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A couple of nights ago, when Lava was having their anniversary party, the Czech wacko (and even crazy by Antigua standards)attempted to enter the patio…the guy at Whisky Den ran him off quickly, waving a metal chair at him…does this guy ever learn? no…as mentioned, even by local standards, he’s bizarre and that’s a serious statement of insanity.

4th Calle, lights out earlier but only in spots…micho’s dark, Sobremesa lit up..go figure…a prolonged ‘brown-out in San Felipe fried the water pump at my finca…oops…check the ice cube level, screw the shower in the morning…ok, all is swell..

No…the BAM wham hit HBT yesterday (no City trip)…BAM, Banco Agro Mercantil or such, has a new/unannounced policy on checks deposited…a 30 day hold…oops…so, if you’re a depositor, watch it..or wait til they use your money for a month + and then…Tommy hasn’t been happy about this for two days…don’t ask him about it.

Chocolate Bob! has a wooden sailboat in Rio Dulce that doesn’t have caulking between the planks…he says…naturally Mike D and i are/were septical…no, skeptical…guess this calls for a ‘road trip’…hit the Rio, Bruno’s for some good food, Gualan on the way and HBT’s compound up in the hills..maybe pop the Land Rover a few more times (see ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’ for details…Reid! if you’re thinking of driving down..don’t…there’s a nicely restored Land Rover for sale, out by Joe’s Grill…and no bullet holes or pigs guarding it.

whew..another business for sale…has it really gotten this bad or are the owners just tired? A and B, is the answer..bring $$ if you’re looking for a bargain.. and the La Pena del Sol meltdown isn’t over…Party A suing Party B for ‘defamation of character’ I’m told…what? for bad music? probably another case of declining revenues and  looking for $$/excuses..only the attorneys win in this country, as elsewhere.

Raul, Christina and grandchild in town, early…Finca Nieto, home of my favorite cofee(he’s of Cuban extraction and knows coffee)…he’s looking great, leg is much better…Rich and Maria Neel, off on their journey of adventures…now in Granada…I think the van is starting to show it’s age, but…not my call…and yes, I had to ‘de-mold my favorite black fedora again today…using good vodka, too..will this rainy season ever quit?

and if you’re still with me, go to www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer for the latest insights into this weird/wacky world we call Antigua.


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what was the old ‘Riki’s’ space on 4th Avenida  has been totally buffed out, from a new roof on down, per the owners putting up the $$….rumor has it that the new tenant will be: A, Taco Bell, B, jade store, C, spanish school, D, travel agency, new bar/restaurant or E, all of the above…’B’…go figure…

Lava packed, Ocelot empty…the Butt Patrol came around earlier this week (Health Dept)and slammed Whiskey Den for people smoking on the patio…ergo, if you’re puffing it’s either upstairs or in the street..where you can suck some diesel smoke.

Casbah’s little bar? packed! Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos? Lex Cargo  working there, two nights a week…..stopped in at Hector’s…sign on the chalkboard reads ‘#1 on TripAdvisor’ …if that’s the case,it’s old info from when Hector owned/ran it…six people and and an expensive cocktail (I needed change for the tuk-tuk)…44q for a shot of Stoli? i didn’t bother looking at the menu, after that..44q? at least, at Dishwater, I get music..and change.

YES! local copies of ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’ finally out of the printer!…5 tonight, 20 tomorrow and a new print run for September, along the with the September edition of ‘Our Man in Antigua’…with all the latest updates unlike Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor…they’re good but behind the curve/times…

and La Rumba, the short-lived ceviche place? didn’t have a business licence(or a clue)…and the new back garden of Sobremesa? smashing and that’s where customers are gravitating (going) to…who knew? it works…how much longer will Papas y Beer and 13 continue to pay their rents/suppliers? or Mango Verde? the venerable La Antigua Vineria, on south 5th ave, next to San Jose el Viejo? great new paint job, changes, upgrades.,..Bepe just doesn’t quit..looks great!

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in Antigua….an almost full moon, stars, a clear sky…shirtsleeve temperature: why would anyone live anywhere else? Da Vinci? their terrace, as is the first level, is perfect…you can see all three volcanoes and even the village of Jesus de Maria on the slope of Agua…however, as with a lot of restaurants these days…empty…good thing that Luis Miguel has an alternate source of income.

if one walks around at night/and even in the day, you ‘ll notice the empty spaces here and there…and then some folks decide to roll the dice and open another business…wtf? case in point…the old Pangea space?  they brought in chairs tonight…menu, at this point, is ‘wine and beer’…business plan? oops…name? look, there’s already two very successful bars there, Ocelot and Lava…Whiskey Den is trying but not even with the new decor and larger menu outside, not bringing biz day or night ..why? feng shui? you tell me…

Sin Ventura Bar going the 5q drink route….El Gato Negro empty at 7pm…empty?

..yeah…’got to meet an old time commenter…well, someone who makes comments, ok?….no names, but we’re ok,,,,the longhaired guy with the beard, leather jacket/fringes? holding up the corner stool in Travel Menu tonight…and exactly when was Jerome’s birthday? last Sunday? the message via FaceHole was a bit delayed…or someone was in an alternate universe and parallel parked.

‘been hearing that the Desayuno Americano at Michos has the wrinkles worked out…eggs done consistently well…hey, it’s not easy getting good help, ok? scrambled, yes, any way you want ’em…they had that down…over easy? wtf? 

5th Avenida Norte? Ghost Town….no biz…4th Calle…lo mismo…well, it is Tuesday…but there’s a lot of tourists/students in town…notice how all the gringa/blond students suddenly have escorts? school never quits, I s’pose..dangling participles, and all that.

Riki’s After-Hours venture on 4th Calle? no mas…shut down by the policia a couple of weeks ago…Travel Agent Alice’s new venture on Santa Lucia Sur, La Penca? advertising Mexican food, open 24 hours and no, I haven’t been there, altho we ran into each other in the park yesterday and she crushed/broke my sunglasses…that woman can give good hugs, ok? likewise with diminutive ‘sprite in white’, Dona Gavi…she of the herbal stuff store, same block as El Cazadore Italiano…she has this ‘Love Potion’ that helps one ‘love your self’….my advice? make up a potion that works on other people…she ‘got it’ and i volunteered to ‘road test’ it..we’ll see…for a grandmother, she’s pretty cute..the things I do for science. She said something about putting ‘pills’ in it…Vitamin V?…hmm..it’s kinda like baking pot brownies…just how much do you stir in and how long should you wait after you’ve eaten the first one, before you mistakenly eat #2, just as #1 kicks in…yeah, BTDT, too many times to recount…go out and look up at the moon/stars/clouds…we are so fortunate to live here…yeah…got a smile/wave from the ex/Mayor’s daughter…whew..this town…

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per Franklin Voorhees, mechanical genius and El Jefe of As Green as it Gets.org (one of my two favorite NGO’s) they are now selling ‘organically’decaffeinated Guatemalan coffee(thanks for the tip, Santiago that R. Dalton has been selling decaf for a while)…and the only ones/first/El Numero Uno to be doing so in this country…yeah, its a weird concept (to me)of coffee without the rush/jolt but there are tons of potential swillers who will now get a taste of one of Guatemalas’ premier products (other than chocolate or blow)…just kidding about the latter…it was the idea of the recently seized 17+ tons of paste that still rumbles around in my head…the difference being that one process (AGAIG’s) doesn’t use any chemicals to remove that pesky caffeine.

Ron Fortin’s back in town, playing his sax…catch him at Ocelot Friday night, in the patio..

3 of the prototype book holders are out/in various places…more tomorrow…more next week…yeah, I know, BFD..

‘ran into Walter Fischer and his big RED bus…the Antigua City Bus Tour!…3 more buses to to follow and I like the colors/graphics….let this work, please…the late lamented departure of the previous Antigua City Bus Tour was/is a great idea(and positive)for A-town…no word on if they’ll let the Mayan ladies board and sell trinkets but I kinda doubt it..  

  a Reillys in Granada?…as in, Nicaragua? fotos and a FaceHole ‘like’ button?..i like the idea, as Granada gets more tourists and it’s like Antigua in many ways…better horse carriages but they paved their cobblestones..weekend visitors from Managua, como Guatemala…it was on my personal ‘short list’ of places to move to, except for the heat/humidity…they’ve got decent Mexican food, my favorite breakfast place(Kathy’s Waffle House) and until the departure of Jimmy Three Fingers, the best bbq in Central America..and a better location than the once considered Livingston…a word about Kathy…it was a tragedy…tread quietly…

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new licks…the off-again/on-again plan of having an ‘app’ written for the ‘Our Man in Antigua Stan’  booklet kicked off again…at 5am. The local people and the far-away ‘consultants’ haven’t been checking in…’hey, wanna job?’ guess not…’zo, at 5am, propelled by Serious Espresso #2 (thank you, whisky den) i went to a site and started the f%$#@! project myself…and yes, there’s progress…dinosaurs rule!

Dan of Ay Robot! might be moving, just a bit further south…he checked out the vacancy at #4 on 5th Calle…next to Bagel Barn et al…$3500 a f$#@! month and i don’t mean quetzals…dollars…if I could smoke what the landlords are smoking, I’d never leave home..$3500? that’s about 1000 q a day…if you’re interested…c’mon, roll the dice.

Yo Yo Geronimo and lady..Debbie…sighted in Bodegona…and looking good(she was)…they’ll be in Ocelot Friday, 5:30 or so..

ran into ‘she of the infectious laugh/grin’ yesterday, whilst she was talking with Lily the Newspaper Lady…Lily giving her the ‘fish-eye’…this morn, when I spoke with Lily she agreed with me that ‘she of the etc’ is/was loca, i.e., crazy…I kinda got this two years ago but sometimes it takes me a while to process ‘data’….thank you, god, for letting me dodge this bullet.

Tom Martin aka Richard Petty? under the weather for3 months with unknown intestinal stuff..bugs, parasites…’lost a lotta weight and if you know TM, he didn’t have any to lose..and yes, the Beige Bomb project is still lurching forweird…she needs paint, he says..why? its Guatemalo, TM…primer is good..my own ‘intestinal difficulties’ necessitated the ingestion of serious bug killer stuff sunday…seems to have worked, more or less..

and I’m waiting on incoming ribs via Tecpan/james durham’s connection…bbq soon: for the best in porko stuff, email Jim at jamesdurham2@gmail.com…order on Tuesday, it’s here on Thursday…90% of the time…per ‘Bull’ a Texan beef/bbq guy, Nifu Nifa has the best steaks in town, stuck away in a freezer(which explains the shotgun at the door) but i can’t verify this yet…its the rains, the F%$#@! rains….’went out for firewood earlier and all is good…i’m mostly dry, it’s scotch-ola time and i ain’t leaving the rancho tonight.. 

sorry about all you folks downhill….like shit, water flows your way…upper town already flooding…wear your rubbers! no, not the Trojan Defense…your boots/slickers/umbrellas..

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