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for all, whether you need it or not…can it hurt? Coming this Monday, the 15th, just in time to moan about filing your US tax return, the 3rd anniversary of Ocelot….5-6pm, open bar…well, not quite but the lower end stuff is free…perfect timing since a lot of the more….uh, ‘serious drinkers’ have left for the States.

top this! or send in your own experiences with the maid hiding stuff…I thought it was just me/mine but Mike Chrisman has a story about a set of salvaged wine corks being used in a game….and where did she put them? in the oven….I feel a little bit better, but if you can top it, do so..no rewards other than mutual WTF’s…

speaking of WTF, I met a relative tonight, who  is the Editor for a publication in El Salvador, called WTF…’Waves, Tours, Fiestas’….a relative, here? distant but her name is Kelli Hatfield..it’s a new publication and a guide book…I like it…www.wtf-elsalvador.com and yes, I’m a distant Hatfield cousin, which might explain my predilection for guns/whisky..

Imageand there you have it…ah, the smell of gun powder in the morning.

Segafreddi, the new nightclub upstairs where the theatre was, by Mono Loco?  open..a bit on the cavernous side, huge movie screen, nice bar, dance floor and upper level to watch…Wok Co, my favorite chinese joint, packed..

Bobby Darling/Moriah Sterling, setting up at Caffe Bourbon, Rumi(i finally went in)looks fine…Neils’ ‘Gastro Pub doing fine, Nido Antigua empty….lotta spaces vacant: guess that Semana Santa didn’t quite pan out as expected. The old Reilly’s location on  upper 5th still undergoing renovations…been said that they’ll have some apartments up,  and commercial spaces down..it’s only been two years plus since they started, eh?

and last but not least, the Miracle! Frener, my printer….the local version? produced, for the first time, perfect editions…no typos, missing pages, screw-ups and ….on time…I think its time for another adult sports beverage…

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which seemed to be the motto of the night….an espresso at Whiskey Den…packed..A Bell/wife of F2 holding up their enda of the bar…no, I won’t tell you how long they were there…Matt B, buncha others..Peter the Hodge and Shaun talking biz…yes on the buffalo cheese…might be some changes coming to a certain restaurant nearby: owners getting skittish($$)…small wonder…Lava sucks up a lotta the food trade in that place…


Angie, Lou and the girls goofin’ on the sidewalk while the band sets up…el Muro? Max back from Roatan(West End, my fave)remarking on the prices for beer/booze…hey, it’s an island…like Hawaii, everything comes in by boat and there’s a ‘surcharge’…get over it…that said, El Muro is hosting a private party on Sunday, usually their ‘closed day’…if it works, they’ll cater to  the same group…and no, i’m not disclosing..ask Max.


Los Arcos! rockin’ to the sound of a Cuban/Mexican beat…the violinist, whom i think(always a question)played with Ignacio for a while…this guy is killer…reminds me of Willie Royal of Willie and Lobo…cranks stuff from the strings that almost makes one…well, he’s great..the pianist, on a Korg, made it sound like an accordian..Piano M and Moriah playing to a packed house at Caffe Bourbon…Henrik of dos Reilly’s watching the door, with a decent crowd..Chez Christophe doing a room full, Las Palmas empty…DV(and the ever delicious Claudia there)doing a few tables..and the wireless just kicked in…’was rnnning moviestar as backup..who figured?…

El Cam? no for tonight for the ‘luscious lucy’ or whatever she’s called…tomorrow, per Peter the G..hey, i was ready..caffeinated, except for a shot of Tres Robles at Whiskey Den..bourbon…DV? no whiskey…shot of vodka…Los Arcos? cuba libre…two out of three were brown..hence the lead in..or out…and a damn shame about Deliciosa closing…thanks to John M of epicure for giving me the last of his home-made chili as a consolation prize..Los Arcos? the music was xlnt!  this town has some great musicians…and i’ll hear these guys play anytime…Tabacos y Vinos, Ricardos’ hole in the wall miracle? packed…Fridas doing a crowd…even Don Martin, down the street…doing an almost full house…the new Mayan Moon cafe cum bar on the corner of 4th/1st? closed on a Friday night? stick a fork in ’em..they’re done..I’m done…where’s the fork? go ‘do’ Father’s Day…i would but I’ve been spayed..

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