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which meant fireworks at 4am…o boy…and it wasn’t ‘just for breakfast anymore’ to quote the long gone Anita Bryant…a splash of Gordons with the 4am OJ seemed to put me back in slumberville..Mother’s Day in Antigua? started early with the brunch crowd and was winding up nicely with the dinner folks…sobremesa quiet, Fusion doing an early party of 8 or so…El Cazadore Italiano empty and Chez Chris packed (maybe it was the pink & white balloons..even Cashbar offering a Mother’s Day dinner special…

and yes, another new bar/restaurant on 3rd calle between 5th and 6th avenidas…name? Kafka…a big open space below with yet another sign advertising ‘the best terrace view in Antigua’…you know, folks..maybe someone needs to do some research on this…for my two quetzals it’s the Blue Sky or what was El Caminante’s El Mirador’..I kinda like El Chaman’s site, being next to the fallen down church..and Lava’s views aren’t bad either, of the tasty latinas goin’ up/down the spiral staircase or the city views..

why the accordion aka stomach steinway concert in the park tonight? is this some kinda mother’s day tradition? he plays at the Whisky Den once in a while..can’t get him to play either ‘Lady of Spain’ or the ‘Beer Barrel Polka’…roll out the barrel, etc..

the ‘Perfessor’ checked in from the rainy/cold northwest aka Washington State…misses this place, for a lotta reasons and all of them good..well? drop off the key, lee…get a new plan, stan…the conversational content has dropped about 50% in meaningful stuff…it’s down to me and TM talking cars, if that’s a clue..that and bad car titles or no car titles..

the ever beautiful Flor at Dasha, working…she’s back to being a blonde again…she laughed when I said ‘Feliz Dia Del Madre’…shook her head..no, not me…same-o for me..dos Reilly’s very quiet but then they’re not exactly a Mother’s Day venue…just the opposite, if anything..one thing i never see here are condoms on the streets or syringes..those of us from big cities take this stuff for granted as being urban artifacts…

DaMayor made Prensa Libre last week, following the El Periodico article on his ‘side businesses’…and I haven’t seen his SUV parked in its usual spot on 4th ave by O’lot…it didn’t seem like there was a lot of money in the deals but who knows? hey, if you’re making 8 grand a month why n0t stretch it to 9? dollars, btw..Ruslan and beautiful lady popped in for the Happy Hour…he with a giant leek from the mercado(soup later) she with a radiant smile(as always) i’m glad they’re back from SF, if only for a while longer..Michael Tallon, jogging around while he distributes the latest La Cuadra issue..

Antigua…where else can you go to Bodegona, reach for a bottle of orange juice and the lady who’s running the pulperizer stops you…and fills up a bottle with the ‘just squeezed’  stuff?

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Oh, the inconveniences of local custom. Fucking colonialist. Get your ass to a mascquerade ball homo, some real eyes wide shut shit. That cigar that you smoke is your own cock. Try not to get run over by the fucking floats gringa.” Ah, the audience, eh? folks…all ten of you or so…re-read the ‘disclaimer’ tab…none of this is meant to be serious, deep or thought-provoking..

The very delicious Gabi Altman back in town…we passed in the park this morning..a kiss/hug and she said that she had to run…i asked if i could watch..and the usual rush hour at Ocelot slammed by a party of 24 who filled in the interior…Allan totally on top of it, drinks-wise…a magician behind the bar…Carla B, higher than high can be, totally excited by her new adventure at the Lake…last day at Fusion is Monday, thence off to a new beginning at TOSA, San Marco somewhere..yeah, I’m goin’ to visit next month…Carla! good on ya! Travel Menu’s kitchen is restored to order/function, per Jerome..dodged the processions nicely tonight…ducked into Reillys and there’s Rayn at the small bar, inhaling a burger…looked like Miss M at the bar with…didn’t ask..

ran into Robto de Oro in a different place…Piccadilly’s temporary location next door…the pizza? not bad…thanks for the leftovers…it’s nice to have food in the house…am I tapped? totally, dude…and thank you, again..Karla H, for making the seat cushions for the outdoor patio chairs at Whisky Den..and no,no word on the ‘shipment’…which implies that it’ll be next week, after all the holiday hoopla dies down, folks get over their hangovers and show up for work.the town’s getting fuller/busier now that the BIG Day approaches..

is the Pizza Mia on 4th avenida closing? watched them dragging out furniture this morning..and no word/advance on the old Delicioso space..got the sign up, but…the old Reilly’s space on 5ta? the metal walls are gone and if you walk by in the morning, the sun shines thru(sort of)the windows, perhaps evidence of roof work..La Estancia still ‘under repair’…Picadilly lo mismo…termites, termites, everywhere..and no ‘soft opening’ on the old 409 place next to Fusion..or was it 709? ..hey, there was an ’09 in there, somewhere..

was this Ash Wednesday? did I make an ash of myself, again? check the mirror…big updates on the latest version of “Our Man’ this morning…11500 words/50 pages…oooh!..
Amazon.com will have the latest on Saturday and the local printer next week..and again, the Original Antigua City Tour for visitors/locals…40q for an hour and a half..parks in front of the cathedral…and big time thanks to Juan Carlos of La Union Spanish School and his great book, “Que Onda, Vos?”…i learned more in 24 hours than in four years here..I’ll be back next week for photos..so, do I give the dobie a slice of pizza when she passes with the night guard? the hot-line is open, press #4 for yes, #5 for no..#6 for ‘who cares?’

unsubstantiated rumor #7…the landlord of Ocelot is pulling the plug on smoking..which leaves Lava, upstairs, as the last refuge for those who still do..

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personal stuff, aside from Elmore Leonard’s book of the same title..Wife #2 who went to an exclusive Cathlick day school in Carmel (classmates with Patty Hearst)actually had to go around and knock on doors in the o so snooty environs of Carmel and solicit donations for ‘pagan babies’…she kill me if she reads this but the odds are slim/nun..the headline refers to a new chapter in the little/silly booklet, now in its umpteeth version…Franklin/Asgreenasitgets.org has this section, at least for the next few weeks…I’ve been kinda down on a lotta NGO’s here but after interviewing Houses to Homes, my position/opinion is changing…

RT2 and Mary at O’lot..she laughed when I told her that my phone was set on ‘vibrate’ and i carry it in a front pocket…hey, at my age..that’s the only buzz i’m gonna get..

Ripped again? or still?…John Rexer, Mr Ilegal Mezcal hisself..snagged his shirt on a table..ripped..get it? matched his levis..the semi-usual crowd of Happy Hour schmoozers/boozers..this was the 2nd time I’ve seen John in the daytime in the last four years..what that means or implies, I have no idea…draw your own conclusions/dotted lines..our wandering bar goddess, Carla the B? off to the Lake and entering the employ of a new guru in town…please, let this work..’having spent a goodly/godly portion of my life in/around ‘gurus’ of all stripes, persuasions and creeds, I’m…let’s just say..naw, cross your fingers for her..Barb the K’s surgery is actually scheduled for the 9th…cross fingers or whatever else works..and come back here, pronto..Travel Menu’s kitchen is ‘under repair’ for a day or two..so, if you’re..etc..wait til wednesday..the New ‘Original Antigua City Tour?’…looking good…thought i saw Bull Durham riding this morning and later, about 5ish,a full load of turistas rolling along 2nd calle…go Juan Carlos!…seriously, this is an xlnt tour..cheap,fun and chockfullafacts..40q for and hour and a half? I’d pay that to watch the monkeys ….k…starts at 9am or so, in front of the Cathedral/parque..

try as I might, tomorrow there’s no escaping the ‘jezus on a stick’ thing…the little finca where i reside(live)has the first station on the west wall.showtime is 3pm..o boy..if i called first thing, could the farmacia deliver some serious meds? prescription? we don’t need a stinkin’ prescription..i’m re-reading Treasure of the Sierra Madre so if i go off on a tangent…so what? better than going off on a lark, eh?

the most xlnt Claudia #1 of Da Vinci seen about, before going to work(so to speak)at 6 or so…one of usual three Claudias is on some kinda sabbatical per family stuff..so? there’s #1 and that’s all I care about…call me, please..make my Razr vibrate, just one more time..

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brain-wise..maybe that should be brain-dead, cuz that seems to be the theme for the night..stopped in at O’lot and Carla B said there was a birthday party af Cafe No Se for ‘fill in the blank’….”tried to doublecheck this twice, with differing answers: it wasn’t the end of the world, as the consolation prize was dinner next door at Angie’s with…yeah, right..’her…hey, this is business’…and the ravioli with gorgonzola? outrageously good…Frener cranked(finally)the latest 25 of the little book that could, updated as of last week.

Ron Fortin and Adan the Cuban pianist talking on the street outside No Se…trying to get a gig together, which i think would be the musical coup of the year: each is/are superb at what they do..hey, i think so..the usual crowd of miscreants spilling over from the 5pm Lush Hour…even Robt de Oro who met two nice gringas…Amber and the other lady who’s name i forget, except that she’d spent time in Sonoma/Sonoma County, one of my old stomping grounds….I had to dash off at six per the  printer and picking up ‘her’…saw Robto + the two at Sobremesa later..we’re all still laughing about the ‘writ from Alabama’ and about the only thing to worry about would be if this 300 lb gorilla in  overalls, a John Deere cap and the name of Bubba appears around here…some people…no, make that a LOT of people seem to think that the law works like it does on tv…wrong, popcorn breath…it goes on and on…and then more on/on/on…fuggedaboutit,  in other words, and get a life.

Karla H holding down Whiskey Den tonight…Nelson out and about, gathering take-out food at No Se…well, that’s what he told me..TLG, one half of the Mescalitos inside, waiting to crank up later, and Semana Satan is next f%$#@! next week…’been told that half a million people are descending(coming) here for the  Show of Shows, now bigger that the original in Spain..and i thought I’d escaped the freak show by moving to the edge of San Felipe…wrong big time, vodka breath…the Finca is Station of the Cross #1…o boy..another New Year’s Day resolution blown to hell(get outa town)…maybe if I’d gotten the plastic Jesus concession(for the dashboard)…hmm..next year? hum along with me…’wish i had a plastic Jesus, etc..god’ll get me for this, hopefully later…like just before tax day, april 15th..’dear IRS..’sorry but i can’t file because i’ve been raptured/ruptured..is that legal? given my ‘experiences’ with the IRS, they trump even God…that’s it..I’m going outside and howl at the moon with the dogs and i presume that tomorrow is Thursday.


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thanks, Reed…all the free rounds you bought at O’lot’s 5 o’clock lush hour…Robert the Wheat! recovered, he says, from the typhoid…well, he was drinking beer(with alcohol, an antibiotic no-no) seriously…I commended him for his perserverance(something unknown on my planet)..what? give up drinking for ten days? yeah, I tried it 30 years ago, for a few months…just to see, ya know?  I couldn’t tell any difference except when i was around others who’d been tippling, kinda like add beer and become an instant asshole.

Took the full/complete ‘Original Antigua City Tour’ this morning…Juan Carlos Lehnhoff’s great..no, seriously..a great concept. The bus holds 17, the seats are great, the large open windows you hang from and for 40q? a helluva bargain…I go to see(along with The Fugitive/Mike D, all of places around town that i havn’t seen in years, plus El Cerro de la Cruise…if you have friends(assuming that you’re still speaking)or family visiting, this is a helluva great idea…’told JC to start stocking beverages tomorrow…water, coke, gatorade and more importantly, cervezas!…he ‘got it’…starting this week, I’m going mildly shameless and inserting his brochures into the latest version of ‘the silly little booklet’…no, it’s that good..ah, the ‘Fugitive?’

Roberto de Oro, otherwise known at ‘PB’ (ask him)served with legal papers from an Alabama Court today…welcome to the Big Time, Roberto…next goal? INTERPOL….wait, wasn’t there a guy here recently claiming to be an interpol agent?..ah, this town..it never..NEVER ceases to amaze me for stories, background, history, gossip, horseshit, bull shit and so on..por ejemplo, stories from Reed about a guy i see in the park every other day…holy shit…

yeah, and that was us last night…the marvelous M and I, hitting the cobblestones..probably again tomorrow night…capped the night with dinner at…oops..can’t mention the place/him any more, finally ran into Matt of Old Town(the book, dammit)followed by an incredible cheesecake at ‘her’ place..and she’s gotta full on set of drums in her living room…how bizarre but how typical for Antigua, where the strange is common place and bizarre is just another word for Monday..

per mike C, upon his leaving the scene of the crime of Mono Loco, today’s major countrywide electrical outage was perpetuated…er, caused by the US of A in response to Otto’s ‘decriminalization of drugs’ campaign…personally i think it was flying saucers sucking up juice(elctriticity)from the power lines, before they launch another campaign of abductions and anal probes..and there’s a few politicians in the States that could use both..WTF is going on ‘up there?’ don’t tell/don’t smell? there’s probably other stuff to relate/pass on but…it’s late and most  f it, I’ve forgotten..ah, the new barmaid at Ocelot? Annette…yeah, she fits.. and Claudia #1, at Da Vinci? smashing in a black cape! a Renaissance babe in our midst..’heard from a local source who’s sister-in-law who is a Guatemalteca and…had a problem with my description of ‘breakfast in town’ and was dismayed…a soft word..hey..there’s only one decent breakfast in Central America…Kathy’s Waffle House in Granada(Nica) take it from me, i’ve tried ’em all..if you know better, tell me..so i can quit cooking my own bacon/eggs/english muffins/hash browns..

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