count the foot traffic…um, damn little..and there’s a new frenchy kinda restaurant in Fusions’ mall…Fleur de Luis?  no, Lis! in what was Rafa’s Bistro(and they’re sucking for biz also…this is a tough town, baby…four or five restaurants have a lock, four or five bars lo mismo and if you think  you can buck that, go right ahead….buck away, buckaroo!

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