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no…not the one in Capone’s Chicago…the one in Antigua, where decorations/displays are up, the pressure is on and if you’re in a relationship, don’t screw this up(unless that’s the plan)

Nelson Lunding, our traveling troubadour? back!…doing his first gig Thursday night, 7:30 or  so, at Spanglish..4th calle, oriente,in its most recent incarnation a Mexican joint, up the street from the first gas station, same block as Dominos, #28, I think…reincarnation? that’s where you come back…as a flower…drum roll, please.

Tomorrow night? Show #10 for Bobby Darling et al at Micho’s…7pm, get there early and I don’t think there’s an ounce of truth to the rumor that it’ll be an ‘All Elvis Night.’

Changes here and there…what was the old Jades antigua store on 5th norte, going thru serious remod work…Ocelot’s ever capricious owner talking about opening another operation, ‘around the corner’ to be called La Morena…the Sung, carving out a slice of biz, functioning as a serious Irish-type bar. I can’t comment, since I haven’t been to Ireland but I’ve spent time in the Irish bars in San Francisco..Clement St, Inner Richmond..you tell me the difference.

One by one, the  seasonal ex-pats are leaving…John Adams today, Norm the K and wife prematurely per a medical emergency, Harvey et al…there’ll be some vacancies on the park benches very soon…Pappy’s BBQ, hitting home runs every week(selling out of food), Movie Star’s new location on 4th calle/3rd Ave….they do have deep pockets, so who cares if they make the rent?

So…don’t screw this up. Go out, buy the card, the chocolates and the roses…make the dinner reservation now or fuggedaboutit..you don’t have any choices here, ok?

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if you hurry, catch up with Carla Berryhill and another of her epic ‘pub crawls’…or just take it a bit slower and catch Nelson (who’s back after a 60 hour bus ride from  Puerto Escondido, MX)at Panza Verde tonight…60 hours? i can’t even do the 12 bus from San Salvador to Managua anymore..o that’s right? he’s half my age….duh..

spotted on 6th ave norte, headed for work, the ever delicious Claudia \#1, headed for Da Vinci to open the place…if she looks that great without makeup/clothes, imagine…well, i am..apparently her rental of what was JP’s Rum Bar to Hugo’s Ceviches is still working out and maybe(for my sake)she’s moved into town from Ciudad Vieja..

the old Ixcot space open for potential renters: how ’bout a short term rental thru Semen Satan? right…the old ‘Lounge’ in the back is getting some updates…good things heard about Rafa’s Bistro and if you ever wondered(not me)what a Russian style bbq thing looks like, go upstairs to Lava….stainless steel, 4 or 5 ft long, maybe 8 inches deep and about 6 inches across…Jason/Neil of Micho’s prepping shish-ka-bobs for later..(don’t tell bob)

Lava! fingerbowls? yep….order the buffalo wings and they bring two large bowls, with lemon slices…who knew? in Antigua? next, they’ll be handing out those bibs with lobsters on them..

Lankin/Max? a giant WTF?…two emails, two voice mails and no responses? right…very very weird…almost as weird as the 5am sighting of a shooting outside El Muro in this town…per a witness(married, with children) who happened…happened to be going by at 5am last Friday, a buncha PNC, cartridge casings neatly chalked, blood on the sidewalk…some kinda motorcycle ripoff that went sour..

so…the expedition on Wednesday is down to three passengers…Alabama Bob, bowing to social/cultural factors….mainly Evelyn, his squeeze and the pressures of Valentine’s Day..etc…Hogan was in but has suffered a relapse of some kind(better than a prolapse) so there’s room in the back seat to pick up a hitchhiker or two…

pub crawl? the last one, coming home, some drunk stepped all over my hands…damn..reverse stigmata…hey…Keith Richards for the new Pope? perfect…

‘said ‘goodbye’ to a couple of snowbirds headed home in the morning…headed for 3 feet of snow and a buried pickup….fun…no, tough shit…Valentine’s Day! don’t screw this up, men….if you’re stuck for a last minute idea, consider Sunshine Grill’s Special…pizza for Valentine’s Day? she’ ll go..maybe but you’ll pay…’have a pizza my heart, my dear’…..nope, not even close…it’s roses/chocolate and edible panties..if you’re good , maybe breakfast..Image

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